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~o~0~o~The beginning~o~0~o~

18 years ago

The day of my daughter's birth was a curse to my entire kingdom. All the people around the country wanted to get their hands on her. People paid assassins millions upon millions go kidnap her. She was a priceless treasure.

Yasmine was the heir to the throne, and of course, many wanted to prevent that from happening. I knew that Yasmine's birth would cause the kingdom to go into uproar. The responsibility of being queen and running a country was heavy on my shoulders, but I knew my duty of being a mother exceeded that.

I was surprised at how quick the enemy's information was. As soon as Yasmine was born, an assassin in black came into the room and stabbed the blanket with a sword. I breathed when they feel for my trick. It was a dummy; I was safe for now.

Baby Yasmine was safe in the hands of Gwenyth, my loyal assistant that had served me for 20 years, or so I thought. What I didn't predict was that she betrayed me as well. I found her in the secret passage giving a signal to the enemies. I stabbed her, but not before she wounded my left arm. I knew I wasn't going to survive, but I was determined to save Yasmine and give her to a villager.

Clamping my hand down on my baby's crying mouth, I clasped her near my chest. Even if I died, I had to make sure Yasmine was safe. Taking off my sapphire pendant that my husband had given me for our marriage, I hung in on her delicate neck. I silently grieved, as I knew he had probably died defending the kingdom from the attackers.

I rode on Fares, my beautiful white mare for 3 days and 3 nights, not caring of my deepening wound. It was there I found a peaceful village that was far away from my kingdom. I hoped that Yasmine would be safe to grow up.

I hadn't eaten nor slept during my ride, and I was weak. Crawling to the nearest straw hut, I cradled Yasmine in my hands, tears rolling down my cheeks. As the door opened to reveal a handsome young couple, I kissed Yasmine on the forehead and my last words to the last couple were "Keep Yasmine safe" before I passed away.


I was a contented girl as I lived a peaceful life with my parents on the fields. It would be the same everyday, do my chores and then study. As I grew up, I turned into a beautiful young woman as everyone in my village called me. I felt as if I was the luckiest girl living.

Staring at my reflection in the water, I knew I did indeed have good looks. I had long auburn hair and dazzling hazel eyes, and my body shape was in the right proportions. What I didn't understand was why my father had jet- black hair and green eyes, while my mother had blonde and blue eyes.

My parents were the kindest people in the world, but there were some things like my different appearance I didn't understand. Our village was poor and relied solely on the produce for money, so I was confused to where the brilliant white mare in our barn was from. My mother said it was called Fares, and I became very close to it after caring for it every day.

When I questioned my parents about Fares, they told me I'd learn. Also, the sapphire pendant on hanging from my neck was also an unexplained query. My parents told me it was 'a memory'.

I was young and curious, and it was on my 18th birthday that I really got to see the world for what it really is. The day started off bright and sunny and I was ready for a hard day in the fields. Although I was a girl, my parents learned quickly that I was of much use in hard labour.

I had never left the village once and nobody I knew had ever visited it. They were all passers-bys ignoring the villagers as they rode past on gallant horses or beautiful carriages.

As I was hauling a pail of water, a rider on a horse nearly knocked me over. As he lifted up his hood, his aqua blue eyes immediately mesmerized me. I had never seen a young man with eyes as beautiful as his. Although there were young men in the village, I had never given them a second glance even though their eyes seemed to be glued on me.

The young man apologized and lifted my hand up while still on his horse. I was stunned speechless as he brushed his lips over it, his eyes never leaving mine. Then as quickly as he appeared, he vanished into the horizon.

Even after he left, I was glued onto the spot for another few minutes, looking where he passed. It was only until my father called out to me that I was broken out of my trance. I thought that it would be the last time I saw him. Little did I know he was going to be the most important person in my life in the future.

Life continued normally for the next few months, but the young man's image and his eyes continued to stay with me. It was the day after my birthday that my father ran into the house crying out excitedly.

"Yasmine, you won't believe what's going to happen"

"What, daddy?"

"The prince is coming to our village and nearby to choose workers for the palace"

"What's the big fuss daddy?"

"You don't understand Yasmine, this could be your chance to explore. You have never left this village. It's time for you to experience the outside"

"I'm just a girl, I'm sure the prince would pick capable young men for labour"

"He also needs young women like you to be maids"

"Oh..." and that was the last we talked about the prince's arrival.


The day of Prince Damon's arrival finally came, and the excitement in the village was unmistakable. Everyone was dressed in his or her best, hoping to be picked for work in the palace. There, life would be much better even if you were a worker or servant.

Mother dressed me in a pretty blue dress and curled my auburn hair. I admit I did look better than in the frizzy ponytail and normal rags I usually wore. Even I was getting nervous about his arrival watching everyone else.

I heard the trumpets blow from afar, and my parents quickly ushered me out onto the streets where everyone else was already lined up. I found a place up the front.

I heard the horse's trots before I saw the magnificent carriage itself. When it came into view, I was shocked at its beauty. I noticed the 4 white horses that were pulling the carriage uncannily resembled Fares. I shook the thought from my head.

As the prince stepped out of the carriage, I noticed his body was a great shape. I smiled at my silliness. When he turned around and lifted his head, my smile turned into an expression of complete horror. My legs turned to jelly; I would recognize those eyes anywhere...


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