Van's Warped Tour '04: My Ribs Kinda Hurt

Part Three: The Follow Up

By C Shot


My ears aren't ringing, my bruises are leaving. Yet the music remains captured in me. At random points in the day I break out moshing against the ghosts of the faces during the pits. Yep, I was hit really hard in the head. Maybe it was when my little brother that was crowd surfing landed on my head during Story of the Year, nah, most likely the twelve year old girl that murdered everyone in the pit during Coheed & Cambria.

Yet how does one follow a eurphoric natural high and adrenaline rush that comes after such a concert as Van's Warped Tour? At first I was confused, looking up gigs and shows coming within a few weeks. Maybe TrustCompany? They are playing the night of my seventeenth birthday. Nope, I am looking for punk-rock.

So I decided to support the bands by buying their CDs. I don't know if it's the fact that my brother's band is releasing their upcoming EP this fall or if it's just that I've grown out of the whole KaZaA thing. But I haven't downloaded a song since I've became a working citizen. I just buy the CDs and avoid those damn virus's that destroyed the old computer.

I grabbed my list of the bands I saw and headed for Mankato. My first stop was at Sam Goodie, the store may have a collection to be proud of.. however, their prices could scare the devil away. I suddenly realized why I always downloaded the songs, for twenty dollars a pop most CDs just aren't worth the money. It's a sad day when DVDs cost less than CDs. A very sad day it has been today.

So after my misadventure in Sam Goodie I headed for Hot Topic, in hopes of finding a band shirt. After a quick scan, I realized that the store has more shirts of metal bands than hardcore punk. So I left to go to the enemy's camp.

Best Buy.

Best Buy, is an incredible store. You can save on games and CDs, but the second you try to buy real electronic equipment you get ripped off faster than you can blink. Seriously, I saved over four hundred dollars buying my computer through than going to Best Buy and buying it.

However, I am rambling again. My point was, Best Buy is the only place I will ever buy CDs from. With CD prices at twelve dollars instead of twenty, I can afford to support the band by purchasing their CD instead of downlaoding it. So I bought CDs, good ones at that.

I bought Taking Back Sunday's new one, From Autumn to Ashes, Coheed & Cambria and Less Than Jake's CD. Three of those CDs I would have never bought if I didn't attend Warped Tour. Now the economy is a tad bit better than it was before the show and the bands will get a few more dollars whenever their labels get the checks from Best Buy.

Wow, I feel special. Sad, the next concert I will attend is Projekt Revolution featuring Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dog, the Used and Less Than Jake. Look for my concert and pit report on August 29th.