Chapter Eleven 2

It was quite a nice day for the first day of our last year at high school, scary thought though, our last year. This next year is going to decide the way our future will go and hopefully give us enough GCSEs to move onto college. I'm scared because I've never wanted to try hard at school before.

"Yeah so I was um, wondering." Who the hell was my brother talking to? "Hi, I'm Jack. I was just wondering if sometime..." I pushed the door open slightly, there was Jack gazing in his mirror.

"Dude, are you talking to yourself?" Jack spun around, and first he was embarrassed and then he turned into angry, mean Jack.

"Get out you bitch!" He ran towards me so I darted to the bathroom, it's the only room with a lock. I jumped in and locked the door, then made myself comfy on the loo until Jack had calmed down.

"I'm throwing the content of your underwear draw out the window!" Jack shouted from my bedroom.

"No!" I screamed, unlocking the door and running into my room. I was too late, I looked outside my window and it was raining knickers. Jack was snickering as he left my room.

"India! Are these your black granny pants?" I heard Anna call up through my window; it was 8:15! Good job I had gotten up early this morning and was already ready.

"No they're Jack's. Can you pick them up, I'll be down in a second." I called back.

"Nice." Anna's own little way of agreeing. I grabbed all my books and shoved them into my bag, complete with my new phone Dad bought me last week, a hoody and makeup, of course.

"Here's ya pants." Anna said putting them in my draw.

"Thanks Love." I replied.

"Come on, we're going to be late on the first day. Oh, and I have to see 'the one who shall not be named' about the 'you know what'". The 'the one who shall not be named' is Mr. Philpot our head teacher, Anna and I always call him that because Harry Potter calls Voldermort that, and Mr. Philpot is just as evil. The 'you know what' I'm guessing is the baby inside her belly, which by the way isn't showing. I find that very annoying, you get a gorgeous friend who gets all the guys, then she falls pregnant and you think you might actually get a chance with a guy, but no, Anna even makes pregnancy look good. We wandered out the door and down the drive, just chatting like usual. The bus was late again; we realised, as we reached the bus stop on Blake Road. Anna and I sat on those hard, plastic seats I was moaning about in my head the other week with Otis, then Anna burst out what she had been dying to say since she reached my house.

"I'm ditching George." My eyes widened, I was in shock. I mean they had been each other's everything for a long time and to just get rid of him was unbelievable, George meant everything to Anna.

"Why?!" I asked in a really high pitched tone. Even though I knew she was going to say the baby.

"The baby." Yup there we go, I thought.

"Anna you don't seem to understand that George has a right to know." Anna looked slightly hurt, she must think that I'm siding with George when I'm not.

"No, It's my body, which means it's my baby."

"Which is half George's." She was getting angry now, I couldn't blame her I was pushing her a bit too hard just yet. I like George though and I don't want to see him getting hurt either. "Just tell him Anna, then if he takes it the wrong way, you still have me and ditch him then."

"That's compromising."

"I know." The bus sped round the corner; I was relieved to see Larry the bus driver dude was driving.

"Sorry my little rock chicks, you won't be late for school, will you?" Anna and I smiled.

"Not if you step on it Larry." I replied.

"Right I would say put your seat belts on but buses don't have any seat belts." Larry tried to joke. Anna and I cringed and sat near the front so we could have a good old natter with Larry as he dodged minis and lorries. Lucky for us there was a bus stop right outside the school gates so when we arrived the morning bell went just in time.

"Thanks Larry." We both called to him as we stepped off the bus.

"I just realised we didn't pay him." Anna shrugged; she must be still in a mood with me about 'siding with George'. I gazed at our school gates, looks like a bloody hellhole still then. George was leaning against the Science Block building and smiled, he was waiting for Anna this was going to make it twice as hard for her to ditch him. "Don't do it Anna." I whispered.

"I'll catch you up later." Anna said as she hopped over to George, she wasn't giving me any hints to whether she had changed her mind or not. I walked into the playground, there were New Year sevens bouncing around everywhere running, screaming and mocking the older year kids. I opened the door to the science block building when I saw Mr. Humphreys; I stood still for a moment then turned around before he saw me.

"Jacobs." I heard his voice call. Great detention on the first day. "Detention at 3:30 today, my room."

"What the hell for?" I snapped at him. Mr Humphreys was a short, welsh man with only a ring of hair to protect him from the hot sun that was beaming down on our hellhole of a school.

"Eye make-up of course, what else?" He seemed pretty happy with himself.

"God, someone polished your head the wrong way today." I stressed and turned to walk out of the Science Block.

"It was half an hour, now it's an hour detention, have a good day Jacobs." What an asshole. The day I leave I'm going to egg him, you could probably even cook an egg on his head if it's a hot day. The idiot.

"Unlucky." A new boy in my year said. I could tell he was in my year because he had the blue uniform and only last year students wear the blue uniform while all the other students wear the burgundy one.

"I know." I rolled my eyes at him; I walked out the Science Block Hall door away from the hottest guy I had seen in ages. He was in my year! He was just being friendly though so I shouldn't get my hopes up. The playground was still full of lively new students, it will be nice to see some new faces around here I thought to myself even though I knew I didn't really mean it, the person I was really on about was hot guy who was hanging outside the toilets.

"Haha you've got a weird hair colour, stupid. Did you mean to dye it that colour?" A little boy I had never seen before said. He looked rough though, skinhead and he was only in year seven.

"Yes I did you stupid moron, and if you'd like to discuss it further you can have a chat with my boyfriend." I said pointing over at my best friend Jon who saw me pointing and waved. Jon is a tall guy about 8ft I swear and he has black short hair, very scary looking chap but as cute as a kitten really.

"Whatever freak!" That's it! When I was in year seven I was shit scared of the year 11s no matter how short they were and I used to gag to be in year 11 so I was afraid of but as soon as I get here they're all cocky idiots. I wanted to show that little idiot, who he was messing with, so, I punched him. Right in the nose.

"Why did you punch a year seven in the face in the first hour of school?" Voldermort said.

"Sir, You know me right? I would never hurt a fly; he was being a cocky twat so I smacked him." I answered as politely as I could but by the look on his face wasn't polite enough.

"OK, say he really, really wound you up and you HAVE to punch him. Did you really have to break his nose in the process?"

"Yes." I shrugged.

"Miss Jacobs you are not doing yourself any favours by..." I managed to get a word in.

"...Telling the truth?" I interrupted. "Volder... I mean Sir, you know people who are that cocky on their first day are going to grow up to be big ass bullies who will get away with anything. Hit them hard now and it will stop them now before they make someone else's day more hard work. You know I'm telling the truth." I lectured him.

"Look, Christopher Harrier has done nothing to show that he is a bully."

"Is this Christopher Harrier brother to Stacey Harrier? Who is one of the biggest bullies in our school today, who smokes, skives, answers teachers back, gets detention every night without fail, is on report, never has a good report, every teacher's nightmare and got pregnant fourteen times in the last year?"

"Christopher may not end up like his sister you know."

"Yeah you're right. I don't think he'll get pregnant so easily." I grumbled. The fact I knew I was right and Voldermort knew I was right too annoyed me. I did what I thought was right and I have no intention of lying about it.

"I can't talk to you when you have this sort of attitude young lady." He pointed towards the door. I got up and left, and I didn't give him the pleasure of a quiet door closing either. I gave it a full on slamming complete with echoes all around the school and everything. The hot toilet-hanging guy was waiting outside Voldermort's office, he must be getting registered in the school and everything, he smiled, and he must thing I'm a right spoilt brat.

"Oi you!" I heard a deep woman's voice call me from down the corridor, both me and the hot toilet hanging guy turned to see Stacey Harrier closing in fast.

"Oh No." I whispered, but the hot toilet-hanging guy heard me and I started walking the opposite way at a very fast speed.

"Oi you!"

"I'm pretty sure you've already mentioned that." Doh, just shut up don't make any more trouble for you by being cocky to her, I told myself.

"Get here now!" She shouted.

"Yes I am going to stop and let you catch me up, then if you are lucky I might even punch myself in the face for you, idiot." I said cockily. Stop it, stop it. I can't help but be cocky back to her. I reached the entrance hall where Christopher sat with paramedics and what looked like his mother and father sat either side of him, suddenly I felt slightly guilty.

"Mom, this is the girl." Stacey had caught me up then. She rushed over to see her wounded little soldier. Her father stood up and took me to one side of the room.

"Hi, You're India right?" He said. He was a blonde, tall man and looked really genuine. Definitely not how I had imagined him to be at all, I imagined him to be rough looking, the mother was, but not him.

"Yeah I am." I said proudly, I didn't know why I was so proud. Why should I be proud I hit an 11-year-old kid?

"I'm sorry about my son; he has a mouth on him, that I know." I was pretty shocked, I expected him to scream and shout at me for rearranging his face. "He told me what happened, he wants me to apologise on behalf of him." My mouth dropped and Mr. Harrier could see I was completely shocked. "He hopes you will accept his apology and you will never hear from him again."

"Erm, well I do. Accept it I mean. I do accept the apology." I stammered. "But really Mr. Harrier I'm the one in the wrong and no matter what the kid said to me he didn't deserve a broken nose."

"That I agree with, but someone really did have to put him in his place, and in a way I'm thankful you did." He smiled reassuring me.

"Well OK, tell him I'm sorry too. I guess it's just Stacey I gotta hit now." I joked.

"Nah," He laughed, "She will never be tamed, save yourself the hassle and stay away from her."

"Believe me I do, I do." He laughed. "Thanks Mr. Harrier." We shook hands and parted. Well, that was odd I thought to myself as I walked back up the corridor towards the language department, first lesson is English.

"Jacobs." I hear someone greet me from behind and I turn to see my good pal Jon walking up towards me. "I saw what you did to that year seven dude, you completely killed him." Jon reminded me, he sounded impressed which obviously gave me a bit of an ego boost.

"Ah well, I only learnt from the best." I said smiling up at him as we walked along the corridor.

"That's my girl." He smiled and putting his arm around me comfortingly. "Where ya off?"

"English, GROAN!" I said.

"I'll walk ya there, come on slow coach."

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