Chapter Two

The alarm went off and awoke Jewel at 8:15 a.m. on Wednesday. Jewel hesitantly got out of bed and went into the bathroom. She had a huge hangover. She looked into the bathroom mirror and saw that her eyes were red and puffy from crying. Last night, well actually this morning, she came home from the bar and reality finally hit her, causing her to cry and cry over Steven. And making it worst, she was going to Texas tomorrow with Stan the bartender. Stop worrying about it she thought. This is a fresh start in my new life without Steven. Just saying his name made her cry.

When she was done getting dress and doing her make-up, she telephoned Stan. He didn't answer till the third ring. "Hello."

"Stan? This is Jewel."

"Hey. I guess you are wondering how we are getting to Texas."

"Pretty much."

"Well, I called the airport this morning and got two plane tickets."

"No, you sho-"

"Let me finish, you can pay me later. Anyways, the plane leaves in the afternoon, and when we arrive in Texas, one of my cousins will pick us up."

"Sounds like a plan."

"I'll pick you up tomorrow at ten, okay?"

"See you then. Bye."


When she got off the phone, she went straight to packing. What do I take? Guess I take a lot of pants and loose shirts. Nothing fancy and I'll take those cute black boots I have. After an hour of packing she decided to take a break and go get her hair cut.

She walked into the hair salon and saw that Michelle was there. "Hey," said Michelle.

"Are you busy?," Jewel asked.

"Nope. You want your hair cut?"

"That's why I'm here."

Michelle motioned for her to sit in a chair. "So, what do you want me to do?"

"Cut it to my shoulders, make me look different."

"What?!," said Michelle. "Your long hair is so lovely."

"That's why I want it cut. Steven used to like my hair."

"Ah," she said and said nothing more until she was done cutting. "Hey, you will get over it. There are other fish in the sea."

"Maybe, but I don't live in the sea," Jewel said before heading out the door.

When she returned home it was 4:46 p.m. She decided to call Maria to say her good-byes and then pack some more before going to bed early.

At eleven, she decided to go to bed. Tomorrow is the big day and the start of my new life she thought before going to sleep, trying not to cry.