Chakat Stargaze was helping Kyrana drag the unconscious Blizzard back to hir camp. Shadow, Snow', and Jen also helped when they came into view.

"Is shi gon' be okay?" asked Kyrana, fear and worry in her voice.

"Yeah, shi'll be fine. Shi looks remarkably well off for being struck by lightning."

Kyrana looked confused, "What lightning?"

Now Star' was confused as well, "From the storm."

Kyrana looked around, "What storm?"

Now Star' and hir mates looked around as well, the storm had gone as fast as it had come, "Well there was a storm . . . well if it wasn't lightning, what happened to hir?"

"Shi was shot with a black bolt. DAMN that Gorgorroth, I hope he dies and goes through every one of the seven hells."

Star' seemed appalled and remained silent, but Shadow spoke up, "You know about the seven hells?"

Kyrana jumped, she hadn't seen Shadow, and tears began to streak down her face. She muttered 'Shadewalker', before speaking to Shadow, "You better not let Blizz' see you. Your fur looks like a mate that we lost recently."

Shadow nodded and shifted hir fur to a tiger-stripe pattern, "Is this better?"

Star' was about to say something, but if Shadow's color change had confused Kyrana, she hid it well, "Yes, tha's good, thanks." Kyrana then turned to Star', "What year is it?"

Star' confusion returned, "2328," shi said, then seeing Kyrana's shocked expression, "Why?"

Shi saw Kyrana think for a few minutes, and her eyes widened again before replying, "Th-that's over a thousand years!"

"What is?"

"How far into the future we been sent."

Everyone looked unbelieving or skeptical, "You've been sent into the future? How?"

Star' listened in awe, hir empathic abilities sensing no lies, "A necromancer, Gorgorroth, tore a hole in the world and sent us here."

Everyone listened intently as Kyrana told her story (AUTHORS NOTE: For Kyrana's story, please read Kyr and Acedia).

They all wanted to know more, but it was obvious that Kyrana was too worries about Blizzard to say more. She just sat there, Blizzards head in her lap, crying.

They left her alone for a long while, until Blizzard began to wake.

"*groan* uhhh, Kyr? What happened? Where are we?"

"We've been sent to the year 2328."

"No, no it can't be. That's . . . 1090 years. What about Mike a-and Shade?"

"No . . . the rip only took us," Kyrana clenched her eyes to hold back tears.

"And what about Acedia?"

"He's here, just silent," she said, tapping her head.

Blizz stood, and walked over to the fire, where shi plopped down and sobbed.

Kyr gave hir a reassuring hug.

"Are you two hungry?" asked Snow' with a great deal of sympathy in hir voice, "We have plenty." Shi offered them a piece of meat and a few of the assorted berries.

Kyr ripped off a small piece and gave the rest to Blizz, who ate slowly.

Star' spoke up at a sudden thought, "How are there chakats in the past, I thought we were created recently?"

Kyr and Blizz looked at hir. "Wassa chakat?" said Kyr.

Star', confused, explained, "I am, so is Blizzard, and Snow' over here."

Blizz spoke up then, "We were created by a fusion mage called Girges. He made us over two centuries ago . . . or from when we were, anyway. He just called us felitaurs."

"Hmm," was all shi said.

Shadow decided to change the subject, "How do you know about the seven hells?"

"Where we come from, everyone knows about them. I don' know much about them, the only deific stuff I know is my about my deity."

"Oh, who's that?"


Shadow gave her an odd look, "You worship Umbrius? I thought Umbrius was our deity."

"Maybe we aren't talking about the same one. My Umbrius is a seven headed dragon that controls the seven great tides."

Shadow nodded, "We must be talking about the same one, you have just described the same deity that I worship."

Soon Shadow and Kyrana were chattering about Umbrius, both were very devout followers, but Blizzard, who had no other subject at the moment, was still depressed.

Snow' noticed, and moved over to comfort hir, "You gonna be okay?"

Shi looked up, into Snow's eyes, "Yes, I'll be fine." Then hir attention shifted to Kyrana, "Kyr, has your magic come back yet?"

Everyone looked at Kyrana. She had her eyes closed and she was concentrating on something. A small pebble near her lifted lightly off the ground before falling again.

"Ow," she said, rubbing her temples, "It's coming back, but it hurts to use it. It's probly gonna be awhile before I'm back to normal."

"You can do telekinesis? That's a pretty rare talent," commented Star'.

"Yeah, back where we're from, I was hated and feared for it," replied Kyr with malice.

"People hated you just because you could lift things off of the ground?" asked Star' confusedly.

"I'm not sure what telekinesis is for you, but where we come from, telekinesis is a dangerous form of magic called mind magic. It's real powerful, but causes mind-diseases. For me it caused me to have a split personality."

Star's empathy couldn't sense any falsehood, "That's not good here. People with multiple personalities are usually sent to mental health clinics." Kyrana nodded in understanding. "Can you prove that you have other personalities?"

Kyrana nodded and Acedia spoke, his voice, tone, and overall way of speaking contrasting greatly with Kyrana's, "Don't you believe my Mistress, you stupid fur ball?"

Everyone but Kyr and Blizz' were surprised. Kyrana recognized the look of fear and shock on their faces, "Look, Mistress, there is that amusing look of fear again."

"You can ignore him, he's just weird. You have no reason to fear of us, we hold no hatred of you," added Blizz'.

Everyone nodded, and Jen spoke up, "In that case, would you like to stay with us? We're just camping out here for the moment."

Kyrana and Blizz nodded.

Over the next week, Kyr and Blizz' were helped to adjust by their new friends and Kyr's power slowly came back, which she exercised as often as possible.

Shadow, who was the most interested, learned and taught about Umbrius to Kyr, and Kyr and Blizz' quickly learned that Star' and Jen were nymphomaniacs, they never stopped.

By the end of the week, they all were familiar with each other and learned to ignore Acedia's rude or mean comments, and Shadow had shown Kyr and Blizz hir ability to shapeshift.

As they slowly made their way back to the car ("what is a car?" Kyr and Blizz kept asking), Jen kept asking Kyr to do a few tricks with her power, she happily obliged for her new friend.

Kyr concentrated, focused her power, and created a few small sparks.

Jen watched in amazement, ooh-ing and ah-ing.

Kyr grinned, "Just a kid, huh?"

"Yeah, she's been that way for 's'long as I c'n remember," said Star', who giggled slightly at hir vernacular.

Kyr panted, dripping heavily with sweat from her exertion, but they continued their slow pace from the deep woods to back to the car.

When they finally arrived, Kyr and Blizz jumped upon seeing the car, and Kyr looked as if she was about to blow it up on the spot. She was stopped from trying just in time by Star', "This is a car. It's a machine that's gonna take us back to our home."

Kyr and Blizz approached carefully; afraid of the car, to them it looked like some kind of monster.

Snow' sensed their fear, "It's okay, it won't hurt you," shi opened the door, "See?"

Kyr and Blizz' exchanged glances then slowly stepped in. There were only two seats for humanoids, since it was a chakat car. Jen helped to strap Kyr in, taught her how to buckle and unbuckle, then strapped herself in. Star' and Snow' similarly helped Blizz'. They were both very uncomfortable, and would have bailed out when Star' started the car and began driving were it not for the seat belts.

As they headed towards town, Blizz' gazed out the window, enjoying the new view, and Kyr and Acedia mind-spoke to each other.

: :We have a great view here, don't we Mistress?: :

: :Yeah, the future sure has made some weird things.: :

: :No, no, I mean these chah-cat things. They walk around nearly nude.: :

: :Pervert.: :

: :If I wanted to be a pervert, I would ask one of them to. . .: :


: :Yes, my Mistress.: :

As they finally approached the city, Kyr, Acedia, and Blizz stared in amazement and their jaws dropped as they saw the huge buildings and the immense number of anthropomorphs walking around. The humans were, apparently, vastly outnumbered.

"Is this city were the -morphs live?" asked Kyr, who continued to stare out the window.

"Some, we live all over."

"Wow," was the only reply as she continued to stare out the window.

"I'm hungry," said Acedia.

"What would you like to eat?" asked Star' without thinking. Shi instantly knew it was a mistake.

"How about you?"

Kyr groaned angrily, "Acedia! Shut up and be nice!"

Acedia shrank back into their mind, he had rarely seen Kyr get angry, "Yes, my Mistress," he directed his next words at Star', "I apologize for my words, but you are QUITE attractive, I can't help myself."

"Apology accepted, now what would you like to eat, seriously?"

Acedia had nearly answered 'I WAS serious' but Kyr stopped him by speaking first, "What's that 'pizza' you're always talking about?"

Snow' and Jen exchanged 'Uh-Oh' glances as Star' replied, "Pizza is the best food in the world. It's impossible to live without it. I only get by in the forest because I'm with Snow' and Jen." Acedia was about to make a dirty remark, but Kyr gave him a mental slap and Star' continued, "We'll stop at the next Pizza Parlor, and order a few."

After a few minutes of driving, Star parked in the parking lot of a place called 'Ye Olde Pizza Parlor."

As soon as they stepped out, they heard screaming. They whirled around to see a gun-man heading in their direction. He was a human wearing a green shirt that said "Human's First" and just below that was "Down With The Morphs".

He seemed to be randomly shooting, but he only hit the morphs, not any humans. Then his gaze came to Snow', Star', Shadow, and Blizz'. He pulled up his gun and fired at Blizzard.

The bullet hit hir in hir chest, and a red flower burst from hir chest as blood sprayed everywhere. Kyr and Acedia flew into a blood-lusted rage and ran right towards the gunner. He raised his gun and fired at Kyr. The bullet hit a barrier and flew off in some direction. The gunner, surprised, squeezed the trigger and unloaded several more shots at her, all doing the same as the first. He dropped his gun and took off in the opposite direction. Kyr pointed her finger at him and a purple bolt sprang from it and hit him. The bolt struck him and caused a huge bang and a bright flash of purple light. When all cleared, the only thing left of the man was a fine trace of dust.

Kyr and Acedia went straight back to Blizzard, only to find that she was unconscious, but still alive. Relief took hold of them and they passed out. The last thing they saw was a crowd talking and pointing.