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Chapter 3
At 8:00 that night the sled slid smoothly into Thwyton. " Miss and Mr. Telamar get those peepers open, we be in Thwyton," said Yakkan. " Go to the inn." Copper said sleepily. The driver pulled up to the best inn, A Quwadralin's Surprise, and the passengers got out and unloaded their trunks. Yakkan hurried into the inn and a moment later the innkeeper came out with a timid looking girl at his heels.
"Elma," barked the innkeeper, "Get th' trunks up stairs, snappish! Oh, and tell Twakk t' see t' these fine dogs!" Elma nodded and pointed her index fingers at the trunks and muttered, "Thwaka teranté" and the trunks lifted off the ground.
Copper, seeing this followed Elma into the inn. " ELMA!" Copper yelled. The girl stopped and turned. "Yea, Madam?" "My I talk to you?" Copper asked. " Yea," Elma said, "let me get these in to your rooms."
"Are you a Quwadralin?" Copper asked when she and Elma were in the room that she and Dirain shared. Elma looked up sharply. " Nay," she said, "I am a fairy." " I knew it!" Copper exclaimed. " Quiet!" Elma hissed. "Do you want the whole world to know that Elmanya Jerami Tilonathor is a fairy?"
"Copper?" said a voice by the door. " Tymon!" Copper cried. "How be yeh?" Tymon asked. " Great! And you?" " Fine." Elma glared at Tymon and left the room. "I see ye've met Elma." Tymon said to Copper. "Yes, I have" Copper answered, "Why?" " Well," Tymon started, " She's been a givin' me derty looks a'y a t'me she sees me a lookin' a gerilie other'n 'er."
" Tymon, is there something you haven't told me?" Copper asked. " Nah." Tymon said quickly, too quickly. " She, erm, likes you?" Copper asked.
"Who likes who?" Dirain asked as she entered. " Nothin', 'Rain," Tymon said quickly. " Er, Dayali!" Dirain called. " WHAT?" Dayali yelled from right behind Dirain. "Meet Tymon," Copper said. "Ah! Miss Irrine." Tymon said bowing, " let me be a fetchin' yer puppy."
"Tymon," Copper said suddenly. "Aye?" Tymon said pausing at the door. "The practice rooms?" "They be shut down." "I can wait for about a month." Copper said softly. " Copper, we'll be home by then." Dirain snapped, "anyway, it is not proper for young ladies to fight."
Copper glared at her sister and started muttering something about going to the kennels to see Tarra. Yinyo stepped between his sisters who were staring daggers at each other. "Copper, Dirain! Stop fighting! Dirain, because you have suddenly become little miss must-act-like-a-proper-lady you should not be fighting, it's not lady-like! Copper, you go see Tarra and Kinnya! Gryni is the stable hand tonight so go to the innkeeper to get a paper to let you in."
Yinyo glared warningly at Dirain and she turned away. Copper nodded at her younger brother who, at times, was smarter than she. He was very good at breaking up a fight between Copper and Dirain.
Copper went down into the kennels.
"Ma'am! Ye can' jest walk inter the rich folks' kennels! I can see ye be a student at the Ameren School up th' 'ill, but I be needin' yer nime and stident nember," the Keeper of the Kennels shouted. Copper stopped slowly.
"My name is Copperliann Genevieve Telamar, I am the oldest child of Mytona Annya Harrith-Telamar and Therin Kymo Telamar. My student number at Ameren School is 55366899, it was my mother's student number and it has been used in the most respected companies for the best merchandise." Copper said.
The Keeper of the Kennels bowed and said, "Very gud me Ledi, new I need ter knew yer dog or dogs nimes." "I would like to see Tarra, Kinnya and Kiria, please," Copper said. "Roight aw'y, M'ss Telamar!" The Master said cheerfully.
He called a hand, Gryni, whom led Copper to Tarra's stall. Bright Star, Tanya, Kinnya and Coppan were curled up together with Tarra and Kiria.
"Um, boy, Gryni," Copper asked him , "are the stalls heated?" "Nay, Laidy," the boy said. "Even the rich dogs?" Copper snapped. " Aye, m'lady, I be serry!" the boy was trembling. "I HAVE THREE NEW BORN PUPPIES AND YOU TREET THEM LIKE. LIKE. COWS!" Copper bellowed.
With that she turned and stormed out of the kennels.
"ELMA!" Copper yelled as soon as she got into the lobby. The timid fairy rushed out of the kitchen, flour all over her face. Elma took one look at Copper's face and squealed like someone had just hit her. "Get the inn keeper for me!" Copper barked. Elma nodded and ran back into the kitchen. The innkeeper bustled out of the Common Room. "Miss Telamar! Do yeh need anythin'?" He boomed.
"No, I don't need anything, you never told me that the kennels were not heated! I have four-month-old puppies that are freezing! You said that all animals, especially Telamar animals, are very well taken care of, I thought that included warmth!"
The innkeeper was stunned at Copper's out burst. "Ma'am, I- I had not a ider-" "I bet you didn't!" Copper shouted, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Shaking with fury, Copper spun on her heel and stormed up to her room.
"Copper!" Dirain yelled. "What are you doing?" "Dirain, the dogs are freezing! The innkeeper doesn't have heated stalls for them!" Copper said softly. "WHAT?" Dirain shrieked. "I know! But Mr. Mython says he didn't know," Copper muttered calmly. "Horses' Dung!" Dirain shrieked using a very vulgar Quwadralin expression that translated into something I can't put into writing.
Copper and Dirain stormed downstairs and out into the Kennels "Let me through!" Copper snapped at the Master. "You had better let Dirain Victoria Telamar come with me too! Student number 55366900!" The Master nodded dumbly and let the girls pass.
"See?" barked Copper. Dirain nodded and reached into the stable to pick up Kinnya. "She is as cold as ice!" Dirain gasped. Copper grabbed for Kiria and Coppan. "Dirain, here, put Kinnya in this basket- don't worry, Kiria and Coppan are going in too! Grab Tarra, Tanya and Bright Star's leashes for me will you? I'll get Tarra and Tanya if you get Bright Star and the basket." Dirain nodded and rushed to do Copper's bidding as Copper gently placed Kiria and Coppan in the basket. Dirain led Tarra, Tanya and Bright Star out of the Kennel House as Copper hoisted the basket onto her hip and followed.
"Where do yeh think ye takin' those dogs?" The Master asked. "To our rooms, where they won't freeze!" Dirain said shortly. Copper stalked out after her sister and walked into the inn. Yinyo was standing in front of the fountain in the middle of the lobby. "Yinyo, will you come with me, please?" Copper enquired softly. Yinyo looked up, saw Coppan and nodded.
"What's wrong?" Yinyo asked the moment Dirain closed the door behind them. "They were freezing," Dirain said, sitting on her bed with Kinnya on her lap. Copper shook her head sadly and stroked Tarra and Kiria. "I don't understand! This used to be the best inn in Thwyton!" Yinyo burst out suddenly.
"It's all because of the Fairy-Leprechaun war," a new voice said softly. Copper, Yinyo and Dirain turn to see Elma putting four pillows on the floor. "What about the war?" Copper demanded sharply. "Thwyton was cleared of young and middle aged men and boys two months ago. Mr. Mython was too old, thankfully! Where ever you go around here there are women and girls galore!" Elma shuddered.
"What about Tymon? He's still here?" Yinyo said quietly. "Tymon?" Elma asked incredulously, "he got wind of what was happening here and left and came back after every one had gone!" "That was smart," Dirain commented. Elma grunted.
"Where's Dayali?" Copper wondered aloud. "In her room" Dirain answered. Elma and the war had been forgotten. Copper walked to the door separating Dirain and her room from Dayali's and knocked. "Dayali? May I come in?" Copper called. "In one moment!" Dayali called back.
Two minutes later Dayali appeared in the door, her school uniform abandoned, instead she was wearing a low cut lilac gown specked with amethysts. "Where did you get that?" Yinyo breathed.
Looking up Dayali met Yinyo's eyes and blushed, "My mother made it for me, we live next to an amethyst field," she mumbled. There was a loud yelp and a puppy appeared next to Dayali. Grinning, Dayali stooped and picked up the puppy. "This is Amethra," Dayali explained.
"Named after the kindest and most powerful ruler the Frillina Boundaries ever had!" Copper and Dirain recited together. Dayali grinned, "You know your rulers well."
Yinyo smirked, "With our mother being who she is we would insult the family honour if we didn't!"
As Yinyo said this, the great town clock boomed the eleventh hour after midday. Copper looked up startled, "Is it already that late? We are travelling again tomorrow so we may as well turn in!" Yinyo and Dayali murmured their agreement and disappeared into their own rooms.
As Copper untied the tight X's that held her sister's dress closed Dirain whistled a command to Bright Star. The husky-wolf got to her feet with a grace and speed that no other dog could achieve and trotted to Dirain's open trunk and retrieved Dirain's floor length baby-blue nightdress with a matching lace collar and nightcap.
Dirain's gown slipped down her shoulders and, hastily, she quickly removed the gold belt that bore the Telamar coat-of-arms and let her snow- white shift be seen. Gathering her nightdress over her head, Dirain wriggled into it.
When Dirain's arms where in the sleeves Copper tightened the three rows of back-strings until Dirain's back was as straight as it could possibly be. "Could you get this any tighter?" Dirain gasped as she held her stomach. Copper shook her head.
Copper undid the buttons that held her gown closed and stepped out of it and into her forest green nightdress.

The bell rang sixth hour, but Copper, Dirain, Dayali and Yinyo could hardly hear it. Thwyton was already ten miles behind them. "How long does it take to get to your home?" Dayali asked.
Dirain raised her eyebrows, "You mean Telamar Manor? It takes one week to get to the outskirts of the Manor and another day to get to the Big House.
"We have to go under the Jarillia Ocean. It's dangerous; fairies live in an underwater palace. Copper has seen one, but the rest of us haven't, ever."
"Dirain," Copper hissed, seeing the look on Dayali's face, "don't scare her. Dayali, I have seen a fairy, but she was very kind. She didn't harm me at all."
Dayali asked suddenly, "Isn't 'Jarillia' the Freishan word for 'fairy'?" Copper nodded, every Ameren School student had to learn at least the basics of the Freishan language. Everyone knew that the Boundaries were all Freishan words.
Dayali was one of the few who had learned all the Freishan language. If you pronounced one Freishan word incorrectly, Dayali would give you a lecture in Freishan then make you translate it.

Every bell, Yakkan would stop the sled and let the puppies get out and bound around in the snow, tripping over their over large paws. The fourth time this happened, Copper got frustrated and told Yakkan that every fifteen minutes a different passenger would get out and run their puppy beside the sled until either fifteen minutes were up or the puppy was exhausted. Yakkan readily agreed.
You may be wondering how anyone could run beside a dogsled for fifteen minutes. Every Quwadralin is trained to run long distances without breaking a sweat at a very young age. Running is very important to the typical Quwadralin, for most Quwadralin horses are wild, so you spend most of the day chasing your horse.

Just after midday the sled entered Hyjin. Yakkan drove to the sled depot where runners were exchanged for wheels, for this far south the snow was minimal. An hour after they arrived, they departed, all with a basket full of food.
Copper, Dirain and Yinyo's aunt, Farsi Daragi, lived in Hyjin. Every time the three eldest Telamar's would travel through Hyjin, Farsi would supply them, and who ever happened to be with them, with enough food to last a month.
Dirain and Dayali had already dug into the cream puffs, as Copper and Yinyo ate their way through five spinach salads with Farsi's famous honey- mustard dressings.
Around third bell the puppies had dropped off into a deep sleep. About a bell after that Dirain and Dayali joined them, with Copper and Yinyo close behind.
They didn't even notice that, on silent wings, a pale figure was following them.

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