Again Alana lain upon her bunk. Morning hours were ticking away and with every passing moment she was one step closer to another days work. Another day of meaningless digging. The rest of yesterday was close to freezing temperatures. No wonder the officer's were drinking warm beverages. If only she could've gotten some. It could never happen, no matter how much she wished in her head.

"Rise my little darlings!" Screamed Frau Rache into the barrack. She came in and started giving out swift beatings to the women still asleep. Alana climbed out of her bunk and stood up straight as a board in fear of Frau Rache's riding crop. Who knew who's bloody wounds it had been smeared against. "Get out of here, now. Herr Kreuzer has to speak to you." In an average drag the girls filed out into their lines like everday.

Herr Kreuzer donned in his average officer's uniform looked up and down the lines. "I had someone noted, but they don't seem to be where they were yesterday. I had hopes that atleast you Frau Rache would keep them in some sort of decent order." He shot a hostile glance towards Frau Rache who began to fiddle with the end of her jacket in slight dissapointment.

A thin hand landed itself on Alana's bony shoulder. "There you are." Herr Kreuzer was standing diagonally from her. "What's your name?"

"Alana," somehow she surpressed her yawn, half out of fear.

"Come with me. You've got work to do." His steel eyes bore into her brown eyes. She gave a last look Kat who was biting her lower lip. Alana offered a slight smile and Kat returned on, hopefully unnoticed.

"Any time now. I'm waiting." Herr Kreuzer tapped his foot impatiently. Alana went up to catch up to him as he was walking out of the camp. It was a silent walk towards a beautiful house 20 minutes or so away from the camp.

Herr Kreuzer got to a pair of double doors on a deck. With a pair of dull silver keys he unlocked the door and stepped inside waiting for Alana to follow. The foyer was gorgeous. There was a curving staircase leading up towards the second floor, and rooms spreading out on the right and a study on the left.

"Let me show you around before I put you to work."

Together they strolled through the many rooms. The formal parlor, the formal dining room, informal dining room, and the study. Those were the first floor rooms. In the basement there was a kitchen and where she'd be staying. Upstairs there were two bedrooms, a bathroom, a confrence room, and an informal parlor. The smaller of the two bedrooms was a guest bedroom and Alana wished she could stay there. It was across the hall from Herr Kreuzer's beautifully maintained bedroom. Why he needed a house maid was beyond her.

"Mainly, you'll be residing in the basement. Either cooking meals, or in your quarters. Also you will be answering the door when I am not here, that is when you're not cleaning. You don't need to clean everyday, only on Sundays. Of course, it doesn't mean you can't do a minor picking up here and there during the week, and dusting once a day. Besides that, just make yourself comfortable in your quarters. They're not bad, I'm guessing. However, I'm sure you wish you could have that very lovely guest bedroom with a down comforter and a queen sized bed."

Alana did wish she could have the guest bedroom. It'd be wonderful if she did. Too bad he wouldn't let her have it. After all, he probably had relatives that came to visit. They probably stayed there, aside from the fact that she was his half Jewish maid. "So, all I do is cook, clean, and pick up after you?"

Herr Kreuzer nodded. "Just have to maintain the house. Sometimes I don't have time to do that. Also, I forgot to mention. About that study, once in a while you may have to act as a secretary. I'm sure you'll gladly accept that."

"Yes, sir. I do."

"Good. You'll find all the cleaning supplies under the kitchen counters. I'm glad you understand all this. I'm going back off to the camp. I'll be home around eight. I'd appriechiate if you have a warm meal ready for me by then. There's plenty of food in the refridgerator. If you need spices, foods, drinks, and whatnot, tell me two days in advance."

"Yes, sir."

"We'll see how you do when I'm back." With that, Herr Kreuzer turned on his heels and left the house with his heels clicking against the hardwood floor noisily. Alana headed towards the basement, still stunned that he'd picked her. Why hadn't he picked Kat? She certainly would know better how to upkeep a house better than she. After all, Alana's mother generally did most of the housework. Alana often helped, but the responsibility of one whole house is a bit of a shock at first.

Alana got a rag and some polishes out from under the sink and decided she's work from the basement to the top floor. Everything should be in order. She hoped she'd do a marvelous job, for who knew what would happen to her if she didn't make sure to.