I wrote this song about a year ago when I was having problems with my
expectations exceeding mine (as it usually does with most
parents) I was really mad. But it's okay now I'm finding my way!

Fly Away

I do everything
You want me to
I try really hard to make you proud
You say I'm not good enough
But I know it all depends on you

The things you say
The things you do
The way you always put me down
It all depends on you
It's not about me it's your mood
What more do you want from me
I gave you all I got
I became all that I could be
Now I just wanna be free
So I'm gonna break out
Gonna fly
Fly from my ugly nest
I'm not gonna rest
Till I'm far far away
Gonna fly away
Far far away

I guess you do care
Deep down inside
Cause I felt it sometimes
But the way you care
Makes me mad
Makes me cry


Don't miss me
I may not come back
When I fly away someday
Cause I hate-chorus