Goodluck Friend

There are always
Those times in your life
Were people you care about
Leave you unexpectedly.
It hurts,
Oh, it hurts so much
And you think that nothing,
Nothing can save you.

But you have to remember,
Remember that they're still there
With you forever
And there's nothing to fear.
Nothing's forever so you have to
Live through it,
It'll be over soon.

But how come I can't seem
To take it?
You left me when I wasn't
Expecting it
And it hurts.
To know that I can't see
You're face, your smile.
And I'm sure I'm not
The only one,
But it feels like no one else knows,
No one else cares.

We'll meet again,
That I know. But I still
Can't help but feel the pain,
The sorrow that burns in my heart,
You were, are, special to me
And I'll miss you
While you're gone.
So, until we meet again;
Good luck friend.


A/N: This poem is dedicated to my friend Vicky, who moved away and I know that I'll miss her, though she's happier with her old friends. It's not that I won't see her again but it still hurts to know that she's almost out of my reach.

Have fun Vicky, good luck with you're new life... I'll miss you but I know that I'll see you again, and that I'll talk to you, though I still can't help but feel sad.