Hi people! I started this story about…oh, one and a half years ago, and then I lost inspiration and stopped for a little more than six months before, well, this being posted right now. ^_^; Well, when I originally started this story, I didn't do any research whatsoever, so I figured that I might as well go through and edit any historical and grammatical mistakes while at the same time posting it to hopefully make myself continue with the stupid thing. Another note, now that I think about it, the plot of the story completely changed as I wrote it, so the title doesn't really make sense with it anymore, so I might change it at some random point of the story. It might be when I'm done with the entire thing for all I know. When I stopped the story six months ago, I thought that I'd just forget about it, so I deleted the entire story off of my computer. Luckily, before I had lost interest, I had printed out every chapter, so I have the story, I just need to retype it over time. Another thing that is one of the most important things that I'm stating here is that reviews that just say, "Good story. Update! Update!" discourage me, so don't do that. If you're planning on doing that, then don't review. Oh yeah, one last important thing is that I like to skip from time periods, so when the characters move from country to country, don't be surprised if it goes from… let's say, 1534 BCE in… China to um… 786 BC in uh… India. It's just that bazookas didn't exist in ancient Egypt but… *shutting up before I give out the entire story* Anyway, read!

Goddess of Fate


By Nodjmet

It was silent in the small village. People hid in their small, sun-baked brick houses in fear. Everything was still, silent, and waiting.

"Mama, I'm hungry," a young girl with dark eyes pulled on the shawl of a slightly plump woman holding a baby.

"Shush Mau," the woman clutched the baby closer, "We don't have anymore food. Go find a pure blood family. You'll be safer with them."

"But Mama…"

The silence was broken as a series of screams filled with anguish and fear were heard.

"Go!" the mother yelled as the door of the house was knocked down and soldiers poured in.

Mau fled out of the house through a tiny window into the streets of her beloved Egyptian village. No one heeded the five-year-old girl as they screamed and attempted to flee the merciless soldiers.

Once outside the village, Mau turned her head. Flames danced their seemingly endless waltz as blood, bodies, and soldiers were reflected through the dark pools of her surprisingly dry eyes, ingraining the memory into her mind's eye, never to be forgotten.

Mama, Miw-sher…

Mau's POV

Seven years have passed since that fateful night when I lost my mother and sister. I fled to Thebes with only the clothes on my back. As soon as I left my once peaceful home, I was shunned by all because of my blood. A foreigner had tainted my mother and had passed his dirty blood on into my own veins. The only object of value that he had left us was a small, opaque, green stone, which I took with me. He was a stranger who abandoned his family just to die at the hands of the pharaoh a month later.

Now my world is ruled by chaos. Prejudice has run amok, and Egyptian empire that I know is coming to an end.


Just so you people know, this prejudice thing…I made it up. ^_^ Egyptian history fans, feel free to correct me where I'm wrong. I only have one book on ancient Egypt and it's not very informative and I'm not very keen on searching the Internet. Anyway, thanks for reading my incredibly short prologue. Most of the chapters are longer, so bear with me.