Fairy Town

Come I will take your hand and show you a magical thing
A little fairy town where Elves and Fairies play and sing
If you believe in fairies and magic you can have a look
It is hidden in the deep gully next to a babbling brook
With quaint crooked houses made from old toad stools
All the fairies living in harmony under magic faerie rules
The brown cobble stone road winds in and around the town
Happy Elvin and fairy children laughing at a old Gnome clown
Fairy Mums and dads so proud of each Fairy girl and Elfin boy
Fairies young and old happily working and playing, full of joy
Over there a fairy teacher has all the children gathered around
Teaching magic tricks & spells, the children not making a sound
As you can see it is a picture of perfect peace and harmony all round
They have no cars or modern things like aeroplanes, tv or money
But have moondust and silvery starlight and days that are sunny
Shh! don't make a noise or they will take fright and disappear
Let us go home now and we will visit them again next year.
Written by
Graham Johnson