Fall asleep with me tonight,
let our bodies intertwine
in a soothing slumber.
Sprinkles of stardust
descending over our content
facial features.
Eyelids flutter,
resisting the sandman's hand
as last sweet nothings
are whispered into lover's ears.

Fall asleep with me tonight.
There is no tommorow.
Only tonight.
In eachother's arms,
let our sorrows drift away.
Let our vulnerabilities slip away.
Our troubles will be there tommorow
so let our troubles die,
just this night.

Fall asleep with me tonight,
our souls escaping into the midnight sky.
Let our love be eternally remembered
in the shivering stars
that for millenias past
have held the hearts of countless lovers.
Pharoahs and peasants,
slaves and queens,
have all promised their love upon a star.

"For as long as the stars
blanket the black night,
my love for you will still hold strong."

Fall asleep with me tonight.
Sprinkles of stardust
kissing our lips.