Ten Steps to Getting Over a Guy and Getting Some Revenge Too
By Moonlit Fairy Wings

1. Be a proud cry-er and cry in front of him! (that will show that two
timing mouth breather)

2. Go home and call up all the girls who might like him and tell them
that he wets the bed (and you know this how?)

3. Listen to sad songs and wail at the moon

4. Do something that guy would never let you do while you were going out
(like pole dance)

5. Write "(his name) likes other men" in lipstick all over the girls

6. Wear a very short mini skirt to school the next day

7. Glare at your "ex" while you are supposed to be listening to your math

8. Make a voodoo doll and after its mutilated shove it in his locker

9. Flirt with all his friends

10. Go out with his best friend and repeat the process

And there you have it. These steps are simple and effective. Believe me I know. Now if you a loser enough to listen to my advice go out and try this at home!