"Alice, time for your French lesson,"

"Aww, mom, I don't wanna go to the stupid French lesson, I don't like that language!" the little 6-year-old girl whined, but she knew it was no use. Once her mom said something, it was to be done, no matter what.

"Now, Alice, Mommy paid a lot of money to get you those lessons, you should be happy, they may help you later on in life. Now, get your coat, I'll be waiting downstairs."

Her mother left and Alice looked at the plethora of dolls on the floor. She sat down for a minute and said, "In Re`ve, everyone would be my friend and I would never have to go to those stupid French lessons. Now, Jasmine, you will be my best friend. Me and you can go out for ice-cream when I get back."

"Alice, dear, where are you?"

"I'm coming, mom!" She grabbed her coat and ran down the stairs, dreading the lesson, for she hadn't done any of the work the teacher had assigned. Hey, maybe the car will break down on the way there and I won't have to go. She thought optimistically, Fat chance.