Can a house be possessed? Not the poltergeist, amityville type of possessed, just possessed. You know with ghosts and evil spirits of the dead? Ok, what about the whole house being possessed except for this one room. This room is safe from evil, nothing can get you when you are in it, protecked. But the door must be shut all the way until you hear that reasurring click, and the closet must be closed, you have to put something in front of it like a box. To make sure that they can't get in, it can't hurt you or get at you. The windows and curtains must be shut. No part of you can be off the bed. Because they can get in, they can't do anything to you in there but they can get you out, thats when they get you. Now what if you were the only person in the house or anywhere that knew and everynight while you were sleeping saftly in your bed , in the safe room, they could be getting your brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, family, and friends that are in the house. You could wake up and they aren't there. A trail of blood coming from one of their rooms, to one of the other rooms. What if you walked into the kitchen one morning to find your brothers hand on the floor, a knife on the counter and blood splattered all over the place. A note saying that they went to the hospital from your parents you find on the stove. As you go to pick it up just as your fingers touch the paper, flames come up. You get your hand away just in time, you turn your head to see the knife raise up in the air. You run, run to your room, the safe room. You can hear the knife coming after you slicing the air, You reach your room , slam the door shut and jump into bed, hide under the blankets. Its still 5Am , you will have to wait until the sun is out and light is covering the sky. You hear things moving around you, they want you to look up so they can luar you out of the room, then kill or torture you. Something knocks at your door, you stay under your blankets. What if they only came out at night, when the sun has gone down, and the demons of hell come out, when noone else can see. Then the silence comes, that way it will happen when noone can her you scream, or the sound of them doing it to you. After the person will wake, a memory, no memory of what has happened, thinking that they must have fallen asleep or pssed out. In pain they get up and get help. I am the only one that has seen them. I may be the only one who can, I am not sure. Noone else has said anything, sfter everything that has happened they say it was their mistake. I have tried to explain it to them but all they say is "what a big imagination you have, your mind is playing nasty tricks on you my dear." Thats it. Well when they see them and what they doo then they can tell me its all in my imagination. I don't understand, why it is only me why do they choose to do this to me. I wonder why they just don't kill me, unless they just want to hurt us, well hurt me. I wonder why they do it, why? I don't know but I want to find out. Now lets say you live in this house, your parents are going away for the weekend, leaving you behind, saying that you spend to much time with them, and they all need to get away from it all for awhile. You need time to yourself. If only they knew what they were getting away from? I want to get away from it all too, I want to be away from this house...this place, but no I mst stay and try to get rid of, destroy this evil that has taken over my home, or die trying. But they would like that to much. They would quench their thirst on my blood, then feast on my skin and organs, tear me limb from limb, not leaving anything to waste. Then they would get my family,, I am the only one that can protect them. The only one, now put your self in my shoes, your mind into mine and mine into yours. I am you, you are me.