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"Anita Jakenson, get your ass down here right now!" Shouted a short, black-haired woman.

"I'm not going, and you can't make me!" Shouted back a girl about 5'6 with short brown hair, and pale blue eyes.

Yeah, that's me, and that's my mom. My new mom. My dad married her so that I could have a woman around to talk to if I ever really needed to. I don't know what happened to my old mom. I guess she just stopped loving me and left. After every fight she had with my father, and trust me. There were a LOT of them. She'd always come to my room, look at me, and smile saying, "No matter what happens. I will always stay here, because I love you and I can't put you through that. I will protect you as long as I can."

Well, I guess she stopped loving me, because the next thing I knew. She was all packed up and left, screaming that she'll be back for me. Only, when the divorce papers when through, she never came. I finally had a chance to talk to my dad and he told me that she wasn't coming back. He had offered to buy me, and she took the offer. I didn't even ask him how much I was worth. I didn't care.

Later on, my dad met Cheryl and she had convinced him that I needed a womanly figure around. Someone to look up to. So, my dad married her. The first thing she said to me was: "Stay out of my way and everything will be just perfect for us. I know your dad is filthy rich, and I'm not going to see it wasted on the likes of you." It was a statement, a fact. It didn't need a reply, but me being who I am and having the big mouth that I do. I replied, "Wow, you're just like one of those fairytale mothers."

That caught her interest. "Oh really?" She asked, "Which one?"

"Cinderella," I said, enthusiastically. Now would've been a good time to stop, but I didn't. Yeah, that's another one of my problems, besides having a big mouth, I never know when to quit. So I continued, "Yeah, only...I thought that the evil stepmother was only: Rude, Ugly, Mean, and Stupid. Seeing you thought, you just seem to add whore and gold-digger to that list perfectly."

She smiled and asked in that fake sweet voice. "And you would be? Who? Cinderella? Well, as I recall. She was scrubbing dishes and the floor for her 'evil' stepmother for years before her prince came to get her."

"Yes," I added, "But when that time came. She was scrubbing the floor and dishes for Cinderella. In her castle." I smiled back and cocked my head in that 'I'm so innocent fashion.'

"Well, then." She said, still smiling that really fake smile, "I just guess that I'll have to make sure that your little fairy tale. Never gets its ending."

My dad walked in at that moment. "Did you girls have a nice chat?" He was completely oblivious to the sparks and tension in the room, which was, by that time, so thick that no one would go near the room because they were afraid of choking on it.

"Oh yes." We both replied in unison.

At that moment we both revealed a weakness. No matter what happened, neither of us would tell my dad what was really going on. I smiled and exited the room thinking of all the evil things I could to without having to worry about my father getting in the way, and She smiled thinking about how easy it would be to get rid of me without me playing my daddy sympathy card.

I was so excited, because there was only a week left of school. So, I planned and executed my pranks when I would have the perfect alibi. 'I was in school. I didn't have the time to plan anything, nor could I have been there to watch it go off.' Of course, that was the down side. I wouldn't see her covered in the cafeteria's mashed potatoes but that's the price you pay, and anyway, I can always just pull these stunts when school was over.

That was my plan, and I had a ton of pranks I was going to do. Only...I only got to do the earliest ones. Imagine my surprise when She came in and told me to pack up. Of course, I asked why. She told me it was because I was leaving. "Where?" I asked.

"Princeton." She cackled. She thought it was completely hilarious...I didn't.

I thought that at that moment I couldn't have hated her more...I was wrong. Today's the day I couldn't hate her more, because today's the day that I leave.

I have this pain, this feeling in my gut, that I'm giving up. I'm quitting. I've Never quit in my entire life. I feel as though I'm giving up on my own father, because I won't be here to help him, save him, or comfort him. I'll be gone, and that leaves Her to take advantage of my father while I'm gone. She told me how she did it. How she was able to persuade my father that sending me away to school was. "All for the best." See, because of the divorce I was mad at the world. Both of my parents sold me out. I just felt as if the world owed me something, and it wasn't paying me back. So, I took out my anger on my teachers, friends, random people, etc. Anything that moved and breathed made me mad. So, since I was missing class because I was in I.S.S. (In School Suspension) or because I was just skipping. My grades dropped. When I got home, I couldn't take my anger out on anything, so I spent the time either, doing my homework or practicing with my sword. (My mom–before my dad and her started constantly fighting–made me take up the art. So I could 'defend' myself if need be.) In other words, my homework and my test scores, (when I took the tests) were really high. That's why I passed, but my grades still dropped because of the teacher's disapproval of my attitude. I really can't blame them either. I realize now that...I was wrong. I shouldn't have done that to them, because now I have no friends left, and I'm being sent away from what's left of my family. I hate it, but I know I deserve it. I still feel as if the world owes me something, but I don't take my anger out on people anymore. I'm already screwed as it is. Why bother?

"Get your ass down here, Nita!" She screamed again.

I glared down the stares as if she could see me. I still had that guilt stabbing at my heart, but I couldn't do anything about it. So, I tore myself off my bed, grabbed my luggage, and sprinted to the car. Right when I sat down in the car, the guilt hit me again. I couldn't move. I just sat there, staring out the window. Looking at, what I knew, was the last time I'd see my house again.

As you can probably tell, my dad got all of his money from working all the time. He's a business man. He'll sell anything. Or at least try. My dad was actually saving the money though. See, his family was rather large, so when it was time for him to go to college. He didn't have a lot of money to go with. He wanted to major in music, and was accepted into Juliard and everything...but there just wasn't enough money for him to go. So, he ended up going to the local college for two years and becoming a business man. He was so depressed until he found my mom and they had me. That's when he decided to work all the time. He wanted me to have the education that he couldn't have. In other words, he was living his educational life through me. I didn't mind though. At least he wasn't going to make me do major in anything I didn't want to. I knew I was lucky, no doubt about it, but as the saying goes, "The poorest in wealth, are the richest in life." Or something along those lines. My dad choose to live in an ordinary house so that way I could have a "normal" life. The only thing is...How can I have a "normal" life if 1: My dad is never home, 2: If he was he was too busy arguing with my real mom to notice me or spend time with me, 3: This whole divorce thing, and 4: Is Her. I mean, how can I have a somewhat normal life when She's around only to see me mess-up or to make me fail? I loved my mother dearly. She was always there for me. I used to have a ton of picture of me and her hung up everywhere all over my room, but after the divorce my dad went to a shrink for help on what to do with me now that my mom was gone. The shrink told him to slowly decrease everything of her's or any reminders of my mother's things. That way I could gradually grow use to not having her around, and the gradual decrease of everything of hers would ease the painful memories of her that I have. Of course, my father being the business man that he is, didn't want to waste time on precautions. He just went through the house one day, while I was at school, and got rid of everything he could find of hers. Including my pictures hung up in my room. I got home and...I just...broke-down. I couldn't take it. Not having her there left a huge hole in my soul. I mean, I didn't have any friends, I didn't have a family, I didn't have anything to actually live my life for, except to protect my father. Since my mother left, I have taken it upon myself to protect my father from any harm. I lost one of my parents. I wouldn't lose the other. After I had gotten over my break-down, I realization hit me. I still had some more pictures of her, they were hidden in my dresser. They were the most recent ones that I didn't put up, because I was mad that she left. That's why I hide them in my dresser. I didn't know if I should keep them or not. I was confused. I didn't know if I should hate her for leaving me, or love her because she was my mother. From then on, I kept those pictures a secret. When I packed up all of my stuff. I packed those too. I would be able to freely display those few pictures I had. I wouldn't have to forget her. I can't. I won't.

We arrived at the airport early. 'She' was so eager to see me leave. My dad was at work, go figure, so I wouldn't be saying good-bye to him. I knew I didn't want to leave, but something was bothering me. Something else. I instantly knew what it was. I had to take care of unfinished business and I couldn't leave until it was over with. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed his work number. (My dad had gotten me one for this trip, in case I needed to talk to him or something.)

"Hey honey, what's up?" My dad asked, seeing the caller I.D. and knowing it was me.

"Dad?" I asked, uncertain, I knew I had to do this, but that doesn't mean I wanted to. "Um...I have a question. A business question."

"Ok, shoot." My dad replied, already in business mode.

"Ok," I said, taking a breath, "On the divorce case, between you and mom. How much did you buy me for?"

My dad breathed in, while I held my breath. He knew he shouldn't tell me, but I had told him to be business-like with me, so he had no choice. "Half a mill." He sighed.

I gasped, taking in too much air, and started coughing. When I got myself back under control I thanked him, told him good-bye, and hung up the phone. I had always known that my mother had sold me out and my father had bought me like you would a cheap toy, but just hearing the price...I felt myself harden inside. I trusted her. My mother. And she...she...I couldn't finish. I turned around and saw 'Her' keeled over, laughing her head off. Her hair was all messed up and her face was all red.

"That was so funny!" She exclaimed, I knew she was referring to my phone conversation. She straightened herself up and finally noticed her hair. She pouted and whined to me. "Now look what you've done. You've gone and messed-up my hair! Now you owe me a trip to the hair salon." She laughed again, knowing that all of my money was now hers.

I hated her. I seriously did. I wished I so much that ALL of her hair would fall out. I muttered something I didn't even know, under my breath, and left to board my plane.

I never knew it, but the next day, as 'She' was brushing her hair. It did. It all just fell out in her hands, and would never grow back. It was a miracle. One that left doctors, all over the world, stunned.

Only one person knew what had actually happened. Molly. She knew it was more then Karma. It was magic. Molly had seen a lot of cases of witches and wizards breaking out. One thing puzzled her though. This was a 15 year old. Why hadn't anyone noticed before? Usually witches and wizards were spotted early on, and would've been in school for two years by now. Why wasn't this girl? Molly was a new magic detector. Meaning that she was the one who found children who were breaking into their powers. She was just one of the spotters too, so it wasn't likely that this new girl was just plain and simply overlooked. Something had kept her under cover this whole time. But why? Something to investigate further. Now was the problem of where she would go to school, and what grade to put her in. The school term didn't start for a couple weeks so Molly decided to test this Anita on what she could do. Molly would take on this case personally.


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