Disclaimer: This is mine. I do not own the feelings described in this poem,
but I own this interpretation of them.

Uh, I guess you could say I like this guy.


I feel helpless,
There's nothing that I can do to stop what I feel.
How long has it been now?
Longer then most that's what this is.
When I was 12, his jokes made me smile.
His bleached blonde hair seemed risky,
And it attracted me.
His eyes were always smiling,
And their colour so clear.
When he hugged me that night,
It seems so long ago,
Merely years,
Yet I remember it so well,
And I fell.
They thought it was a crush,
Yet now, four years later,
I'm still touched by me fall.
Wondering what it really was,
And his eyes,
Still smiling and twinkling with a mature child-like glee,
He always seemed older,
Though it's only one year.
Our interests the same,
His high expectations,
Always the center of attention,
It still draws me in.
I can't help the longings,
Of his down on one knee,
A whole life together,
Until death do us part.
Then I realized how long forever would last,
And I knew what I fell into,
I fell into love.