On the third morning of Jasons banishment from moving, he woke up feeling good.

"Good as new," in fact.

Lyssa glared at him. "When was the last time I gave you something for the pain?"

"Last night before you forced me into sleeping."

Lyssa froze trying to remember exactly when she had given him medicine. Then she nodded sharply, turned and walked away.

"Hey!" Jason yelled after her. She didn't flinch as she retreated from his begging. Jason looked around the room. He was the only one in the infirmary.

"I could just leave!" Jason thought. His heart beat faster with the realization as he slipped out from underneath the blankets. He stood easily, grabbed his clothes from beside the bed and left the room.

Walking down the hall cheerily, he began to whistle. "She'll never know," he thought with a grin. "Until she gets back, that is."

The latter thought put a damper on his good mood and he stopped whistling. First he took the lift down to his room and quickly changed. He tossed his old clothes on his bed and threw the blue gown across the room while making a mental note to take it back to the infirmary later. Much later. Next he pulled on a pair of black pants and a white tee-shirt, glanced in the mirror and ran his hands through his dark hair and over the stubble on his chin. After planning his next move and shaving, he left the room and headed down the hall. He entered the lift and directed it to the storage floor. A few seconds later he arrived. The doors swished open and he stepped out. Quickly he made his way to the fourth room on the left. He opened the unrestricted room and stepped in.

"Jewel, lights."

After an affirmative beep, the lights flickered on. Jason stepped in further allowing the door to close behind him. The walls leading to the far wall were devoid of everything but on the far wall hung nine small guns and their ammo, and one empty shelf.

Jason stood with his hands on his hips in front of everyone. Lyssa had yelled at him, making him feel bad, but after he explained she seemed rather relived that he had left.

"I need to have the gun back. We're all friends here and we're all just trying to get home. None of us need weapons unless were going to go exploring."

The group stared back at Jason. Carmen, still in a bad mood glared at him while the rest looked around, shocked at each other. All were wondering who it was, incriminating everyone but themselves without any proof.

"You don't have to come forward now. You can wait till I'm alone to return it to me, or you can return it to the storage room. No one will know who it was."

No one moved, except to gawk at the people around them. Jason shook his head with his hands still on his hips, then he turned away from the group and sat down on "his" bed.

Lyssa walked over to him as the group dispersed and left.

"You know it wasn't me, right?"

Jason looked up at her with a frown. "You were threatening to shoot me."

Lyssa smiled. "You did know that was a joke, right?"

Jason hesitated before nodding. "I was questioning it for a while."

Carmen wandered down the hall to the storage room where the food was kept. Fortunately for the survivors, the Millenial Jewel had just been stocked with rations so they had enough for a few months. However, they being nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals, did not taste extremely good and as a result would probably last longer than expected.

Carmen snagged one from a box and checked the label. "Strawberry and Banana". The young girl shrugged and ripped open the package. She sniffed it reluctantly and took a bite. After grimacing she chewed and swallowed. A few seconds later she cringed again.

"Yuk!" she thought, but her stomach growled angrily. Just then the door slid open and Jason walked in.

"Hey Carmen."

She spun around. "Hello."

"Sorry if I scared you."

The young girl shrugged and took another bite of the pink bar. Jason smiled and walked over to a box where he grabbed a bar. Then he leaned on the tower of boxes to his right side and glared at the wrapper.

"Apple and Cinnamon." He shrugged.

"Did you get all the fruit ones?"

Jason laughed and nodded. "Fruit and dessert bars are the only bearable ones."

Carmen smiled. "No real food here though?"

Jasons eyes flicked to the left and then to the right. "Actually, yes. I've got it frozen. Maybe I'll get Jesu to cook some up."

Carmens smile turned into a grin. Jason smiled too as he took another bite.

"So are you doing OK with the fact that were stuck out here?"

Carmens smile turned into a frown and her eyes burned holes in Jasons forehead, but she nodded silently.

"That's good," Jason said softly, focussing his attention on the apple tasting bar in his hands.

"Who do you think has got the gun?" Carmen asked, trying to change the subject.

Jason shrugged. "For all I know, it could be you or Sara."

Carmen smiled and took another bit of her bar. A moment of silence passed before a siren blared.

"Jewel, silence!" The siren quieted itself with a soft beep.

"Jason? The Jewel's found a planet. Looks like the technology there is very advanced. I'm not only getting radio waves out this far, but also a ton of stuff I don't recognize."

Jason nodded in Carmens direction with a smile.

"Set a course for it and set transmissions to radio waves."

Marcus double clicked on the comm system to let Jason know he heard him. Jason looked over to Carmen again. "We may have a chance of getting back to our galaxy," he said happily before cramming the rest of the bar in his mouth and leaving Carmen alone in the storage room.

Sorry for the delay everyone. I've been very lazy lately and haven't written anything and this is the last chapter I had to type up. *sighs* Once school starts again I should be a bit more regular :)
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