My eyes were closed as I walked slowly down the dim, long hallway. Seeing black from my eyes; yet seeing colors and pictures in my mind, as if they were burned onto my eyelids. Although I was concentrating on trying to make out the pictures in my mind, my ears did not abandon the world around me. I heard a light creek of a door as it echoed through the hallway in the distance. I stopped my steady walking only to hear my footsteps on the smooth, marble floor echo through the hallway. I quickly opened my eyes, but did not move a muscle so that I could hear any more noises in the distance.
Even if it were not a reverberating hallway, my astounding hearing would still have been able to hear the creek of the door in the distance. My eyes were able to see to the end of the seemingly endless hallway. Even if there were 15 smells in the air, I would be able to separate each one of those smells and tell you what it was if I have smelled it before. My fingers are so sensitive to texture that I can feel the finest texture. That is how every Fighter is. Our goal, to be the best, the highest rank of fighters
Fighters are all over the world, to be the best line of Fighters. My whole family was a Fighter line. Well, the beginning of one at least. The beginning of a dark flower that is powerful; yet young. We had only just begun our quest to be the most feared. Even if there weren't many of us, there were others who were willing to join us, other lines. The reason why were considered a threat was because of my mother and father. Those two together were greatly known throughout the whole world. They had a forbidden love. The lines that they grew up in were rivals since the beginning. So, they both decided to abandon their line and start their own. Of course, their were attempts from each of the lines to try and assassinate one of them, but with the two of them, fighting side by side, they were almost unstoppable, until, Rafael.
"Why are you here?" the voice behind me was cold; yet I could tell there was amusement in the inquiry. I quickly spun around to meet the gaze of the Fighter. A Fighter. One of the most powerful of beings, aside from vampires is a fighter. He is one of the most feared Fighters. But not by me! Rafael is his name; the traitorous snake! He couldn't tell the truth if he wanted to, but for his life of course. Or so it seems. I have been hunting him for generations, wanting him dead!
"I am here to fight you!" I said with a dangerous and confident voice. I was not going to loose again! I fought him 250 years ago.. only to loose to my own foolishness. He had just murdered my family: my papa, mother, and my two baby sisters! He brought a whole army with him. I lost it, so I followed him as he walked to his den without his army. I was only 14 I didn't know any better. It is so clear to me that horrible memory still lives on, and I will not be able to rest without dreaming of that day until he lies dead before my feet!

Rafael smiled at my response. He could obviously guess what I was thinking. Silence hung between us for a moment, just staring at each other. I had a feeling he was toying with me for his own amusement. He shook his head, and with a smile; he slowly made a step toward me. My reaction was quick and instinctive, for no fighter can get through this world without a quick reaction and mind. I spread my feet apart and put my hands to my face. Rafael stopped his movement as I did so and laughed at me!

"What are you thinking, Damien? I mean, do you really think you can defeat me?" his inquires were meant to be cold and hurtful. He had a reputation of putting any one down in hopes, dreams, and confidence, which is what he was exactly doing to me. Bile began to rise in my thought from embarrassment and anger. I swallowed hard, and tried to keep a straight face; not to show my emotions; if I did I would be considered weak!
Rafael started to laugh a deep chuckle. I, however, broke it off. "Shut it, before I put my dagger directly into your thought. And believe me I wont think twice about it!"
Rafael stopped his chuckling, clearly surprised by my response. "Are you challenging me, Damien?" the question was a taunt. A fighter of a lower level can challenge a fighter of a higher level, but not the other way around. It would be considered impolite and imbalanced to do so. But for some fighters, there are savage ways to get rid of a fighter that seems to have a potential, or who you just dislike. So speak the codes.
The history of the Fighters was burned in the great fire of the great library, Alexandria. Although, some of the history was saved, hidden from the human world, (the codes were saved and some stories of older lines and Fighters like the Kalishio line) I do not even know all of the rules, even though it is frowned upon not to know, but I fight anyway. Most Fighters consider the codes guidelines, and others don't consider them at all. I am frightened that one day they will be ignored completely, and all fighters would be acting like savages and killing for no reason but to kill, I'm also afraid that Fighters will even be slaughtering their own line! Hopefully the Trislies can settle all of that havoc if it ever comes.
The Trislies are a peaceful group, they don't endorse us, but every one, if they have a setback need settling, goes to the Trislies. I have never seen them but I have heard tales about them. I've heard they can change their form. I have also heard that they have great power, but never unleash it unless it is for the good of everyone. They might not like us, but they would help us.
"Damien?" Rafael asked with a banter voice. Obviously I was looking dazed by all the thoughts that were racing through my mind. I looked up with a bit puzzled face. He lifted his head and laughed a light snigger. "You have always been a dreamer. Always wandering off in your own little world. That is probably why you have not studied the Fighter's history, or even visited the Trislies!" he shook his head in a teasing dissatisfaction.
"Like you would ever BEAR IN MIND OF VISITING THE TRISLIES! I don't think you would be hauled there. Trislies are all about concord, and I don't think they would want to waste their time with a traitorous snake like you!" I spat out before I could stop my self. Sometimes the quick mind works too quick. I tried to regain my thoughts as to what I was really here for.
Rafael clearly looked angered by my uncontrollable response. "I have been there, not the best place in the world, but I have visited the Trislies." He stared at me before continuing. "Ah, I see your questioning look! Why was I there to discuss peace with the Trislies? Of all Fighters, why me? Well it is quiet a funny story" he was obviously disturbed by this "conversation" we were about to have, instead of challenging each other, and insulting one another.
" I am not here to converse about your, most likely, unfortunate past!" my response was supposed to be an insult, but he took it as a joke, but not in a misunderstanding way. Rafael was also known for his upsetting humor, and how he took an insult as an achievement from the challenger. It disgusts me!
"Then why are you here? Huh? Are you going to come out and say it, or are u going to dance around the whole topic?" He found a chair in the hallway, propped against the wall. He took the chair and slid it to a convenient spot across from me. Rafael then gracefully in one motion sat down in the chair. He stretched out one leg and kept the other one bent, while he casually leaned against the back of the chair. The black t-shirt that he was wearing was pulled loosely across his stomach. He was so built; that you could see his abs on his flat stomach passed the black shirt. "Well, well, well, Damien. What ever is it you are looking at?" He smiled a teasing smile; he has obviously caught me staring at him. When I did not answer his anger grew, and he took a deep breath and spoke. "Damien!" Rafael's voice was rising with anger. "Why are you here? Do you wish to challenge me? Or are you here to show me something.. Or what?" Rafael was obviously frustrated by the postponement into what I had come here to do in the first place.
I stood up straight, my arms now at my side, and I stood casually. "Alright," I took a bottomless breath before continuing my sentence. "I Damien Shadrisa, challenge you, Rafael Zeles." And that was that. I had said the sentence I came there to say. Rafael smiled a wickedness smile, and got out his dagger that he kept on his back and under his shirt.
"Shall we?" he put a hand out, leading to an exposed area in the hallway. I looked at his hand, my eyes lingering on the tattoo he had on his wrist. It was a black cobra snake. It was only the head, but it looked extremely well crafted, and certainly took some time and effort. "Finicky tattoo, huh? I like it myself. Now, shall we?" His arm was still in the air directing me to the open area in the hallway.
I finally began to move to that open area, and I began to feel more bile rise in my throat. Am I actually nervous? I thought to myself. But I can't be, this is what I came here for, I cant back down now! As I passed Rafael he followed me. I honestly did not trust him to be behind me with a dagger in his hand. But then again, I wouldn't trust him to be crippled behind me!
Once we finally got to the open space, we were across, and facing each other. We began to sidestep clockwise. Our eyes lingered in each other's eyes, and we both kept an angered face upon us. But for me, I had to try to not to show my fear, and I'm sure he had to try not to show his amusement. Slowly stepping clockwise, I began to grip my dagger, ready to pounce! Rafael jerked toward me in a menacing way so that I would react. I leaped forward landing on him. He had to dodge my knife several time before he was able to regain his balance after he kicked me off of him. Once I noticed that his balance was regained, I jumped backwards just in case he might have sliced me.
Rafael smiled and he nodded an approving nod. "You have obviously been practicing these, what? 250 years? May I ask if it was all just for killing me?" We were still circling each other clockwise. Our eyes locked and we were careful not to leave each other's gaze for even an instant. A simple second can be fatal when dealing with scum like Rafael.
"Why do you have to know? All you need to know is that I will not be defeated by my own stupidity once again." I snapped.
"Getting defensive are we? But I have to ask you Damien, do you really think it was your stupidity that made you loose. I think that it was your level of skill. Besides in my opinion all you did was follow your instincts, I probably would have done the same thing at your age and experience." He said these words calmly as if it had happened to him, and that he was inexperienced once, and full of stupidity. Which is highly unlikely for a descendent of Kalishio, one of the world's best Fighter lines, to be inexperienced. For Kalishio's descendents are born with experience of a fighter. There are tales that the parents' experiences are passed down to the child or children to guide them through the Fighter world.
I put a confused face on to show my curiosity. All that Rafael did was smile and he stopped his movement. He took a deep breath to regain his thoughts that he lost in the battle. "What is this?" I inquired, harshly.
"Damien, I do not wish to fight you. You" He broke off. "I wish I could explain, but I believe you would not understand. You're too young" Rafael looked down to the marble floor. His look was confusing. Something I would never expect from him. I could not place his thoughts, and I did not expect him to say them. They seemed too confusing for anyone to place. Rafael's eyes flickered as he lifted his head and looked at me. I was still in a ready stance." Damien, I, I think you should just walk out of here and never come back" His words seemed painful to him, but I was too puzzled to understand any of these happenings. Even the battle, which I believe to have perfected, I didn't understand. "Damien, please just leave this place. Like I said before I do not wish to fight you, and you are too young to understand any of this" He turned away and began to walk. Rafael just left me there dumbfounded. I felt abandoned, left in the cold of the darkness. I stood there trying to regain all the knowledge and instincts that I walked in here with. Everything seemed blurry to my eyes that could usually see to this seemingly endless hallway. I stood there also just watching him walk away from me. What was I supposed to do now? Should I follow him? Should I run up to him and slice his throat, which I came here to do in the first place? That option would have normally be my first instinct, but for some reason, which I could not place, I just walked to the door. Nothing came to mind about if I had made the wrong mistake.