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Ryan stood on a hill overlooking a glorious sight. The lake shores glistened gently as a wind caressed the surface, sending ripples skimming across it. Clouds reflected the grey lake top, and a mist covered the area. Night was still upon the land. Ryan stood with his heart broken wide

Tears streamed down his face, hot tears of fury and grief. His heart ached for Kathryn. That dreadful night so long ago passed through his mind once more, plaguing him with a renewed sadness. It had been five years since that fateful night when both good and evil had been killed, slaughtered unmercifully.

He sighed, having stayed up the whole night in respect for his love, his life, his morning and eve. She had died the night before this day so many years ago, a figure of tranquility and compassion. She hadn't deserved to die. She had never done anything to deserve such.

He sat on the rustling emerald grasses of the hill and idly trailed his fingers through his hair. He hadn't returned home after that night. His heart belonged here, and here it would stay. He knew that a spell had been preformed to make those who knew him forget about him, but he still felt pangs of remorse come over him when he thought of his loving sister Michelle.

The wind whistled through the area, blowing away some of the mist and covering the lake in a silver sheet of fog. The dewy grasses fluttered around Ryan as a stronger wind picked up and ripped them from the hill.

A warm glow was seen in the distance, spreading across the lands in a waltz of colors. The hills danced with them, gold, orange, and red, mingling together in a radiant sunrise.

Five years Ryan had sat through this, dwelling on past memories of his only true love that had been taken so mercilessly from him. With it went half his heart and soul. But everyday, that half rose with this glorious display of color, shining over the rolling hills and glistening and gleaming as the lake reflected it.

His eyes, once so dark and saddened, lit up as a feeling of joy clasped his breaking heart. His eyes rose to the heavens and he rejoiced, singing a light hymn. He stood and held his hands to the sky, closing his eyes as warmth enveloped him. Opening his eyes again, he was startled to see that the sun was only halfway raised.

He glanced around and strode to the stop of the sun-bathed hill. He looked around and let loose a yell of emotions. His voice rang out for miles, even to the gravesite of his beloved Kathryn and her companion Eagle, who had died the night and instant she had.

He cried out his love and grief as the sun continued to rise, coloring him brightly. His dark eyes gleamed brightly and fell as such grief washed over him again, his heart and soul leaving him once more, for another whole year. He waited so long for a minute of peace. His eyes cried as he raised them yet again, shining with tears.

"Hold onto the day!"

Ryan turned around quickly, body trembling and shaking with fear. He saw nothing, yet felt a deep compassion and love well up from deep within him. He glanced around and his eyes lit upon a form coming slowly towards him, a gown of glorious sunrise colors whirling around her slim form.

The woman walked through the colored fog and came closer to Ryan. His heart rushed as a spark of green was seen from her veiled face. The woman came closer and Ryan stood still, shocked and shivering as another shape came at the woman's side, a large beast of the purest ebony with a flash of white on its face.

The pair came closer and Ryan lowered his eyes from the scene as he realized who it was. His sobbed out words, his whole body shaking and trembling with awe and fear. A grand feeling grew in his cracked heart as the pair drew closer and he felt a light hand on his shoulder.

Ryan looked up into the glorious, piercing eyes of Kathryn as a wind threw her veil back. She smiled lightly at him, her eyes glittering. Eagle trumpeted a greeting, rearing proudly, his mane and tail blown back by a fierce wind. Kathryn continued to smile as she held out her hands and grasped Ryan's own.

He jumped at the warm flesh touching his own and felt joy well up within him. Kathryn was pulled into his arms and she embraced him just as warmly. Tears ran down both faces as they kissed passionately before the rising sun, their bodies bathed in a golden glow as they were caught in an eternal embrace of overpowering love- never to be broken.


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