On a warm winter's day that feels more like spring

With the sun shining high so to warm everything

From the butterfly, white, the first that I've seen

To the bees humming soft in the grass, oh so green

Flies a bird, fairly small, mostly brown, overhead

But he stops so to rest on the roof of the shed

Now a scene such as this would have not caught my eye

If another like bird had not chanced then to fly

She too comes to sit on the shed by her friend

Though I realise quite quick that assumption must end

For she cares not to talk just 'bout old days of yore

No, it seems that she wants just that little bit more

If you get what I mean, well I'm sure that you do

Who hasn't had someone that they'd like to woo?

Now it's all well and good if your love likes you too

But if that's not the case, then what should one do?

Well, I look to this bird so to get inspiration

But fairly quick that turns to utter frustration

O Romeo, Romeo, don't fly away!

Would it hurt you to hear what this girl wants to say?

Yes, when Juliet tries to get his attention

His only response is a quick intervention

She nears, he moves so the closeness is gone

And if that's not enough, flies over the lawn!

How will Juliet handle this hurtful rejection?

She just tries again to obtain his affection!

She's a fighter for love, she won't simply quit

So off she does fly to the tree where he sits

She persists, but again he flies up in the air

It's obvious now that he just doesn't care

Still, she flies after him, and when far out of sight

I offer my hopes that she'll find Mr Right

She might not have had too much luck with her plans

That's two of us then, who can't get our man!




AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was inspired by one of the scenes that chanced my eyes this afternoon as I sat in my backyard, basking in warmth, creativity and the knowledge that today is my last day of freedom until November 25. I don't actually know the gender of the birds that inspired me, but how else would this poem be able to make a comment on my (non-existent) love-life? :)