This poem is mine. All mine, no one is exactly like me so no one can ever
write the same poem as I have just done.

A/N: Well, this was a funner one. More sort of happier, It sort of rhymes,
but in a not-really-strict-rhyming, care-free, let-your-fingers-do-all-the-
work type of way. Know what I mean? Hope you like it.I think it's cute.



Who am I?
Why am I like this?
I'm nice to all
I like phone calls
Not one for brawls
The 'secret' crush of one
Only funny to some
Don't really know where my attitude comes from
It's not a bad attitude
But you must know this
My life isn't bliss
I've never had a kiss
Yet I don't really complain
I'm a church-going lass
Near the top of my class
I'm one who loves: laughing

And smiling

And funny things

And though I try
I don't make many die
Of laughter, of course
What, do you think me vicious?
Well, I'm not
Often times you see me doing what I ought
Oops, I almost forgot;
I like to read.

So back to the point of this odd little rhyme
(Unless of course I'm taking up too much time)
I know why I'm this way
I was just stubborn and didn't want to say
This is the way that God has made me
Now do you see?
This poem is me
The voice of reason
A crazy teenaged girl
You can call me whatever you wish
But truthfully,
most people just call me Trish.


GREAT! Now it's over. For real. So you can REVIEW! It's a neat thing to
do really, and I'm a fan. So go ahead.