The Flame of MrFlames: A detailed look into the MrFlames.

By C Shot


pen name: MrFlames; user id: 380180; bio: I plead the first.

As you can tell there is something special about MrFlames. One doesnt get 360 reviews (as of Julty 28th, 11:19pm Central) in eight stories without the help of something that can stir the hornet nest, while keeping you laughing as the stings come in. The real number of reviews MrFlames remain a mystery to us small folk, since MrFlames has (or was forced to) removed many essays and poems and such from his Author List. Anyone else love Micheal Moore Loves to Censor?

Yet what in god's name could one do to generate one hundred and twenty three reviews in less than fifteen hundred words? By taking an hot issue and ramming it down everyone's throat. MrFlames done it with religon, Harry Potter, war, imaginary wards, Micheal Moore, gay rights and many more ideas that just generally piss people off.

Writing an offensive piece is one thing, but making it so some idiots believe it is a completely new and masterly used combination MrFlames harbors deep down in his black soul. MrFlames has mastered the satire, good for him, he deserves a cookie. MrFlames is also very good at selling his name. Since he has became a satyrical genious, many people will review anything he writes... me included. Just because HE wrote it. MrFlames has mastered comedy for those who can seek his writings without getting offended.

Of course, all good things in life can get old. This has been showing more often in MrFlames writings. Since reviews for him are getting lower in number with every essay he writes. I personally think it is because his writing style is ever evolving and is becoming more serious. Yet who knows, maybe his jokes are just getting old.

MrFlames is better at flaming people than offending people anyways. All of his reviews are extremely mean and funny. Lets take a look at his review to an essay the happened when Steven Lawrence challenged a contender named Chronic Asshole (or was it the other way around?) to write and essay defending Senator John Kerry. "My god, this is the most genius essay ever. I am stunned; bewildered; and saddened, because I know I shall never see such marvelous writing again in my life" This line brings up hope that just may be Chronic Asshole did something right. It's positive, has lot's of adjetives to make a good impression. "From your opening lines to your closing sentiments, I felt a deep passion emanating from within me." Now the happiness is at a climax. Making Chronic Asshole look good for a moment. Than this comes along, "This is the greatest support i've seen for George Bush in a long time. I didn't know you respected the man so much." This line shoves it all in Chronic Asshole's face, with class and nothing degrading about it. Yet it is more insulting than anything anyone else said.

Every place MrFlames goes, he comes off as a jerk. Just as he intended, which is the reason why he is the MrFlames. Do not challenge him, you will be burned. Which brings up another good question, what started MrFlames flaming passion for flaming things? Is he just a flamer or did someone in elementry school pick on him one to many times? The world may never know or care.

I remember seeing a movie (it was American History X) that a person quoted a person saying the best way to end a report was with a quote, after all some one has already done everything better than you.. so you might as well quote them. So I leave you with a quote by MrFlames that he uses a lot: Gays have no rights.