Mid-February is when things started getting a little rough for Alana. She'd slept with Kurt a few more times, due to his suave coaxing, but did sense that things were not right. One morning, while leaning over the edge of the toilet on the first floor while it was Kurt's break time, she heard him knocking. Hurriedly, she finished wiping her mouth from the outward appearance of a breakfast once enjoyed, now looking up at her from the bowl. She flushed it and took a quick drink of water from the faucet before running to the door.

"Kurt. We need to talk," were the first words that she spoke when she opened the door.

He looked at her, slightly offended by not receiving his usual warm "Hi! How are you? Please come in! I've missed you!" greeting.

She took his hand and lead him to the left, and into the study. She sat down with him, quickly.

"Kurt. I think I'm pregnant."

Kurt's mouth immediately dropped upon hearing her news.

"I've been getting sick every morning, and I'm tender in my chest…and…"

Instead of expecting a hug from her, or an exclamation about being parents, all she got was a slap in the face. Hot tears began to form in her eyes. She didn't think that he would ever harm her in any way.

"Do you know what this is going to do to you? This is going to make your body hideous and useless. Who would want to have sex with you. What are you? A cheap maid with good looks! After you have a child, your looks will fade and you'll resemble a classic, plump, housewife. Look what you've done to yourself." He was absolutely disgusted with her.

Overcome with fury she stood up with her fists clenched. "I thought you'd be happy for me. I thought you'd be happy for us. I thought you'd be happy that we'd have a family. Together."

Kurt laughed. "I don't want a family. If you want me to be honest. I want sex."

Alana didn't know what to do. She stood there with tears down her face while this man, this man that she thought she could've loved, had just slapped her, and now told her, in a way, that he was just using her for sex.

"We'll see how pregnant you are." Kurt got up, went through the study and left, slamming the door that hadn't even been shut, which lead to a cold draft flowing into the house. Alana merely, and weakly stood in the study, feeling a cold breeze around her, seeming almost symbolic in her mind, and held her hands close to her arms.

Am I dreaming? This is not how my life is supposed to be like. Maybe Kurt is right…

An even colder wind came through the door.

Who am I kidding? Kurt's not right. Kurt is just a horrible person not worthy of me. I'm going to raise this child without his help.

Second break came, and Kurt was in the locker room putting on his coat. He took the coat of the coat hanger and smiled. He grabbed that and stormed up the path to where Alana, his sex slave was.

Alana was mindlessly dusting the dining room furniture when she heard knocking. She didn't even have to guess it was Kurt.

"Alana, let me in. I want to apologize."

She rolled her eyes and went back to wiping the creavaces in the chair at the head of the table.

"Please! I have something for you!"

She shrugged. Whatever, I'll appease him.

Alana opened the door and saw Kurt smiling in the doorway. His smile turned into a wicked one as he pinned her against him. He picked her up, his coat hanger in a pocket, and carried her into the formal dining room where she was recently.

"Put me down! What are you doing? You're acting like a madman!"

Kurt ignored her words, and rather violently, placed her on the dining room table.

"This is what you get for getting yourself pregnant." He got on top of her, him fully clothed, and with one arm across her neck, and another reaching into his jacket, he revealed a coat hanger.

Please don't let him kill me. I don't want to die. She thought, but out of fear, didn't speak.

He took the misshapen coat hanger and slid it under her dress as he hoisted himself up on his knees a little and slammed it hard into her, making her wince in terrible pain, and enjoying himself.

She cried, long and hard. She cried knowing that his is a man that once called her sweet names and caressed her. She cried for her child, now being viciously torn apart at such a young age. She cried for her virginity, wishing she could've given it to someone who would really love her. She cried for her life, fearing this is how it would end. Lastly, she cried because nobody could save her.

Deeper and without restraint Kurt scrambled her insides as she screamed and winced while thrashing as much as she could, chances are, gathering many bruises on her neck in the process. He didn't care. All he knew is she wasn't going to get away with this, regardless if it was truly her fault or not.

Hours later, Alana lain across the dining room table. The deep wood beneath her stained with her blood, and the blood of her child. It had dripped off, and onto the wood of the chairs she had polished before the incident. A few spots had gotten onto the floor. She was breathing, and after it seemed like days had gone by she heard the doorknob twist.

Herr Kreuzer walked towards the stairs leading to her quarters and called. "Alana! Are you down there?"

She didn't bother answering knowing that Herr Kreuzer would find her eventually.

Herr Kreuzer shrugged and walked into the former parlor, and could see through the darkened house a figure across the room and in the dining room, across the table. Curious, he walked through and as he emerged the entrance to the dining room, quickened in pace noticing that it was Alana.

He got to her and saw the blood before saying anything. After seeing where it had stained, he went close to her face. She was watching him the whole time, curious of his reaction, and hoping he wouldn't be too angry.

"Alana, my God, what happened to you?" He almost was afraid of the answer.

"Herr Kreuzer," she moved her hand towards his, afraid. "I was pregnant with Kurt's child. Until this afternoon when he gave me a coat hanger abortion. I'm so sorry."

Tears actually began to fill his eyes. He couldn't believe it. This dear, sweet girl that he'd only wanted to protect since the first day, was strewn, like a doll, across his dining room table with dried blood and a few liquids on her and his furniture. He squeezed the hand that she had placed in his. "If it's the last thing you do, please don't apologize to me. It's not your fault. Kurt's a bastard." He rubbed her hand. "How are you feeling?" He knew it seemed like a stupid question, but he wanted to ask anyway.

She bit her lower lip. "I hurt. Really badly in my abdominal area, and a little lower. Really sore. I feel gashed inside. I haven't tried moving."

Herr Kreuzer nodded. "Will you be okay if I pick you up?"

"I don't know." She began to say they could try, but she didn't feel like talking.

Herr Kreuzer carefully slipped one hand under her lower back, and another under the backs of her knees. She was scrunched up and wincing very badly as he was carrying her up the stairs and into his guest bedroom. He put her on the bed and went into his room and got his comforter. Then he went downstairs and he got a glass of water. He placed it on the table next to her and smoothed her hair back.

"I want you to rest, Alana. Call me if anything goes wrong, like you feel worse, or you need more water. The water is on your right. Please sleep. Don't worry about dinner tonight. I'll take care of it, and take a plate up to you as soon as it's finished if you want to eat. Also, don't worry about tomorrow. I'll stay out tomorrow and take care of you, as you've taken care of me in the past. Sleep well, little Alana."

She nodded and muttered a barely audible "Thank you" to Herr Kreuzer. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead and then went downstairs to start dinner with a mangled mess of thoughts on his mind.