Hi all, this poem, is mine. I am probably not the only one who's made this
observation, but this is my version of telling explaining it.
AN: This is what happens when it's 11:30p.m. and you've been driving all
day to get on a ferry crossing the lake to get to an island for a family


The moonlight on the waters
On a clear and cloudless night
Never giving us a chance to doubt its presence
A pale vision of hope personified
Soft and steady in our midst
Reaching out to bring us into an incandescent embrace
The glow focused with only us as a center
It's path never questionable
The only thing changing its beam of light
Is the one thing that has nothing to do with it
The rippling water
Never letting the moonlight alone
A nuisance not knowing when to quit
It forces the moonlight to seem quite changeable
Never steady
Never the same
Opposite to the will of the moon
At least
That's what I see
When I look out on the water
With the moon overhead

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