Flying high up into the air
Only to be crushed into the ground
Simplest emotions
Play with me in the most complicated ways.
I miss your smiling face,
I forget how to smile.
All because you left.

I know I'll see you soon.
When my head hits my pillow,
And my eyes close,
Sending me to the land I live,
Only in my dreams.
I see you there, my love, my life,
Right beside me,
Never to leave me,
Let go of my hand and kiss me on the cheek.
Until I wake,
I'll be happy with you.

My heart feels hollow,
My soul frozen,
Caught in your grasp.
Don't ever let me go, and I'll never let you.
I love you forever,
Until this dream ends.
Don't leave me, don't leave us,
I'll cry bitter tears,
Into my pillow,
Waiting for sleep to take me,
So I can see you again.