Colors have many, many dimensions. You may say the sun is yellow. Well, what kind of yellow? And where? Each shade has a certain spot, a certain time, a certain use. Life is like that, too. No two scenarios can possibly have he same shade. And yet, they can seem so familiar. Something happens to you that seems strange. But it's happened before- somewhere, somehow. A hint has occurred in a dream, a hope has flashed through your mind. All the puzzle pieces make a picture. The picture may be strange, but it's a picture, nonetheless. I looked out my window and everything was a spotless white.

There was nothing there. Nothing. Like when you're on that computer paint program, and you make a mistake- you se this little virtual eraser to make everything blank again. That's what it looked like outside my window. But somewhere, tucked away in my mind, the eraser had missed a spot.

"Hello?" My voice was starting to recover. "Anyone here? What happened to me? HELLO! HELLO!" I intook a few more, shaky breaths. "Don't loose it, girl," I muttered to myself. As if that could help. I'd probably already lost it.

I looked around. No one appeared to have heard me. It was white outside. (If one could even call it 'outside') The night was still there, though. I stared out the window again (it was getting easier each time). The night stared back at me. There was no white. I mean, at first glance everything seemed white. But it was night- how could I see a color that clearly? I couldn't see it now, that was for sure. (Don't worry, I confused myself as well) I held up my hand, put it to the window. There was no glass. "Dang," I swore shakily. The gray-white outside was a wall that nearly pressed against my window. What was happening? Or, more appropriately, what had happened? Why me? Was it really me Was I? "Are you there?" I mummered with panic to no one in particular. The questions kept repeating themselves in my brain, running a lap with no visible sweat. "Are you there?" Stop it, I told myself. This is a dream, pull yourself together.. "Areyouthereareyouthereareyouthereareyouthereareyouthereare you there...?" I looked around yet again, frantic, to the door to my bedroom. And I ran! I stumbled, hit my head, but flung my hand to the doorknob, all the time insanely repeating "areyouthereareyouthereareyouthere are you.." I flung the door open. It didn't lead to my hallway. It didn't even lead to another wall. It led to a man. I blinked. A man was standing there, outside.. Outside, as in the gray gravel that seemed to lay helplessly as far as I could see. Not that I could see overly clearly after that insane moment of mine. "Yes, I'm here," he said. He was that kind of person you couldn't fit an age to. Somewhere in his thirties, I suppose. His black hair was short, and his gray eyes were rather lifeless. "Who are you?" I mumbled. "We'll explain that. We'll tell you about everything." I frowned weakly, and promptly fainted.