"Get up! Now!" Screamed Frau Rache in the early morning hours. Alana jumped out of her bunk at the shrieking sound of Frau Rache's high-pitched voice. Last night she had gotten so deep into her dream she hadn't even woken up a few minutes early as she usually did. The dream was intense. She could nearly feel the cool water on her face as she dove into the creek. Everything seemed so real. She wished she could've stayed there instead of face another grueling day of work.

"Form two lines. One for girls between 13 and 17 and the other for any female younger than 13 along with the females 18 and above. Let the choosing begin." Kat moved over next to Alana. So she was eighteen and a half. They wouldn't notice. Frau Rache stood at attention until the officer who was at the fence yesterday came over to her. The wind blew and nipped at everyone's skin.

"Hello ladies," his voice held false flattery. "I am an officer in the SS, and my rank is none of your business. You may refer to me as Herr Kreuzer. I'm here to pick a young girl to be a maid in my house. I shall proceed to look over each and every one of you that is in the line from 13 to 17. Then I shall make my decision."

The whole time Alana wasn't paying much attention. Herr Kreuzer looked at their height, if they had any muscle, and their faces. She only started paying attention when he got to Kat. He was inspecting her carefully. He lifted up her chin and looked at her eyes. Then quickly dropped his hand. Next was her turn. She felt her skin tighten over her bones as his storm-colored eyes glazed her body with a glare of contemplation. Surpressing an underlying shiver, she managed to look him in the eyes, though not without fear. After glancing at her arms he looked her in the eyes again, as he had done with Kat, and continued onwards with the next girl.

Sooner than she thought, he was finished. Frau Rache dismissed them with a hurry of words, eager to hear whom he'd chosen, although surprised he didn't take one right away. He watched as two girls embraced and ran off to work.

"Why didn't you choose right away, Herr Kreuzer?" Asked Frau Rache with an imitation flattery in her cold voice.

"Make them work another day. I've made my decision." He walked off with his hands behind his back and his head tilted upright as he made his way towards the hot, foaming, fresh coffee that was on the table near some guards. It felt good to drink something warm when the wind was so chilling.

"Who do you think he'll pick?" Asked Alana, seeing as she wasn't paying attention till he reviewed Kat.

She continued to jab at the tough November dirt. "Honestly, I'm not sure. He is completely unreadable if you ask me. His eyes do not tell a thought, that's for sure."

Alana nodded. Kat seemed like she wanted the job by the tone of her words. Alana hoped she'd get it. Atleast it'd make her feel good that her friend was in a warmer place. The enviornment here was rather chilly seeing as the winter months were upon them. Early November, and you tell just form the scent of the wind. Amazingly enough there wasn't snow yet. There more than likely would be soon.

Kat counted the hours till lunch in her mind. Often like she had when she was in school. Though she knew it made the hours seemingly pass slower, it almost helped it go by. Just something for her mind to think about. Something to keep her from thinking about the cold winds on her back and the clouds looming above the camp. After some thinking over math forumlas, since she had been lucky enough to attend a well school, Kat looked up slightly, and noticed that she had a view of the officer's drinking their beverages at a loosely built table. She could see the steam rising from their cups. The sight of them drinking something warm and laughing together made her almost want to wish she wasn't Jewish. True, she loved her heritage, her family, and the traditions. But this work was more than hard. Change was good, she decided as she moved closer to the table and continued uprooting, wishing she had a different job in the camp. From here she had an even clearer view of the soldiers. It was a truely chilling to see such men laugh, and drink warm beverages while her, her friends, and family, even strangers, were here doing their dirty work. After several hours of getting lost in the rants inside her mind, she heard Frau Rache's unmistakable voice.

"Alright, get some food. There's a tasty bowl half filled with cold soup waiting for maybe half of you." Frau Rache gave a hearty laugh and walked away as if she had done some proud deed.

"She really annoys me, you know." Stated Alana in the cafeteria. "The way she walks, her voice, and her teeth. Did you ever notice her teeth?"

Kat stiffled a laugh while nodding. She didn't dare speak of them, just in case Frau Rache's keen hearing got wind of their conversation. Just the thought of them almost made her choke on her soup. They were yellowing from much smoking, and crooked beyond normal. It was disgusting.

Alana twirled the remaining of her liquid water-soup in her bowl. She knew what she was in for. More weeding of the cold dirt, dinner, then helping in building the new barracks. After that, some well earned rest. She was sick and tired of being treated like this and wished for something of a better life. Why couldn't she have been in neutral Switzerland? After a final whistle blew for them to go back to work, she tossed her bowl into a pile and walked side-by-side with Kat hoping some warmth would be created. It was getting cooler out now than earlier.