Chapter Six

"Jewel, can you help Ann set the table?" asked Caroline.

"Sure," said Jewel getting up off the couch, with Stan, to help Ann set the table. She walked into the kitchen and Caroline handed her plates. She walked into the dining room and started placing seven plates around the big round table. Ann then started placing forks and knives next to the plates.

Jewel then walked back into the kitchen and saw Stan, Ann, and Caroline conversing quietly in a corner. What are they doing, she thought suspiciously. "What are you guys doing?" she asked.

The trio broke apart and were looking a little too innocent at Jewel. This only made her even more suspicious. "What are you guys doing?" repeated Jewel.

"Nothing," said Ann sweetly.

Jewel put her hands on her hips. "Stan, what were you doing?"

"Those two were trying to convince me to set you up with Derek," he said.

"Stan," yelled Ann and hit him on the arm.

"What," he said, protecting his arm from Ann. "She would have found out anyways."

"I came here to get away from men," replied Jewel. "And Stan, you know that." She glared at him.

"Sorry dear," said Caroline. "We should have known better. We are not running a dating business." She looked to Ann at that last part.

Ann shrugged and gave an innocent smile.

The door opening and voices could be heard from the living room.

"Oh," said Caroline. "They are home already. Hurry you three, put the food on the table."


"It sure smells good in here," said Tom. Uncle Charlie, Shane, and Derek all nodded in agreement.

"Thank you," said Caroline, giving her husband a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Come and eat."

They all walked into the dining room and saw Ann, Stan, and Stan's friend, Jewel, sitting down at the table. Tom looked at Derek and gave him an evil smirk.

Oh boy, thought Derek, Tom is going to do something- I just know it.

"Howdy everyone," Tom said happily. Derek narrowed his eyes at him. "How is everyone on this beautiful night?"

"Sit down and shut up, Tom," Ann teased. Tom sat down right next to her.

"I'll be right back," said Derek and he left the room to wash up. When he returned the noticed the only chair left was "conveniently" right next to Jewel, but he sat down next to her anyways.

The talk was the usual-how was work. Derek reached over to grab the bowl of mashed potatoes, but hit a small, soft hand. It was Jewel.

"I'm sorry," Jewel said quickly.

"Oh no," said Derek. "I wasn't looking. Here." He grabbed the bowl and handed it to Jewel.

She smiled, "Thanks."

Derek's stomach did a flip. Damnit!

When she was finished, she handed him the bowl. "Hey, Jewel," said Tom. "What are you doing tomorrow night?"

"I don't know," she said. "But I have to go and call Maria."

"Oh yes," said Stan. "She probably thought you abandoned her."

She got up and said good-bye to everyone and then left with Stan.

Author's Note: I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a really long time. . . This chapter probably sucked, but oh well, I wanted to put one up. You know, to make up for being late.