This world is spiraling down.
Can I stop it?
Sometimes I don't want to try
For fear I'll drown
In my own sorrows,
As days pass me by
Stop on that way down!
So long ago
There were doubts
It's just a tale, they said
Some didn't know where to go
Afraid of words
That were said may have lead
To something more...
Gosh, now there's such a fine line
Between honor
and dishonor, so nobody thinks
about their actions
just of what they want
this is justified,
that is justified
and, they say, everything's fine
but they're ignoring it!
That line
Will waver
Waver in the evil and sins
And behavior
And yes, it scares me.
Can't they see..?
You turn on the news
And it's mocking you and me
And no one gives
But, hey it's what they chose?
All this mind-grinding business
You say its how they live
Aren't there any morals anymore?
It's a shadow
Enveloping us
Is this how it's meant to be?
The work is disappearing
Freedom so much that there's no right or wrong
So you don't have to listen to my song
Everyone swearing
No one caring
Everyone doing things that shouldn't be done
And mocking people who do what's right
Well, it one old fight
That seems to grow
But you? You pretend not to know.
(Repeat chorus 2X)
Can't they see?
It's happing.
Will it happen to me?
The line is wavering
And it will continue to do so
Until it disappears
Don't let it.