Van's Warped Tour 2004: My Ribs Still Hurt The Second Half By C Shot _

Many have called upon Bad Religon.. and I shall answer no. I did not see them, however, I have a damn good excuse. An excuse so good.. that it'll be explained later on. However, the pit's lasting effect is raging through my ribs and I just wish to tell about the rest of the festivities..

..well, broken and battered I stagered my way to life refreshing water. Than Sam and I started walking around. Some band was finishing up.. but by than I was hit in the head so many times that I can't remember who was playing.. and Taking Back Sunday came on. I looked at Sam and said, "You know if we start now, we just may make it to the front by the time Story of the Year comes on."

Sam had never seen Story of the Year before, I already had twice (the first time they opened for Linkin Park and the second time was at a club in Minneapolis). So I knew it'd be a killer show. Finally he agreed and we were off. One thing you must understand, I am not a big guy. Five foot ten nothing, one hundred and fifty pounds, I am a beating waiting to happen. Sam however, is a bigger guy. So we came up with a strategy, he'd wedge himself into people and I'd push on him. The people in front of us would usually part just long enough for us to get through. Every now and again, we'd have to dash from one side of a pit to another. But over all, we made it to the front just as Taking Back Sunday finished up.

It was nice background music as the mission to the front happened, but I'll be honest. I didn't pay attention much. After Taking Back Sunday on the stage to our right, Yellowcard came on. Yellowcard made good sounds as we waited for Story of the Year to come on. Than the singer had to say, "I don't know about you guys, but I am sick of the honky in the White House. Be like me, vote him out."

I'd understand if the comment was coming from Anti-Flag or NOFX, who's entire career depends on President Bush being in the president. However, to tell people to vote like you just isn't right. If he would've said why not to vote for Bush, than I would've let it fly. However, using your idol position just to swing votes is bullshit. Punk music is about individuality, it is very sad to see punk has sold out to the liberal agenda to move a few CDs. Oh well, I'm sure I was the only conservative in the crowd to get offended anyways. So I'll let that be that.

Being a veteran of Story of the Year concerts, I knew that my mind would be blown away. Of course, my mind was already seven miles back by The Casualties performance. I just wondered if Story of the Year could top the punk masters. The show started, they flew all over the stage, air kicking, jumping off of amps, doing backflips (I'm not joking), jumping into the crowd and being the best damn performance I've seen. Everytime I see them they get better... I really should consider picking up there CD sometime.

Likewise, the singer had a Bad Religon shirt on and at one point stopped and said, "Bad Religon is playing over there next. Those guys kick ass, you better give them more love than you gave me." However, since I was pressed against the metal bars the whole time. I simply was in to much pain to do anything. I went into the Metredome, drank a lot of water. Watched the members of several bands and Anti-Flag play a little baseball in the home of the Twins. Than I got up and walked outside, I heard Bad Religon's last song and then I just parked my ass to watch New Found Glory.

Once New Found Glory was done I went down to search for my brothers. Flogging Molly came on, and well, was Flogging Molly. You'd have to hear there music in order to know what it is like. Once I found my brothers, we gathered at the meeting place and waited for everyone else to show. After which we listened to Flogging Molly's unique sound and when it was over we left.

The day was good, we were beaten, blooding and missing Cell Phones, wallets, keys and money. Yet I had enough to stop at McDonald's and order three double cheese burgars with only catchup. God bless the dollar menu.

When will my ribs stop hurting though?