Ten Ways to Get Revenge on a Guy
By Moonlit Fairy Wings

Warning: This list is more serious and mean. These are only to be used in certain situations. Also I would like to comment that not all these ideas are original. But only the ideas were borrowed and the writing itself is original.

Starting with the least with the cruelest of all

1. Take a pine needle. While he is sleeping poke the same spot on his toe

2. Get a trusted friend (or yourself) to steal his shampoo. Dump out
half of it and fill that with glue. (Make sure it matches the color of
the shampoo.) Put the shampoo back before he finds out and your victim
will have very stiff hair a while. Also it gets all over his hands and
gets really gross.

3. Have a trusted friend or someone who lives with the victim to sneak
you into his room while he is sleeping. Do his nail and make up in
drag. Take photos and either post them where his friends will see them
on send them to people on the Internet.

4. If you are a real sneaky demon, you can pull this one off. Take
picture of the guy in question while he is in the shower. Make a new
email that you'll only for these purposes. Send the picture of him to
all his ex-girlfriends and pretty much everyone he has screwed over.

5. Find the victims car. Put popcorn kernels and vegetable oil as far
back as you can in their tail pipe. When his car heats up, popcorn
will start flying out and he will look like a real dumb ass.

6. Call a porta-potty company and say that you are having a bon-fire
party. Rent a few toilets and have them sent to his doorstep. Other
than humiliation he will also have some pretty big bills. But remember
to block caller ID before you do this (*69 or *66.I forget)

7. Sneak into the victim's room with help of a trusted friend or someone
who lives there. Mix shaving cream and water. Put the solution all
over his hand and crotch of his pants. This is especially effective if
he shares a room with someone.

8. If you and the man in question have had sex, send him a letter saying
that you are pregnant and forge your gynecologist's signature.

9. This one is only effective if you have a band. Okay, have a concert in
front of a lot of friends (make sure he is there) and for your final
number, perform a song trashing him.**

10. This one is only for extreme measures. Get a trusted friend (who is a
girl) to go out with him. Get him slobbering drunk and then the two of
you take him to a hotel, strip him, gag him, and tie him to the
bedpost. Write on his stomach (or lower regions) "I'm screwing
around." The next morning the maid is sure to find him. Mwahahahahaha!

*this one was given to me by JT Higgins

** this one came from a TV show called Degrassi