Chapter 2
"Eive who is Killia Ukmara?" asked Dirain later the same day. " A fairy my mother once knew." answered Eve softly and sadly. Mrs. Lily had died two years ago in a freak accident.
"Copper what's wrong?" asked Morngoose softly in her kind voice. "I don't think the Mistresses are being truthful about the fairy's," Copper replied. "And leprechauns?" asked Dirain.
"Why?" asked Yinyo, "We're smart and will know how to cope! Copper can I ask Mistress of Reading to join your group?" "Um, Fraya, Daylily and Amelia would have to be happy about that." answered Copper smiling, " I do know Nell Kylan wishes you where in the What Is a Quwadralin? group." Yinyo glared at her and threw a pillow in her direction, hitting Dayali squarely in the back of the head.

"Mistress of Self-Defence, do the scholars suspect something?" asked the Head Mistress suddenly. The Mistress was taken off guard by the question. "No Head Mistress, all except Copperliann are quite happy and don't suspect a thing." the Mistress trailed off.
"Copperliann? Copperliann Telamar?" asked the Head Mistress sharply, "That genius?"
"Yes madam." said the Mistress of Self-Defence. " I like her," said the Head Mistress bluntly. " As do I," said the Mistress of Self-Defence. "Why do you get so uptight about the scholars knowing something in our world is amiss?"
"Oh, Allia, I don't want Ameren School to go over the edge like the Lillian and Filloy Schools. You know they produced the worst tempered Quwadralins in the Frillina boundaries ever saw; I could not bare it if Ameren School stopped running because of the province, the counties, the boundaries and the city counsels.
"I don't care what they think. We must tell the scholars about the war! We will get involved in this. One has already been taken." By the end of this little speech, the Head Mistress was nearly in tears. "Who?" the Mistress of Self-Defence asked, voice hushed. "Therin Telamar," was the reply. The Mistress of Self-Defence gasped, "Therin!" "Who knew him?" The Head Mistress asked quietly.
"Yes. We went to school together, I was a practically sister to his wife, Mytona. That was before Copperliann's time." "I am so sorry, Allia, I never knew. Now, excuse me, I need to tell the scholars that there is too much snow to be safe here and they need to go home," said the Head Mistress. With that she stood briskly and left the Mistress's common room.

Copper was sitting before the fire in her common room reading one of her textbooks when the loud speaker when off.
"Will all scholars please pack up all of your belongings, Ameren School is closing down for the winter for the snow is higher than the Frillina boundaries law permits school to be open. There is nine inches of snow out there so ice carts are being installed in three minutes in ice tunnels A, B, C, D, G, M, and Y to transport those students home. If you leave in ice tunnels E, F, H, I, J, K, L, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, or Z, you will be transported by dog sleds. Thank you for listening, this is Head Mistress Fraya Hillina of the Jarillia boundaries."
Copper sighed and stood and walked slowly up to the fifth floor, where her dormitory was situated. Morngoose, Dayali and Eive where already packing when Copper walked into the dormitory. "How did you get up here so fast?" asked Copper.
"We ran into Mistress of Symbols on our way back from geography and she said, 'Misses Lily, Irrine and Mirna, go back your dormitory and pack!' and we asked 'Are we in trouble?' and she answered 'No, the school is closing for the winter,' and we came here," said Morngoose swiftly.
Copper was surprised that Morngoose had actually spoken a full paragraph; Morngoose was the quietest Quwadralin she had ever met. "Well, I should, erm, start packing," said Copper as Dirain ran into the dormitory arms full of textbooks.
Yinyo suddenly burst into the room, accidentally knocking Dirain, and her textbooks, to the floor. "Oops! Sorry Dirain!" said Yinyo to his sister guiltily and offered her a hand up. He turned to Copper, Morngoose, Eive and Dayali his blue eyes flashing with fury.
"Yinyo, what's wrong?" asked Copper, panic-stricken. "Nell Kylan just said to me 'Yinyo, your sisters are the most stupid Quwadralins that ever walked in the Frillina boundaries'" "She didn't!" said Dayali as she helped Dirain collect her fallen books. Yinyo nodded miserably. Copper sighed, "Yinyo, just forget about her. Dirain and I don't mind, do we Dirain?" Dirain shook her head as she straightened a bent page of her book.

Nell Kylan stared out the window into a snow-covered courtyard. Nell Jarrey walked up behind her and said softly, "Nelly, dreaming about Yinyo Telamar again?" Nell Kylan jumped and yelped, "Oh, Nell! Yes, sadly, I was. Oh, Nell, why is Yinyo being so rude to me?"
"Um, maybe because you have been mean to his sisters?" said Nell Jarrey sarcastically.
"Nell Jarrey, what in the whole Province do you mean?"
"Miss Nelly Kylan, one question: Who do you hate most in the school?"
"Copper and Dirain Tela- Telamar." As realization struck her, Nell Kylan flinched.
"Exactly, Yinyo's sisters."
"Oh, damn the Gods, then! There, I'm finished packing!"
"What tunnel are you in?" asked Nell Jarrey softly.
"Me? S. What one are you in?" Nell Kylan asked sadly, knowing that she wouldn't see her friend again until the snows melted.
At that minute the loud speaker went off. "Will Nell Jarrey please come to ice tunnel C your ice cart is waiting. This is Mistress of Mathematics at ice tunnel C." "That's you." Nell Kylan said turning sadly toward her best friend.
"Yep. Oh Nelly I don't want to go home I want to stay here!" The friends hugged and rushed down to the first floor.

Copper went to ice tunnel E with Dirain and Yinyo. Quagmire, one of Copper's other sister who was three years younger, appeared in front of the and said "Hi! 'Rainy guess what?"
" Quagmire, my name is 'Dirain,'" said Dirain with the air of having to explain something one time too many.
"I did know that," said Quagmire seriously, or as close as she could come. "Well look at my report card!" Dirain, Copper and Yinyo looked at the card, it said:

Writing: B- Quagmire Telamar is improving her writing skills, but her spelling is preposterous! The spelling class next year will suffer!
Thank you for the good year,
The Writing Mistress

Mathematics: C+ Quagmire is a wonderful mathematician! Her behaviour, however, is awful!
Thank you, The Mathematics Mistress

Dance: D- This year I was cursed by the presence of a Telamar in my class. Quagmire is the clumsiest Quwadralin in the Pinnial Province! Maybe the whole world! I will never accept her in my class again!
Best regards to you, The Dance Mistress

Symbols: A Quagmire is the best symbolist in years to come to this class! She will advance to the advanced class, with her sisters, next year. I was blessed to have her in my class.
Thank you, The Symbols Mistress

Spelling: E- The beautiful art of spelling is Quagmire's worst subject. She does her best, which is why I did not flunk her in this class. I am not going to put her in the second level, with the rest of the children her age, but keeping her in first level. Best regards, The Spelling Mistress

Even though Quagmire only took five classes this year she did well in them. I hope you send her back next year. Sincerely yours, The Head Mistress

"You did well?" said Yinyo. "Well!" shrieked Dirain, "Quagmire, you should run, and run quickly. When Mother finds out." She sliced her hand across her throat.
"As Head Mistress Hillina said I did well!" Quagmire said defensively.

"She only said that so Mother wouldn't make you repeat the classes except Symbols and Writing over!" snapped Copper.
"Well fine!" said Quagmire as she stomped away muttering, "this is why I'm in ice tunnel F!"
"I am going to go talk to the Mistress of Farming, okay?" Copper said. "Fine," Dirain said simply.
"Copper, it might be dangerous," said Yinyo. " Yinyo, I'm going to talk to a Mistress! What could be dangerous about that?" Copper retorted. " I'm over protective when it comes to you." Yinyo explained. "Ahh." Copper muttered.
She walked over to where the Mistress was standing. "Mistress?" Copper asked cautiously because the Mistress of Farming was known to explode when disturbed.
" Yes, Miss Telamar?" The Mistress of Farming said. " How are the Ducks coming?" Copper asked. " Very well, thank you," the Mistress of Farming said without the least bit of annoyance in her voice.
Ducks where used as transportation as where Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Swans, but only for rich families, Horses, Cows, Sheep, Wolves, Bears, Mice, for single or double riders, Elephants, and the like. But Quwadralins had dwarfed versions of all animals that people have, down the very last fish.
"Miss Telamar, it is time to board the sleds," said the Mistress of Farming.
Copper rushed over to her siblings.
"COPPER! DIRAIN! YINYO! WAIT!" yelled Dayali.
"What?" asked Quagmire who was halfway to ice tunnel F, "Oh you are talking to the older siblings."
" Can you come? Can you? Can you come?" asked Yinyo, Copper and Dirain all at once. "Yes!" said Dayali happily. " Great!"
"Will the Telamar's and Miss Dayali Irrine please come to the ice tunnel?" said the Mistress of Farming. " Come on." said Copper.
They mounted the steppes and walked down the marble paved hallway. It got increasingly colder as they went farther down the hall. " Is it always this pretty in the ice tunnels?" asked Dayali as they passed a huge portrait of the Head Mistress.
"Oh no!" Copper said astonished, "This is the only tunnel with pictures and marble walls, floor and ceiling! I've heard that tunnel C is made of obsidian." "That ugly black rock!" Dirain said and she shuddered. " Yes, Nell J. is in that tunnel," Dayali said with a grin.
"Did you hear that call for her?" asked Yinyo, "In a way I feel sorry for her, but in another way I think she deserves it."
"Do you really?" asked Dayali.
" I know what you mean" said Copper, "Being called like that, the only one. And by the Mathematics Mistress." She trailed off shuttering. "She deserves it!" said Dirain harshly.
"No, Nell K. deserves it." Yinyo said, "Nell K. was making fun of you. Nell J. however only sits and ignores her and us."
"Hello Misses Telamar, Mr. Telamar and Miss? I don't know yer face, Miss," said the cart engineer.
"I am Dayali Irrine," said Dayali.
"Here be yer sled," said the engineer. Six Alaskan Malamutes and a husky-grey wolf mix, Quwadralin size, pulled the mahogany sled. "Hi, Tarra!" said Copper to the lead dog. Tarra licked Copper's face. "I love you, too!" Copper giggled.
Dirain stroked her dog, Bright Star, the husky-wolf. Yinyo sat on the snow-covered ground with his dog, Tanya. "Let's go," said Dayali looking longingly at the dogs. Everyone clambered into the sled.
They found three puppies curled up in piles of warm blankets, with the following note:

My dear children and Dayali, I hope I find you well. If you are not well, I suppose you will find a good Heal Master or Mistress in Thwyton. I suppose you found three puppies in the cart and, Dayali, are you wondering if I forgot your visit? I told Tymon to keep one in his possession until he saw you.
My children it was Dynata who gave birth to the puppies and I named all but these four. They are: Yakno, Jybbya, Lilliy, Kilnatta, Yutno, Greeota and Thenya.
I shall see you soon,
Mytona Annya Telamar
(A.K.A. Mother)
"Look! A picture of all the puppies!" said Dirain excitedly, "Mine looks like Kilnatta, so I'll call her. Kinnya."
"Oh! They are all so cute! Look at Lilliy! She looks like Kiria! Wait, Dynata, oh no!" Copper looked at the puppies like they were sick.
"What Copper?" asked Dirain sharply. "Dynata has hip problems! And she is a pure bred. Wait there is a P.S.! The puppies' father is Likko the German Shepard. Oh! Malamute-German Shepard mixes. Wow!" Copper picked up her puppy, Kiria, and cuddled her. Yinyo sat with his puppy on his lap. " Let's go, shall we?" he asked. A few minutes later they where sliding down the well-worn track. Even in the summer this track was well used because Ameren School was used for teachers meetings and summer school.
Ice flew up into their faces and the puppies curled up in their laps. Yinyo's puppy, Coppan, whimpered as ice flew over her head and Kiria nuzzled her ear. Tarra was running like the wind, Bright Star and Tanya where right behind Tarra and where struggling to keep pace with the champion racer.
"Yakkan!" yelled Copper to the sled engineer, "slow down the sled or we won't get Thwyton with out exhausting the dogs!" "Good point ye made, Miss Telamar," said Yakkan. He whistled shrilly and instantly, Tarra slowed to an easy trot.