"get out of my head" Mandy said shakily as she gripped her hands harder around her head. "shut up!" she screamed on and on. she started to rock herself back and forth on the floor. Tears were streaming down her eyes and she was now screaming so loud that everyone in the building could hear when they came, they had to shut her up somehow, she struggled as they grabbed her, the men in the white coats, she continued to struggle still screaming. The put the need le in, almost missing the vein, the purple liquid streamed into her veins, mixing with the blood, They continued to hold onto her as they pulled out the needle, they grabbed her and held on until she had passed out, weak, motionless. Then they gave her another needle, this time of medicine. Then leaving her shaking, cold and asleep. "So what do we do with her?" The first man asked his boss. "She claims to hear voices in her head, threatening her, hurting her, telling her things that will soon happen, and then she sees them, she says that they are more firghtening then anything in her worst nightmares, they come and hurt her, do things to her, most times sexual things, she says that they are doing it to her so she will not tell anyone, and it is punishment, they find much pleasure in it she says, and come back more now, and they are there in her dreams to, they come then and do these things to her when she can't ake up, from all the meds, and then she can't even ask for one of us to be there." the second man told them. "We can't be giving her more medication then we already are, she is taking so much each day that she is getting worse, when she finally falls asleep she is shaking and she has convulsions and hallucinations, this happens when she is awake too, the meds are never wearing off because of the does we give her" the first man said to them both. They were watching her from a window to her room, she could not see them but the could see her. She had been sleeping, but most horribly, they had drugged her and had put some heart monitors and other things on her, so they could see how her body was reacting. "So what do we do?" asked the second man.