"I love you,"
my wife whispers
in my ear.
Her strong arms
encircle me,
pressing my back
firmly to her body
and she touches her lips
to the curve between neck
and shoulder,
causing me to sigh
with suppressed delight
and lean into her strength
as her hands begin to move
across the bare skin
of my waist.
I rub myself
against her,
luxuriating in the feel
of her soft warmth
against my back.
My knees go weak
and I nearly fall
as her hands move
beneath my cropped shirt
to caress my breasts,
cupping them with gentle force
and delicately rubbing across
their tender tips,
which grow full and firm
in response to her pressure.
"You are MINE,"
she purrs into my hair,
and I gasp my love to her
as she supports me with her strength.
Her sure hands guide my shirt
over my head
to be discarded on the floor.
My body trembles with delight
at the new contact of skin on skin,
and she strokes my body
with such gentleness
and possessiveness
that I can't help
but moan with pleasure.
As she lovingly
bites my shoulder,
her hands continue to explore
ever lower
until they slide beneath my waistband
to glide across the curve
of my hips.
I am pressed against her,
pinioned by a heavenly embrace,
as her hips gently rock against me,
and her hands move from my sides
to my stomach.
My desperate sounds of pleasure
rise in pitch
as her whispers of love
touch my cheek like butterfly wings
and her fingers massage
the sensitive spots just at the tops of my thighs.
She stops her glorious torture
to turn me toward her,
tipping up my chin
and claiming my mouth
in a breathtaking kiss,
her hair falling in a curtain
around our faces.
Holding me close with one arm,
she uses the other hand
to remove my underwear,
wet with my need for her,
and caress my newly exposed skin
before wrapping me tightly in her arms.
I am secure in her embrace,
whispering how beautiful she is to me
as I struggle to stay standing
in my trance of joy.
She smiles on me,
showering me with radiance,
as she guides me to our bed
and flings back the covers,
laying me gently down.
Her eyelids drop seductively
over eyes suffused with desire
as she slowly,
removes her own undergarments.
My gaze travels over her,
visually caressing every inch
of her beautiful,
I open my arms,
pleading for her to join me
with all but my voice.
She moves toward the bed,
nearly dancing in her grace,
and lays herself upon me.
Her lips seek mine,
and as I wrap my arms around her neck,
her tongue parts my lips,
and I drink in the taste of her mouth.
She shifts position above me
and I am aware of her wetness
pressing against the skin
of my thigh.
I rub my own wet doorway
against her leg,
and her knee rises
to tenderly tease me.
We cuddle and kiss,
enjoying our freedom
and the feel of each other's bodies,
building our shared pleasure
to a fever pitch.
Her lips and hands
move over my body,
starting at my face
and moving ever downward
as she slides between my legs.
I gasp her name,
the only word I can recall
in my fantasia of exquisite bliss.
She mouths my breasts
as I knead her taut fullness
with my fingertips,
both of us sweating
and gasping adoration.
Her lithe body glides
across mine
as she moves ever downward
and I open my legs
to feel her skin moving
over my entrance.
She kisses my stomach gently
before moving to the top of my thigh,
saluting the spot
she'd teased before.
Her long fingers slide
and she causes yet another gush
of warm, sweet desire,
then lifts her finger to her lips
to taste my spicy flavor.
I call her name,
and she bends over me
to repeat below
the kissing
with which she saluted my lips,
until I can't help but scream
my enjoyment.
Laughing her delight,
she moves back up along my body
as she slides her fingers
into my hungry body.
With heightened senses
I feel her own slick door
slipping over my leg,
tightening in time with me.
I turn,
until we're facing each other
in the bed,
and I can slide my own hand
into the welcoming doorway
between her legs.
I pant her name
and she moans in pleasure
as we reach for
and exceed
all previous pleasures,
thrusting deep
into each other.
My crushing pulses slow,
and she glides from my body,
fingers shimmering
as she lifts them to her mouth.
She allows me to roll her onto her back,
that I might seek
her highest enjoyment.
At last,
gasping my name,
her pulsing slows as well
and I pull my hand back,
savoring the taste of her juices
from every part of it.
I lean forward
and taste her source itself,
before moving back up
to lay within
the circle of her arms.
Brushing the hair from my face,
she claims me,
strength of passion
deepening her voice
to a growl.
"You are MINE,"
she says,
"You are my love,
my life,
my WIFE."
I kiss my agreement with her,
but her thirst is not yet slaked.
Settling me among the cushions,
she moves to straddle my body,
sitting on my stomach
and running her hands over me again.
I had thought myself spent,
but the fire in her eyes
rekindles my desire.
She pins me down
with hands on my shoulders
and I am torn between
admiring her strong body
and reveling in the light of desire
in her eyes,
the fierce power
of her above me.
She rides me then,
using all the muscle
of her glorious legs
to grind us together,
mixing our spicy wet,
and I find myself
bucking up into her body,
completely and utterly hers.
She slows again at last,
both of us breathing raggedly,
smiles wreathing our faces.
Pulling up the sheet,
she covers us both,
settling me gently
in the curve of her arm,
her head leaned on mine
and mine on her shoulder.
Whispering love again,
we float in a cloud
of heavenly bliss.
Her gentleness,
her dominance,
together assuring
the continued success
of our marriage
and our shared love
binding us inseparably together.