Chapter One

My short black bob was being pulled and pushed around, while I was getting ready for my first day in the summer holidays. Anna and I are going into town to take advantage of the town's summer sale. I have short dyed black hair with blood red layer underneath. Anna's completely different, she has a fair complexion, practically white hair and blue eyes. I have very dark brown eyes. I slapped on some foundation and rubbed it all in, I'm always putting on heavy dark eye make- up on to complete my dark look. Today I was wearing a knee length pink skirt with black bats on it, I was also wearing black tights with pink fishnets over the top. I put on my black strap top, and my pink zip- up hoodie, I snatched my mobile and headed down stairs. When I got to the kitchen Dad was making toast.

"Want some?" He asked me, his gothic princess.

"Sure, what time's tea?" I enquired as she took a piece of buttered toast of Dad's plate.

"We've only just had breakfast!" He joked. I wasn't impressed and gave him a funny look that said Dad you're not funny and never will be, so stop embarrassing your self.

"Not in a joking mood, huh? OK, be back before 4pm. I'll give you a ring about 3:30 to make sure you're on your way home, OK?" Her father replied to her sarcastic face.

"Where's mum? Better say bye before I go, she gets all stressed if I don't," I groaned.

Just as I had said that, in popped my mum asking about David Blaine from the TV.

"Line," Mum said, I automatically knew what that meant and I rubbed in my orange foundation lines round the side of my face. My Mum is a beautiful woman and was known in the village for it. I never understood why she married Dad, because he is always joking around and when you're in a serious mood you just want to smack him one.

"Want a trowel with that?" He joked again, implying that I had too much make- up on, but Mum stuck up for me as always.

"Hey John leave her alone, if she wants to look good for her boyfriend that's fine with me," she gave me a patronising smile which made me angry.

"Liam is not my boyfriend and I'm not going to see him anyway, I'm meeting Anna in..." I looked down at my baby pink watch, "...7 minutes!" I panicked.

"Yeah, sure you are honey," she gave me another one of those smiles, and I was too much in a panic to care this time so I just ran out.

"Back by 4 honey, I'll ring..." Dad's sentence was interrupted by my door slamming, he sighed and went back to eating his cold, hard toast. Mum went back into the living room and asked Jack, my brother about David Blaine because Dad didn't know anything.

I walked down Blake Avenue; hoping Anna wouldn't have walked off in a big huff because I'm five minutes late. I saw Lisa my old school friend, well that was before she got a new best friend, Jessica. I waved and smiled, just nodded her head and carried on walking. Well I thought, at least she acknowledged me this time. I was walking along the coastal path, my Dr Marten boots were treading in all sorts of substances, and then I heard someone shouting my name. I turned and looked everywhere but I couldn't see anyone.

"India!" There it was again, I thought I was going mad. The voice was a male voice most definitely. Then I saw Liam stumble up the footpath behind me. My heart sank; It's only Liam again. There's nothing wrong with Liam at all, in fact he's a very attractive boy, it's just he doesn't have the excitement factor that practically all girls want. Liam has extremely light hair, and blue eyes, much like Anna I suppose. His hair was what people call in school a 'mop- head' but what I would call 'curtains'. It would look so much better of he just got it cut, I thought to myself as he ran after me up the coastal path. When he finally reached me he was out of breath, I let him catch his breath before asking him what he was doing up on the coast path.

"Looking for you," He answered with a scary smile on his face.

"Looking for me?" I directed it as a question but he didn't get it and just nodded so I had to continue the conversation.

"Why?" I asked. I don't think he knew how to respond, in fact I don't even think he knows himself.

"...Because..." he stopped and looked down, he noticed me holding my purse, and took an educated guess that I'm going into town, "...your going into town, right? I was wondering if I could come."

"How did you know I was going to town?"

"John told me," he replied quickly, he must have thought of it before.

"My dad isn't in" I lied. He stood there, he knew I had caught him out. He sighed and shrugged, his face suddenly turned from smug because he thought he got away with seeing me for no reason, to looking embarrassed because I had caught him out. I felt sorry for him, then I realised I was now ten minutes late to meet Anna. I looked down at my pink watch yet again and my eyes widened at the time, I was wrong not ten minutes but fifteen minutes late.

"It's quarter past ten!" I turned and ran as fast as I could, but Liam easily caught up with me, as I was sprinting he was jogging casually next to me. "You're coming then I take it?" He smiled and I took it as a Yes Indy, I am coming and I didn't ask you but you can't stop me neh neh neh neh neh. When we finally reached the bus stop it was 10:25 and Anna must have left, I sat on the bench and held my head in my hands.

"I'm such a crap friend," I sighed to myself. Liam came and sat next to me, I forgot he was even there. He put his arm around me and rubbed my shoulder. For God's Sake boy, you're meant to be comforting me, all you're doing is making me uncomfortable.

"You are not a crap friend, if Anna can't accept that you are late because you met a handsome guy on the way then that's her problem," I looked up with a confused face on.

"Handsome G..." then I understood that he meant himself, I just pulled the same face I did to my dad earlier, a sarcastic one. Then put my head back into my hands, we sat there for a while, not talking. Normally this would feel weird sitting on a bench with a guy holding me that IS NOT my boyfriend. But it didn't, not at all, it felt normal. Then I heard a familiar metal engine sound, it was my car. I pushed Liam off, panicking. I told my Mum and Dad I was meeting Anna and that Liam wasn't my boyfriend and that I wasn't seeing him today. Here I am with no Anna, but Liam's here with his arm round me like a boyfriend and girlfriend should be. What was I going to do? Mum and Dad were only up the road and it would be a matter of seconds before they got here. I panicked; I didn't know what to do.

"What's up? What are you fretting for..." His sentence was immediately stopped and before I knew it I had thrown poor Liam in the bush.

"Get down!" I shouted at him until he got the message and finally hid among the leaves. A black BMW came speeding round the corner caught sight of me and slowed down.

"Hi Honey, where's Anna?" They knew a guilty face when they saw it, and they saw it on me. They knew exactly what I was up to and who I was up to it with.

"I was late, I was just about to catch the bus home but then I thought I'd..." I stopped talking because I heard a screeching from behind me. Oh Liam, why did I have to be cursed by you I sighed and turned around to see Liam jump out of the bush.

"Oh, hi Liam," I said in a voice that knew I had been busted but I tried to cover it up anyway. He gave an embarrassed smile; I turned to see Mum and Dad have a smug look on their faces. "Oh, look where did you come from?" I asked Liam in a robotic voice, hoping they would laugh it off.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs," Liam smiled and greeted them, at least that will soften them up a bit...I hoped.

"Hi Liam, what are you doing here?" He's so stupid, I Thought.He did the same face for me when he couldn't think of an excuse.

"Skating," He replied looking satisfied with himself. They're going to ask where your skateboard is STUPID.

"Oh good. Where's your skateboard?" Dad asked smugly. Liam hung his head and walked off into the bushes, and didn't come back. I thought Gee, thanks Liam; you've left me in it now. I smiled and walked the other way; I saw Mum and Dad looking me through their windscreen mirrors. When I got round the corner I ran, just in case they were thinking of following me. How embarrassing! I thought, my Mum and Dad questioning my boyfriend. NO! Not my boyfriend, I did mean that. Or did I? Did I want him to be my boyfriend? No I didn't want him as a boyfriend, everyone else wanted him as a boyfriend for me. Mum and Dad have drummed it into my head so much I'm starting to think it myself. I stopped myself from thinking about it any further, and started walking back down the coastal path; I saw a new path on the way. I've been coming on these paths for years and I have never noticed that path before. Before I even gave myself time to think about it I was on the path, then I suddenly thought why the hell am I on this path? Oh brain, and by the way Liam is your boyfriend.

"STOP IT!" I shouted. Did I just shout at my own brain? God I'm weird. Good Job no one is around.

"Boo!" Liam jumped up behind me. Damn it, someone was around. I felt so embarrassed my cheeks were turning red, I turned around slowly to see Liam, looking quite handsome, I think I was pleasantly surprised by his attractiveness. His eyes went straight through me, it was really nerving. They didn't really go through me obviously but they decided to be really piercing today, I couldn't help but look at them, it felt like forever but it only happened to be half as second.

"What are you looking at?" Liam asked me as if I was some sort of freak or something.

"Err... N...nothing," I stammered, why was I lying to him? Why couldn't I just tell him I was looking at his eyes? I know why, it was because people told me all the time Liam and me should be together and that we both knew we liked each other, I never wanted to admit it to myself and if I had told Liam, he would know. Know what? Know that I really do actually like him, but I am too stubborn to let other people be proved right, that's why I lied.

"Ok, anyway, I love you Indy;" Liam was at it again.

"Oh shut up you moron," I said but I was thinking differently. He said he loved me! Oh my God, it gets better each time he says it. Why am I so stubborn? I could easily have him if I wanted to. Maybe we could be together be it could be kept a secret? Would that be fair on him? So many thoughts went through my mind all in one go; I didn't know what to think.

"You know it's true Indy, and I know you like me," Liam stated clearly, and I was taken back by how much he really thought that. I mean knew that.

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that," I teased him and started to walk off.

"Indy thou Indy, where art thou Indy." I giggled at his stupidity and replied with a goodbye.

"Goodbye Romeo," I smiled to myself. My heart fluttered. I was only 16 and I was melting at the sight of Liam Baker for God's sake. Get over him, get over him. I repeated In my mind.. You've been out with him before and you know it didn't work so why bother? He's just a worthless butcher's boy; you want a rich boy to keep you safe. I nodded to myself, and I appreciated my mind putting me at rest, but sometimes don't you just wish that little person called Intuition would just bugger off?

I walked the scenic route way home. I thought about Liam all the way home. His baggy skater gear and his blonde hair, wishing he would get it cut. He cool skater guy look was rubbing off on me. I thought about how cute he looked in his little red cap he wears. I looked out to sea, I saw James Lucas in his big fisherman's boat, probably bringing some produce back for Lilly Rowland to sell at the Mini mart. I saw Amelia Burgess and Enid Burgess, twins walking their dogs Millie and Monty down Blake Avenue, my road, I wanted to avoid interaction with them so I sat on the top of the hill over looking Blake Docks. I waved at James; he told me he had caught a couple of 'whoppers' today.

Amelia and Enid were almost out of sight and I was just about ready to go home. Then I remembered about Anna, I should call her. I took out my mobile phone and looked down to dial the number when I heard footsteps on the other side of the hill. I stood up to take a closer look, I was half expecting it to be Liam, but it definitely wasn't Liam. The man was wearing a hooded black top, jeans and white trainers with black stripes on them. I was taken back by his covered face, it was disguised with a hat pulled right down, he had made eyeholes so he could see where he was going. He was charging right at me, why the hell me? I don't have anything of value. Then I looked down and saw my mobile phone. Perhaps he was after that? I didn't have any time to think, I didn't have any time to do anything he was right next to me. All I heard was a big thump; it was my head hitting the ground. I couldn't move and I fell into a deep sleep as everything slowly went black...

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