A/N: Hey this I a song I wrote. I've started writing songs to help my emotions from getting to overwhelming. So plzzzzz let me know what you think and cheek out my other stuff while you're at it!

(chorus) You thought that you could hurt me when you left me. But it's your necklace that's lying in a ditch.

I guess you thought if you dropped me I would wait for you and come crawling back when you call. But you were wrong.

I admit that sometimes I am overwhelmed of my memory of you. Your taste, your smell, the sound of your voice, the very essence of you. But I'll live.

You wooed me with your charm and humor. And you just swept me away. But now I realize your not who I thought you were.


You dumped me cold and hard you didn't want to waste your time with me so you dropped me an e-mail to let me know it's just not working out.

(chorus) You bought me a necklace, it was so pretty with silver and hearts. You said as long as I wear it our love will hold on.

So I guess it ain't there no more, because that pretty necklace is lying somewhere in a ditch.

(chorus) (x2)