i broke it
throw the link to
eternal mist
two chains broken
with one
link gone
fall, fall and run.
once fallen jump
to the more
less suicidal.
catch the spinning visions
to see still truths
the stars that
burn your hands.
spin, spin the wheel
spin yourself
you win the same end
through different roads
spinning the chains
till they stop.
maybe no would be warrented
maybe yes more wanted
but why want the useless
why use the wanted
wanting only to be seen.
through the crystal ball you see
two chains, both broken
form one longer
weak, then break
through the crystal ball
smoky quartz
through the smoke
softening sharpest knives,
leaving room for dreams
imagination the creator of
the distant mirage.
three chains broken
one new, the pieces
spinning through
eternal mist.