Littina, Princess of the Fairy Realms

Chapter 1
Litti, the princess of the fairy kingdom Tiniya, paced up and down in the palace garden. Her mother had called her to talk about the Kingdom's tax problems. Litti played with a necklace that her brother had given her, half the beads where some sort of Mankney stone the other half where sapphires. The effect was that the necklace was blue and turquoise, in the centre of the necklace was a butterfly shaped pearl. "Madam," said her mother's secretary, "Your mother is ready for you to come in." "Thank you, Jytta," said Litti. Litti went up the granite steps to her mothers' meeting hall.
The marble columns supporting the roof looked like a stone forest in a room. At the end of the hall on dais was sitting a golden throne with silver encrusted lions, on the throne was one of the most beautiful fairies in the world. The Queen of Tiniya had a very fine ornate silver tiara with rubies and sapphires on the rim; her golden brown hair hung around her shoulders in lots of very small braids. Her dress was not puffy like the Queens' dresses in the human world, but it was more flowing and long. The dress was silver and glittering. As Litti came up to her mother the Queen stood up, a train lay around her bare feet.
" Mother," said Litti curtseyed and continued, "You sent for me." "Yes my daughter, I sent for you because, well, I know that you have been watering the Young Garden." "Who told you that?" Litti asked furiously. "Commander Yannet," said the queen, "do you doubt my word?" "No, but, erg, Mother, Commander Yannet let the Leprechauns in the Middle Fortress on the 3rd of Yakca last year!" Litti said rapidly. " Littina," the queen said as Litti winced at her real name, " How did you find this out? You were in your tower in the Middle Fortress, I'll admit, and Commander Yannet was at your door so you would stay in your room." " Mother, Commander Yannet left my door at 3:26 p.m. and left Rashel to guard. Don't you remember the Leprechauns got in at 3:30 p.m. my room is above Central Gate and at 3:28 p.m. I saw 222 Leprechauns come up to the gate and two minutes later Commander Yannet opened the gate and ran to the nearest warning post which was three yards away." The Queen stared Litti and said "Dear, how do you know all this?" "Mother I saw him! I saw Commander Yannet open the gate." " What gate?" said a man's voice.
" Commander, my daughter is telling me that you opened the gate to the Leprechauns on the 3rd of Yakca last year, is it true?" "Mother if is as I say or not he will say no." Litti said to her mother and then to the commander, " Where is Rashel?" "Guarding the entrance to this garden with Yaio and Chino, my lady." Yannet said. " Get him," said Litti then because the commander did not move, "NOW!"
" Yes my lady," said the commander and he left. "Litti, dear, I know you don't like him, but be nice!" Litti stamped her silk shoed foot. "Mother! I tell you, he did it!" Litti shouted. "My lady?" Rashel said nervously. "Rashel!" Litti said nervously smoothing her light blue satin skirt and colouring. "Rashel, did Commander Yannet order you to guard my daughters door on the third of Yakca in the Middle Fortress last year at about 3:30?" asked the queen. "Yes, Queen Kiarri, he did. Then he disappeared down the hall, and a few minutes later he returned saying, 'Boy, get the princess and run! Don't you here the alarm?' so I ran into Princess Litti's room and took her arm and she grabbed a bundle as if she had been expecting this, well I bet she was with her room right above the warning post that was set off, and she was in this."

It was the 3rd of the month Yakca and an alarm was ringing through the Middle Fortress. Princess Littina was throwing cloths and books into bags on her bed. She muttered a spell and the bags folded into one small bundle, very nice for putting on your back in a hurry. At that moment a guard named Rashel came hurtling through her door. Litti grabbed her bundle as he grabbed her arm. "To the stables, Rashel!" Litti said to him. He nodded in a way that said quite clearly that he wasn't used to being addressed by anyone higher than the head commander. Litti ran down the hall, passed servants who bowed or curtseyed as she flashed by with Rashel. She rounded a corner and bumped into the best stable hand.
"Fyrai," Litti panted, "get Mist Cloud and." "Hykkanora." Rashel named his horse for the princess. "Yes, Hykkanora saddled, as fast as you can." "And," said a clear voice from behind them, "also saddle Fraya, for me will you, Fyrai?" Fyrai nodded at them a hurried down a side passage. Litti turned and gaped. There was Litti's best friend, Elaine Tarkahad. "Elaine! No, you can't!" Litti said fearfully. "Yes I can!" said Elaine, "and I will!" "Princess, we must hurry!" Rashel said quickly, "the raid." "Right!" Litti said and ran down three flights of stairs, across the lower courtyard and to the hole where the guards' and royal stables where.
Litti unfurled her clear blue-green wings and flew down to Mist Cloud's stable. She heard Rashel and Elaine land on either side of her and look for their mounts. Litti spotted her white mare very quickly and made for her. She was very glad that she had decided to wear the pale blue riding dress. Elaine had, also, worn a riding dress, blue-green instead of pale blue. Litti mounted and wheeled around and faced the door and nearly kicked Rashel in the head. "Oops! Sorry Rashel," Litti squeaked. "It's okay, Princess," grumbled Rashel. "Er, Fyrai, will you hurry up! I kind of want to get out of here today!" Elaine shouted. A young boy came up to Rashel leading a black mare with a diamond on her forehead. "Are you Rashel?" the boy asked. "Yes," Rashel said kindly, "thank you for bringing me Hykkanora, lad." Rashel tossed a copper at the boy, Elaine tutted. Fyrai hurriedly walked a dancing paint mare to Elaine who grabbed the reins and snapped, "Finally!" Once they were all mounted Litti gave the command and they charged out of the stable. Well sort of, they ran out of the stable and immediately started up a pretty steep tunnel.
Rashel pushed a door open and Litti rode through into the main courtyard. Elaine stepped out behind her and gasped. In front of them a battle was raging. Fairies were fighting Leprechauns, and the Leprechauns where winning! Litti wheeled around and grabbed Elaine's reins and pulled her back into the tunnel. "Why did you do that?" Elaine whispered. "The Leprechauns are winning!" Litti hissed, "They may be after us!" Rashel was not staring at the door that Litti and Elaine had run out and in of. "We are doomed," he muttered. Litti looked at the door and saw spear points poking through it. Elaine was wide eyed as a spear point was shoved through the door. "Come on," Litti whispered pulling Elaine's sleeve. Elaine nodded; it was hard to see the expression on her face because the tunnel was quite dark. Litti felt her way down the tunnel a little ways before she turned into another tunnel. It was darker than the main tunnel so it was hard to move safely. "Litti, do you have any lights?" Rashel asked softly. Mist Cloud stopped so Litti could check in her pack.
It was a good thing Mist Cloud was white or Elaine would have run into Litti. It was too bad that both Hykkanora and Fraya were dark coloured. Fraya did have a patch of white on her neck, it was a very good thing too or Hykkanora would have run into Fraya. "I know I had one! Oh, of course," Litti muttered as she passed Elaine and Rashel tube shaped packages. "They're those mini-lanterns you can put on your horses," Litti explained. Elaine nodded, opened her package and muttered, "Fires, alight!" The tiny candle inside the lantern burst into flame. Elaine nodded, satisfied, at her lantern. The candle had a light purple flame and was shooting star shaped sparks, Elaine attached it to her saddle. Litti muttered a spell and a blue-green ball of fire appeared on her fingertips, she directed this to her candle. Rashel was looking fixedly at his candle and it burst into flames. Rashel muttered, "A trick most of the guards know." Soon they were off again, trotting down a dark tunnel with only their little lanterns to see ahead and the ground. Litti stopped suddenly, listening hard. Elaine heard it too. "I think I hear the wind!" Litti said excitedly. They hurried on toward what they hoped was a way out.