Chapter five


Precious watched the woman who had birthed him thirty years beforehand fidget in a chair. At forty-six she looked pretty good, even if the first part of her life sucked. He turned his eyes to the man, his mother's husband, seeing the man was staring at him hard.

"Why are you here?" The woman asked softly, jerking back slightly as Precious looked at her. It almost looked like she wanted to bolt from the room.

"I um…" Precious paused, glancing at Jeffery before looking at his mother again. "I am tying up loose ends you could say, you see I'm dying."

"You're what?" Peggy whispered tears filling her eyes.

"Peggy honey, why don't you go make coffee, let me speak with Samir." The man said seeing his wife nod as she left the room. Once she was gone, he turned back to Samir. "I won't let you hurt them."

"I have no intentions of hurting them, and no matter what a big man you are, you couldn't stop me if I decided to kill them." Precious replied glaring at the man.

"Listen kid," The man shook his head. "I have no clue as to what the hell you are, and frankly I don't care. I didn't even know about you until my eight years old son comes carrying your picture to me."

"How very convenient for you." Precious said shaking his head. "And did she explain to you how her son, that she had thirty years ago, looks no older then fifteen?"

"Actually she told me you were dead." The man said softly.

"How convenient." Precious shook his head as he stood. "I wanted to at least meet my brothers, to see my mother one last time. I don't have a lot of time left, and I'd rather not leave this earth with any more regrets then I already do."

"But…you haven't aged, he told me you wouldn't die." Peggy said coming back into the room. She stood in front of her son looking up at him.

"He?" Precious asked softly.

"Tall man, silver eyes, blond hair. He told me that he would take care of you, that you would be safe with him." Peggy said glancing back at her husband.

"Did you tell your husband what happened to my father?" Precious asked seeing the woman's brown eyes come back to him.

"No, I'm sorry, I am honest. He said he would take care of you, that to me you were dead. Why isn't he taking care of you?" She asked softly a small sob escaping her when her husband wrapped arms around her.

"Sayyid is taking care of me, but for the last ten years someone has been poisoning me with arsenic." Precious said sitting back down. "I understood that you were sick, that having a son and husband was hard, you were young."

Peggy nodded, before looking up at her son again, and then glancing over at the boy with him. "Who is this?"

"That's Jeffrey he's Kaori's mate." Precious said with a sigh. "Can I see my brothers please? And then I'll leave."

"I um…" Peggy said softly taken a step towards her son. She watched as Precious stood again, the boy's eyes on her. He tensed when he felt her arms come around him, and glanced at Jeffery to see the other boy was frowning. "Oh god, you're still warm."

"Of course I am." Precious said leaning back slightly.

"But…" The woman trailed off again not sure what to say, or how to say it. Leaning she laid her ear against her son's chest, her eyes widening when she heard a heartbeat. "Your heart beats."

"I wouldn't be dying if I was already dead." Precious said wanting to step away from the woman. He had needed closure, and wasn't sure that Sayyid would have allowed it. But now he wasn't sure if it had been the right thing to do. He had no love for this woman, if anything it was only Jeffery that kept him from ripping her apart.

"But you haven't aged." Peggy replied stepping back.

"And I won't, because I am Sayyid's soul." Precious said looking at Peggy's husband, wishing that he could just finish what he had come for. "Please let me see my brothers, and then I am gone."

"But Samir, it's been fifteen years…" Peggy trailed off turning as one of the boy's came into the living room.

"Mom, Charlie and I are going over to the neighbors." The boy said before him and the other boy bolted from the room. Samir watched them go before turning back to the woman.

"Stay for dinner, please?" Peggy asked softly glancing between her son and the other teenage boy.

"Um…" Precious started.

"Of course we will." Jeffery said stepping up beside the boy.

"I'd rather not stay what if Sayyid is looking for us?" Precious said softly glancing at Jeffery.

"Stop worrying, he's not going to hurt you." Jeffery said shaking his head as he turned back to Peggy. "We'd love to stay for dinner, as long as that won't be a problem."

"Not at all, please come have coffee with us." Peggy said leading them into the kitchen. Jeffery prodded Precious seeing the boy was sulking slightly.

"Come on, you wanted closure, and you're gonna get it, so you can spend the last of your time with Sayyid." Jeffery said seeing Precious was looking out the window.


Sayyid shook his head; it had been almost twenty-four hours since his mate had fled. Shifting in his seat he turned his attention to the doctor and the doctor's assistant. "There is nothing more to be done then?"

"I'm afraid not, you could keep making him feed, but eventually the poison will catch up with his body. And between now and then, his erratic behavior will get worse. And I wouldn't be surprised if he went insane." Jacob said softly.

"So there is no way to save him?" Sayyid asked looking between the both of them.

"No, if you…turn him, the same will happen." Jacob replied.

"Fine." Sayyid said softly. "Thank you for your help."

"You're welcome." Jacob said as they left the room. There wasn't much else they could do, and since he had other test to finish up he and Jon left them.

"What are you going to do?" Kaori asked softly seeing his master look at him.

"I'm not sure there is anything I can do." Sayyid said softly shaking his head as he dropped into his desk chair. Leaning back he closed his eyes with a sigh. "Has there been any word?"

"No." Kaori replied waiting for anything else Sayyid would need.

"You can go Kaori, I'll call if I need anything." Sayyid said needing time alone. He waited until Kaori was gone before he dropped his head to his desk. He was losing his soul and mate and he could do nothing about it. Well there was one thing he could and planned to do. Right after he put Precious back into his place.


David stared at the boys across from him. He knew that one of the boys had been in a picture with his mother. Only the picture was almost twenty years old. The boy met his eyes, eyes like his mothers and he was certain that this boy was related to him.

Sitting with his head held high, his posture perfect, Precious was the picture of the royalty he had become. He didn't slouch and he didn't fidget. He was polite; everything that Sayyid had taught him after the bonding. Everything he needed in order to live in Sayyid's world.

"Mom?" David said softly seeing the woman turn to look at him.

"What Davie?" She asked quietly knowing already what her son would ask. He was so smart, so smart like his father that she knew he would figure it out.

"Who is he, and how is he retaliated to us." David asked glancing at his mother, then his father before settling his eyes back on the boy across from him.

"He um…well you see…" Peggy trialed off not sure what to say. Glancing at her husband she wondered what to tell them, and how much to tell them.

"Peg?" Jonathan asked seeing his wife look at him.

"Why not tell them the truth?" Precious asked softly seeing all eyes turn to him. "Sooner or later he will figure it out, might as well have the truth come from his parents."

"Samir," Peggy started only to stop when she realized what she had said.

"That's not possible." David said his eyes going back to Precious.

"It's very possible." Precious said as silver slowly bleeding into his chocolate brown eyes. He watched his family or his ex-family's eyes widened.

"Precious." Jeffery said, and Precious allowed the silver to fade.

"Sorry." He said softly before dropping his eyes. He looked over his meal, he hadn't known his mother could cook, let alone make it seem so normal.

"Are you not hungry?" Peggy asked her eyes on her oldest son.

"I am um..." Precious shrugged picking up his fork to dig into his meal. It proceeds for a long time in silence, which was strained, and made Precious want to bang his head.

"Who is your friend Samir?" David asked softly seeing the normal brown eyes come back to him.

"This is Jeffery; he is Kaori's soul and mate." Precious said softly watching them before deciding to go on. "Kaori is Sayyid's, my master and mate, second in command."

"You're gay?" David asked glancing at his brother, seeing Charlie didn't have a clue.

"Yes." Precious stated as fact. He looked at Peggy and Jonathan seeing that both were looking at David.

"Will they look for you here?" Jonathan asked softly seeing Precious look at him.

"Eventually he will look, but it will most likely be his last thought, since I told him I would never come back here." Precious said softly.

"Are we in danger?" Peggy's voice quivered as she asked.

"Of course not," Jeffery said softly bringing all attention to him. "Kaori and Sayyid are only concerned for our wellbeing, and as long as you don't pose a threat, then nothing will cause them to hurt you."

"Well that's nice to know." Jonathan said the sarcasm easy to hear.

"Um…" Jeffery started glancing around the table. "Why don't I help you clean up Mr.…um…?"

"Anders, and yes I think that would work." Jonathan said as he and Jeffery started to clean up the table. Precious stared at the other teen for a few minutes before turning back to his brothers.

"Do I being gay bother you?" Precious asked the boy, seeing David has a look on is face that he couldn't place. He waited for the boy to answer, knowing his mother was very uncomfortable, but didn't give a shit.

"I guess not." David finally answered softly before glancing at his mother. "Who is he mother?"

"He's…um…he's…" Peggy wasn't sure what to tell him.

"Margaret, please," Precious started before turning back to his brother. "I am your brother, or half brother. She is my mother also."

"That's not possible." David said again watching as Precious only continued to watch him.

"I am quite possible." Precious said softly completely ignoring his mother. He knew that the woman wasn't happy, but then again, he didn't give a shit. "My lover is a vampire, I am not. But through the bonding I age very slowly, which is why I look fifteen instead of thirty."

"Excuse me." Charlie said, and Precious turned to the boy. It was the first time that Charlie had spoken.

"Charlie?" Peggy said seeing her shy child looking between Precious and David.

"Is it true? Is he really our half brother?" Charlie asked softly his eyes pausing on Precious, and no one could mistake the look. They looked so much like each other, it was truly scary.

"Yes." Peggy finally answered the air going out of her.

Charlie looked back at Precious, his eyes meeting his brother's. "Why haven't you been around? Where have you been for all these years?"

"Samir…" Peggy started fear coming to her eyes.

"Your mother killed my father." Precious stated flatly.

"Damn Precious, could you be a little gentler." Jeffery said coming back into the dinning room carrying coffee and dessert.

"I but stated a fact, Jeffery." Precious said softly. He had been separated from this normality; things like this should be easy for him. But he was still Sayyid's mate, and there fore someone who needed to uphold that royal image.

"Man Precious, take a deep breath and let it all out. Remember closure here, and this is your family." Jeffery said sitting down beside Precious. "Have some coffee, maybe a piece of cake."

"Alright." Precious said at Jonathan joined them. As they settled into the evening, Precious could still feel the eyes of his sibling on him. It didn't take long for Sayyid's soul to sigh and put down is fork. "She was ill, alright? She wasn't in control of what she did when she did it. But she is better now, so you have nothing to worry about."


"His mother." Sayyid said seeing Kaori glance up at him.

"I don't think so Sayyid, that boy threw a fit when it was mentioned. Why would he go back there?" Kaori asked shaking his head.

"His mother, now Kaori." Sayyid said sitting back in his chair. Kaori nodded, before pulling out his phone and making the call. After a few minutes he closed the phone and looked across at his master. "They will move into position and keep an eye out."

"He's there; there is no other place he could be." Sayyid replied glaring at the other Vampire. Kaori didn't reply there wasn't much else he could say. He didn't like the fact any more then Sayyid did that Jeffery and Precious had been gone two days already. "I know what you are thinking."

"No you don't." Kaori said looking up.

"You miss your mate." Sayyid said softly and Kaori just shook his head.

"In your blindness to find Precious, have you failed to notice that there is more then one person looking that wishes the boy dead?" Kaori asked softly.

"They wouldn't dare. Do not think for one second that they would take that risk." Sayyid hissed standing.

"Master," Kaori started softly, "I understand that they wouldn't kill him, but they may hurt him badly before bringing him back."

"As if they could." Sayyid huffed as he dropped back down.

"In his weakened state, they might be able to." Kaori said a scowl coming to his face as there came a knock on the door. The person who had knocked didn't wait for an answer, but let herself in a seductive smile on her face.

"You'll have to leave Kaori, master needs to feed." Teresa said moving to drop down on Sayyid's lap. Kaori stood his face angry as he was about to say something.

"I don't need to feed, and I'll wait for Precious to come back." Sayyid said glaring at the woman that had placed herself on his leg.

"Oh yes, the breaking of the bond," Teresa grinned with a little giggle. "Will you let me kill him?"

"Why would I let you kill him?" Sayyid asked stalling Kaori's retort with a raise of his hand. This was something he really wanted to hear.

The woman laughed again, letting her arms wind around the Vampire's neck. "As your soon to be mate, I figured it was my privilege. I hope that we can let him watch our bonding before killing him."

"I see." Sayyid said seeing the compete amazement cross Kaori's face. He was still reeling from learning that this woman would even think that she would replace his Precious. He waited, trying to hold down the lust to kill the woman, and finally after taking a deep breath he plastered a smile on his face. "Well you should go see to that."

"Of course." Teresa grinned leaving the room. Once she was gone, and the door was close Sayyid turned back to Kaori.

"Well that was very interesting." Sayyid said shaking his head again.

"The nerve of that woman," Kaori hissed out. "where does she get the nerve, to say shit like that?"

"I haven't a clue, but this place needs to be reminded that Precious is my soul, my one and only mate." Sayyid said shaking his head. "then Precious can deal with the woman."

"I'm sure he'd enjoy that." Kaori said leaning back in his chair. Sayyid just sat back with a smile, he knew that Precious would rip the woman and her brother apart.


Precious looked over seeing Jeffery's head come up as the teen frowned. "Precious there are men watching the house."

"Yes, several of them," Precious said softly. "for the last hour."

"What for?" Jeffery asked.

"Most likely, to report to their coven that I am here so their leader can report back to Sayyid." Precious said shrugging slightly.

"Oh." Jeffery said letting his eyes scan the room. He could see that the people looked worried, but Precious didn't, and he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

"Do not worry, I won't let anything happen." Precious said as someone knocked on the door. Jonathan looked at Precious before going to answer the door. His eyes widening as a half dozen men entered his home. It seemed rather ridiculous for then to send so many after two teenage boys.

"Can I help you?" Jonathan asked looking at the men.

"We came looking for Sayyid's whore." One of the men said grinning.

"There are children here, and I am Sayyid's soul." Precious hissed glaring at the man. When the man just grinned Precious raised an eyebrow at him. "so you found me, call your coven leader and let them call Sayyid."

"Not that easy boy." The man said his grin turning into a smirk.

"Nope, we get to play with you." Another said softly smirking also. Precious looked around at the six men, before glancing at Jeffery.

"It would be a mistake for you to upset me." Precious replied softly shaking his head. "Call your master so he can call Sayyid."

"Like we care if we upset you, hell we all know that Master Sayyid is going to be replacing you." The first man said. Precious glared, not sure which made him angrier, the man's tone or what he said.

"And," the second one said. "we know you're weak."

"I see." Precious said crossing his arms over his chest.

"I think you gentlemen need to leave." Jonathan said standing. He barely caught the movement before a fist connected with his face. A yell escaped his family.

"You will not lay a hand on my family." Precious said shaking his head. He watched as another move towards his brothers. Precious moved and in seconds had the man by the neck lifting all two hundred fifty pounds off the ground. Silver bleed into his eyes as he looked up at the man.

"Hey let him go." Another said moving towards the boy's again. But suddenly Jeffery was there between the men and the rest of Precious' family.

"I'm pretty sure he said to keep your hands off his family." Jeffery said grinning at the man.

"Just who the hell do you think you are?" The man asked.

"Why I'm Kaori's mate and soul." Jeffery said grinning. He watched as the man's eyes widened slightly and felt his grin deepen.

"I may be weakened, but I am not so weak that I can not deal with you." Precious hissed his hand tightening on the Vampire's neck. "I have very little patience to deal with idiots like you."

"Precious, you never did learn to curb that temper of yours." Another said stepping into the house. "I think that was one of the things that attracted Sayyid to you."

"Call your men off, Deo." Precious replied glancing at the man.

"Kaori called me," Deo started ignoring Precious' request as he surveyed the room. "He is concerned for his mate, and his master."

"Well good for Kaori, his mate is fine." Precious said watching the man. After a few seconds he turned back to the vampire he was holding.

"Yes I see that." Deo shook his head slightly as he looked over Jeffery before turning his complete attention back to Precious. "Fifteen years is a very short time in our world, Precious, I regret your time with Sayyid wasn't longer."

"Is there a point to this?" Precious asked letting his hand squeeze slightly. "I find myself growing bored with it."

"Of course there is," Deo grinned. "Have you not heard the news going through the covens like wildfire? Sayyid, the top Vampire, is having trouble with his mate? Have you any clue as to how many people want to help you into the here after?"

"I'm sure there are tons, but as long as I am bonded they can't kill me without killing Sayyid and upsetting his people." Precious said.

"Hum…could you put him down? Good help is hard to find these days." Deo said watching as Precious grinned.

"Of course." Precious said shifting to toss the man back through the open front door like he was nothing more then a rag doll. "Call your men off, or you will be looking for new help."

"And here I thought you were weak with whatever was ailing you." Deo muttered looking between the open door and Precious.

"I want your men out of my family's house." Precious said his voice dropping slightly. Deo nudged his head towards the door, and his men left the house. Once they were gone, Precious turned his attention back to the man. "Now call Sayyid."

"Pushy little bitch aren't you?" Deo asked but he was pulling out his cell phone. As he dialed he looked over at Precious' family. "Sorry about the intrusion, just simple business you see."

Precious crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at the man. He hated the grin on Deo's face, but didn't comment as the man put the phone to his ear. "Hey Kaori, tell Sayyid that I've found his missing soul."

Precious couldn't hear what was being said on the other end.

"Right, yeah they both look fine," Deo paused again frowning. "Of course I can escort them back."

"Give me the damn phone." Precious hissed taking two steps to him to grab the phone. "We do not need to be escorted back."

"Really?" Sayyid asked softly.

"Of course not, I'm done with what I needed to do." Precious replied, tapping his foot in a frustrated manor.

"Then you are coming straight home?" Sayyid asked.

"Of course, I told you I would." Precious hissed. "It will take us about a day and a half to get there."

"Do not disappear on me again Precious, I will not tolerate it." Sayyid said his voice soft again. "If it happens again I will be the one to hunt you down."

"Fine, we'll be back in a day and a half." Precious said handing the phone back to Deo. The man listened for a second before hanging up.

"He said you were fine to make it back on your own with the kid." Deo said turning to leave the house.

"Deo, make sure your men do not come near my family or Sayyid will take them down if I am unable to." Precious said, and they both new it wasn't an idle threat. Sayyid would promise he knew he would. Because the Vampire owed him that much.

"Never even entered my mind to harm them." Deo said and then he was gone. Turning back to his family Precious grinned at the boy.

"Thank you, for the time you spent with me. But I must head back and face my fate." Precious said reaching into the pocket of his pants. He pulled out a few things and crossing the room he handed one to each of the boy. "Remember me please."

"Of course." David said softly.

"Mother." Precious said nodding slightly to the woman, then to her husband. "Jeffery it's time to head back."

They walked to the truck in silence, and Precious scanned the area knowing that Deo and his men would trail them out of the city. And as long as they were headed back to Sayyid's town, they wouldn't interfere.

"Are you okay?" Jeffery asked as they climbed in.

"I actually feel better then I have in a long time." Precious said gifting the other teen with a rare and truly happy smile. Smiling back, Jeffery started the truck and turned it towards the highway.