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Yasmine's POV

After I woke from my long sleep, I knew what would be waiting for me. The whole of my country would want me to give the command for war. As much as I was reluctant to, I knew that I couldn't stop fate, and it looked like fate was against me. I loved Damon, and yet I hated Verisha for killing my people, my parents and taking my country.

It was clear that war was inevitable no matter how much I didn't want to see bloodshed between the two countries. I looked around the room to find Luke and Toadyn. After talking for a while, I decided to forgive him for being so rude to me when I arrived, and we shook hands to become friends.

Then, he told me his life story, and I truly felt sorry for him. Even though our stories were similar, they held one huge difference. I lived a carefree life in a peaceful village with loving parents who brought me up, while he was brought up by a soldier who taught him to fight-and to hate.

From a young age, Toadyn had only one thought in mind, to avenge his parents' death and his country's honour. And me? I had it easy, being a young girl without a worry in a world; my thoughts were concentrated on loving my parents, and the people in my village, I had no idea my parents were murdered, and that my country was taken.

I felt ashamed at knowing this fact because it was I who should've suffered as much as him-I should've understood the pain and anger he felt at a young age at losing your family. I should've known the hatred he felt towards the unjustness of the world.

When we finished our conversation, I knew what was going to come next.

"Princess, we MUST go to war. The Verishans have taken away the loved ones our people still cherish, they took our pride and honour-and they took your parents as well!"

When I still gave no reply, he bowed down in front of me. I was sure that every single person of Teresia wanted the war to go ahead…I had no right to shatter their thoughts of revenge. I suppose it was fate-the world was cruel and hateful…and why did it have to be that I met Damon, and fell in love with him?

It was now or never. Toadyn was right, everybody in the country wanted revenge, and fate had it that the two countries would go to battle again after eighteen years. We cannot escape what is meant to be.

"We attack at dawn tomorrow…you're right Lord Toadyn, we cannot escape our fate" As much as I hated myself for saying that, I knew there was no other option. Plus, I was willing to sacrifice myself for the peace of both countries. I knew Damon would as well.

As I lay in bed with nothing to do, I pondered on what Damon was thinking now…was he missing me as much as I longed for his presence? They said love was a blissful and magical feeling, but I would describe it painful and hurtful, like a pin in your body that stings, but you don't know where it is, and how to remove it.

I dreaded the day we meet as enemies-what will wait for us on the battlefield?

Lately, I've realized that Lela has been acting strangely. I first thought it was because of Toadyn's presence, but they'd known each other for many years, and nothing had really changed between them. Seriously, they were so thick-headed…it was obvious that they liked each other, but neither would admit it.

Toadyn was too blinded by his hatred and anger to make room for love in his heart. I vowed I would try my best to unite the two-it was unfortunate enough that Damon and I had to separate; I didn't want our misfortune to reflect against Lela and Toadyn. They deserved to be a happy, loving couple.

But Lela always seemed to be sneaking around everywhere. Whenever I was somewhere, she would always be around in the background. When I asked her to come over or what she was doing, she would blush slightly and mumble something, then scurry away.

Maybe it was just the nerves of the war, but she wasn't even going! Only men aged fifteen to fifty-five were allowed on the battlefield-except me, I had to make an appearance as I was their leader. Just thinking about it brought my stomach to my heart. I didn't want to see my country's people lose their lives.

And peace? I could see now way that the people of both countries would agree to it. After all, they had lost loved ones to the enemy, and their hearts were burning with revenge and anger. The truth was that I am very nervous about the war; despite the confident façade I'm putting on to fool the Generals and guards. I don't even have a clue about the strength of our armies, and whether we had hope of winning and regaining back our land.

Thinking about Damon made ms feel as if a million arrows were piercing my heart. I can't deny that I am selfish, choosing love over patriotism. But they all said love was selfish anyway. I was prepared to do anything for the treaty of peace between the two countries-and the reuniting between my lover and me.

Even though I know it is wrong of me to ignore the fact that her people had lost loved ones, their country and their King and Queen, I can't ignore the path that is clearly laid down in front me-the path I want to choose. I have abandoned the faith and hope I have received from my people. I really hated myself-I never wanted to be amidst this hatred and anger…I hated all of it.

Just thinking about it brought tears to my eyes…it was all so complicated, why did it all have to be so hard?

I had been up all night thinking about the unjust and anger I felt towards the world and the Gods above. I could hear Lord Toadyn building up the people's spirits who were going to attend the war that was taking place at dawn.

"They took our loved ones, our leaders and our land, but they can't take our spirit, faith and hope! They'll never be able to destroy the pride and honour we feel towards our country!" Toadyn raised his sword in the air and roared loudly.

There was a loud chorus of cheers and bellows from the crowd after his moving words. Even I felt a hidden tear make its way down my cheek.

"WE MUST AVENGE EVERYTHING WE HAVE LOST!" Toadyn lead the group into a chant of team spirit. Everything had been prepared for the war that determined the fate of both countries. After eighteen years, the same story is about to unfold again…this time, Teresia declaring war on their enemy.

When I asked Toadyn how much chance he had of winning the war, his triumphant face fell into a glum slump. He told me that the number of people left in the country that was of suitable age was quite well under Verisha's army. Also, as we lived in poorer conditions, the people weren't as strong and well-built.

Plus, the fact that we didn't have money meant that our weapons and armoury were poor as well. That meant that there wasn't one thing that gave us an advantage over Verisha-and Toadyn was looking hopeful…why bother declaring war when we're clearly going to lose?

At this suggestion, Toadyn burst out in outrage. He asked me how I could say these things when my parents died under their blade. I thought about it for a while, and came up with an answer I thought suitable.

My parents have already died, it is an unchangeable fact, and will killing King Damon bring them back? No, it will only mean that I have taken a life to take out my anger and hatred. Even though I convinced myself the main reason for my reluctance for the war was that my parents' wouldn't rise from the dead, I knew that my love for Damon mixed up everything.

Toadyn sniggered with arrogance and disbelief.

"We have pride and honour to defend, and all our hearts are united-nothing can defeat our country's spirit! I will personally dig my blade into Damon's body and drag out his black heart!"

With a huge 'humph', Toadyn made a dramatic exit as he slammed the door open from the inside. Halfway out the door, he turned around and furrowed his eyebrows as he met my eyes.

"We leave in two hours for war! Prepare yourself Princess; we need you as our leader"

I couldn't help myself as hugs teardrops poured down my eyes. I didn't even know why I was crying so heartily. I felt sorry for myself at experiencing so much hurt…torn between my love for Damon and my love and responsibility for my country.

The deafening ring of the heavy town bell meant that dawn had approached. There was a chorus of cheers as my people marched forward. I slowly wiped the sad look off my face and replaced it with determination. I would face this…I wouldn't give up.

I stepped out and was met by a…disappointing site. The 'army' was only a few hundred altogether-a thousand at the most. The armour was sloppy, their blades half rusted. But I could sense their determination and spirit-that fact alone made them shine out. I smiled at them…I was their leader, and I was proud to be.

"LET'S GO!" I yelled as I mounted my horse. Seeing its snow white colour made me think of Fares…how I missed the beast. I supposed I would see it on the battlefield.

We set off for the two day hike to Verisha, resting quite often. At this rate, our chances of victory were very slim. And then, more bad news arrived.

Halfway there, a soldier ran up, a deep wound in his abdomen.

"They know of our actions…their armies are preparing for battle, they have three times as many men as us. There is a traitor among our people!" With an agonizing gasp, the soldier fell dead on the floor. I watched Toadyn's expression carefully-I really couldn't decipher what was going on in his mind. But I knew he was feeling the same suspicion I felt as I looked at our 'army'.

It looked like determination and spirit alone wouldn't win the battle for us, plus, this battle would determine the fate of both countries. I couldn't let our hearts die down, if I did, there would be no hope left for us.

"We can't be scared by them! We must fight bravely and defend our patriotism!" I yelled at them, before telling my horse to trot on.

The ride was uneventful, but my heart dropped dramatically when we reached the wide path to the area that was now Verisha. Their armies were waiting for us, and they were indeed a menacing sight. Their armoury was in top condition and their weapons were plentiful.

As we marched up, meeting their challenge, I noticed that the King was dressed, covering him head to toe in heavy armoury. Only his eyes were visible behind a wire mesh, but that was enough. As we marched up, our eyes connected and so did our hearts.

I could sense that he didn't want this war as much as I didn't. His eyes promised me that we'd be reunited for good.

With precise coordination, we stopped, around ten meters from each other. Behind the King, was clearly Leo and even Valerie had come. To my surprise, Gwenyth had made an appearance as well-and she gave me a menacing glare that sent a shiver to my spine.

I was just about to declare for attack, when something shocked me speechless.

Two soldiers on horses trotted to the area of Verisha and bowed to the King. They stripped off the colours of Teresia and underneath was Verisha's emblem. They were the traitors…but who were they?

To answer my question, they took off their helmets-I nearly fainted on the spot.

It was Trean and Lela.

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