Reuniting Through the Sorrow

Kat shakily stepped out of the calming shower and wrapped herself in a bath towel. She glanced into her room before walking into her closet, but she did a double take when she noticed a summer-y and comfy outfit had been laid out on her bed. Kat quickly slipped into the outfit and tied up her wet hair. Elle was folding decidedly clean clothes that had been on the floor and was making a pile of the crumpled, dirty clothes. She paused her cleaning to walk over and hug the freshly clothed Kat.

"I hope your feeling better, hun'. Lucas has been pacing non-stop and I think you may want to talk to him before he wears a hole in your game room floor. Once I'm done cleaning here, I'll find you some breakfast. Your parents had to do some last minute wedding shopping. 'Kay?"

"Thank you," Kat whispered as she gave Elle one last squeeze before stepping out of the hug and moving towards the door.

"Where's Jody?" She asked quietly from the doorway.

"Working on the banners," Elle smirked. Kat laughed ever-so-softly as she walked onto the upstairs landing.

True to Elle's word, Lucas was pacing back and forth across the game room and often running his hand through his rumpled hair in distress. He looked up as she walked into his set path. A look of relief passed over his face. He started to walk towards her with opening arms, but he stopped midst-ride as the painful memory of the previous week flashed through his mind. As pain and hurt cam across his face, he dejectedly started to lower his arms. Lucas looked up to meet her eyes, seeming lost and helpless. His mind was silently begging her to forgive him for whatever he had done to be so avoided. The harsh cold shoulder had put out his light.

Kat swallowed the lump in her throat as she opened her mouth to whisper, "I'm soooo sorry." As tears overcame her, she felt safe, strong arms wrap around her in a warm hug. Her tears subsided as he whispered soothing words in her ears. Kat was glad he didn't make her explain. She could remember what had happened so vividly.

Kat was watching TV with Jody when Lucas had called her. Jody would not stop teasing her about a relationship between her and Lucas that was nonexistent. Kat has been supremely embarrassed, and she was determined to prove to Jody that she was not madly in love with Lucas, as he claimed she was.

The next day at school Kat avoided Lucas completely. He looked beyond confused when she had walked right past him on her way into school. She took the scenic routes to all of her classes just to avoid all the places where she always ran into Lucas. During swimming, she put her mat on the opposite side of the deck as opposed to right next to his mat. Lucas looked completely rejected, especially when he had to find a new partner for the weight room.

Kat's avoiding of Lucas lasted through out the rest of the week, and Kat couldn't bring herself to explain it all to Lucas.

Lucas sat down on the couch, with Kat in his arms, and there they sat for what seemed like an eternity. Kat never wanted to leave, she wanted to stay like that forever, but alas, her stomach did start growling soon.

"Come on, lets feed you so you don't wither away on me." Lucas teased her, pulling her up to her feet. Kat offered a smile and followed him down to the kitchen where Elle had made some biscuits.

Kat ended up eating breakfast with one hand because Lucas had slid his hand casually into hers, and their fingers remained laced for the rest of the meal. Jody cleared the plates away as they tried to come up with something to do for the day, short of helping paint the banner.

Eventually, Lucas and Kat ended up on the sofa watching a movie while Elle pretended to be helping Jody with the banner. Lucas would not leave Kat's side, keeping his arm around her shoulders, which is where Kat fell asleep not half an hour later with her head on his chest. Elle attempted to do some coloring, but gave up when Jody kept fussing at her for doing it wrong and just watched the movie instead.

After awhile, Jody proclaimed his artwork finished, and not long later, Kat woke up for the end of the movie. Feeling that lunch was in order, Kat attempted to con Jody and Elle into making food for the foursome.

"No way, I just colored that whole banner, I'm not making you lunch." Jody refused.

"Hey, just because you're the only one in art doesn't mean I should have to starve." Lucas protested, not wanting to be the one to cook.

"Don't look at me! I made breakfast." Elle tried backing away.

After much persuasion and a guilt trip on Jody's part, Elle and Jody stood up to make some professional blue box macaroni and cheese. Lucas contributed to the effort by pouring everyone's drink, and Kat didn't really do anything as she simply stood next to Lucas and distracted him by poking him incessantly. After finishing his task, Lucas resolved to end the poking by holding both of Kat's hands in his. Not that she was complaining or anything.

In the end, the day passed pretty quickly for Kat. She was quite easily distracted from the memory of the day by her three friends who were there for her all day long. Lucas wouldn't even leave until she fell asleep next to him during their second movie that night, and had Jody promise to tuck her in without waking her. It was a normal day of relaxation meant to be the good distraction that it was.

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