Kyr and Acedia woke, sitting bolt upright in a strange, unfamiliar room. They were laying on a white bed with a red colored cross on it.

Next to her bed was Star and Snow, and beyond them was another bed with Blizzard laying unconscious in it with tubes and wires sticking out of her arms and chest.

"How is shi?" began Kyr, "Shi's not . . . dead, is shi?"

Snow answered her, "No, shi's in bad shape, but shi's alive. Only hir second heart saved hir."

Kyr lay back down, she only vaguely remembered Blizz telling her something about two hearts.

"How long have we been here?" Kyr asked, still looking around the strange room.

"About eight hours," answered Star, "but we can leave whenever you want to."

"What about Blizz?"

"Shi's here in intensive care, shi'll be here for a few weeks at least."

"Where is Jen? And Shadow?"

"They are at home, waiting for us to go.

"I'm not leaving without Blizz'," Kyr said stubbornly.

"You can't make us," said Acedia in an immature tone.

"Do you want us to get you some food?" asked Snow.

"No, no need, we'll be leaving soon."

"Blizzard CAN'T leave, that equipment attached to hir is all that's keeping hir alive."

"Not for long," said Kyr, standing.

She staggered slightly before regaining her balance. She stepped over next to Blizz and began to call on her power, a good deal of which had come back. She channeled her power, trying for the effect of healing Blizz. It worked, but went horribly wrong.

The needles and tubes, instead of being forced out, like they were supposed to be, began to graft into hir flesh. Soon the medical equipment, too, began to fuse.

Now hir upper torso seemed to be cover by or made of a shiny silver-colored substance, the line where the flesh met metal went from her lower right rib to the left side of her waist, covered hir left arm, covered to the elbow on hir right, and came up to just past hir breasts.

Suddenly, Blizz took a deep breath, like being plunged into cold water, and woke; shi looked around, "W-where am I?"

"We were brought to a 'hospital', this is where the sick and injured are taken," answered Kyr.

Shi looked around some more, and scratched an itch, hir hand passing over the silver-looking metal. Shi gasped, staring at the metal, it was the exact shape, size, and weight of hir arm, but it was what looked like silver, "What happened to me, what have they done to me?"

Kyr looked as if she were about to cry, "I'm sorry, its my fault, I tried to heal you. You already had healing equipment attached to you but it was working too slowly."

Kyr couldn't go any further so Acedia picked up where she left off, "When our power tried to heal you, it grafted everything to you. Now, with the exception of the areas covered in silver, you are back to normal."

"I must look like a freak," cried Blizz into hir hands.

"No," countered Acedia, "I think you look very sexy."

Kyr gave Blizz a hug and said, "I think you still look beautiful."

Blizz's crying lighted slightly and shi returned Kyr's hug, "I am a freak, what would Shadewalker and Michael think of me?"

"They wouldn't think any less of you, I know because I know that they love you as much as I do. We will always love you, no matter what happens to you."

Blizz' sniffled a bit, "That doesn't change the fact that I'm a freak."

Everyone jumped when they heard a loud crash come from the doorway. At the door, a female human doctor was standing, stunned, and staring at Blizzard.

"OH MY GOD!" she exclaimed, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?"

Acedia yanked the doctor in with his small amount of power, shut the door, and barred it.

: : ACEDIA!: : Mentally shouted Kyr.

: :Sorry, my Mistress, it was an instinctive reaction.: :

Kyr shook her head and stepped over to help the doctor to her feet, "Are you okay?"

The doctor was still staring at Blizz', "What the bloody hell has been going on here?"

"I tried to heal hir," Kyr said, "But my spell went wrong."

"Heal? Spell? What the hell are you talking about?"

"I can show you, but you can't tell anyone, okay?"

The doctor, still looking a bit stunned and scared, back away to the corner, "I'll report you to the authorities if you are doing anything illegal." She reached into her coat and pulled out a cell phone.

: :Mistress! I read her mind; I know what she has. That thing is called a phone, she's going to call the authorities.: :

Kyr pointed at the phone, fired a white beam at it, and it fell to pieces. Acedia spoke up, "We can kill you if we need your silence," then Kyr picked up, "So don't make us have to."

Star' and Snow' gasped; they hadn't thought that Kyr would be so ruthless.

The doctor slowly slid to the floor, "What choice do I have?"

Kyr stepped closer and knelt before her, "I don't want to kill you or hurt you in any way, I just don't want to draw any attention to myself. I don't want people bothering me with every little problem, it happened once and I do not want to go through it again. Do you understand?"

She slowly nodded, "Okay, so you're not going to hurt me if I stay quiet. Now, what happened to hir?" she pointed to Blizz.

"I tried to heal hir with my magic, but I guess I haven't recovered enough to do it right."

"Okay," she said, not understanding.

"Can you let us out of here?"

"I can if you fill out the paper work."

"Give it to them," Kyr said, indicating Star' and Snow', "I can't read very good and I can't write at all."

The doctor nodded, "Will you let ME leave now?"

Kyr searched her mind for any treachery, and, finding none, nodded.

The doctor quickly left, and Star' spoke up, "I didn't think you would, or even COULD, threaten someone."

Kyr sighed, "When you're threatened most of your life," she turned to look at them, "You pick up a few pointers."

Star' and Snow's empathy picked up that they had hit one of Kyr's sore spots about hir past, "Sorry, we just-"

Kyr waived off their apology, "I know, I know that you didn't mean any harm, I just wanna drop it, 'kay?"

Everyone nodded.

They sat in silence until the doctor came back and pointed at Star', Snow', and Blizz', "You three can go," she gulped in fear, pointed to Kyr, and spoke quickly, "The authorities are here to see you, but I didn't call them, they were here when I got down there."

"I know, they've been here the whole time. You three wait outside, I'll be outside in a little while."

Once they had left, Kyr looked at the doctor, "Send them here."

In a few minutes, four police officers came in, a vixen-morph, a male wolf-morph, a male human, and a female snake-morph; all wearing riot gear.

"There's no need for that stuff," Kyr said, "If I wanted to do any thing to any of you no armor will help you."

The wolf-morph scoffed in disbelief. Kyr looked at him, focused visibly, and his riot shield, helmet, and riot stick disappeared, "See?"

The vixen sighed and put down her riot gear, "I guess this was pointless."

"Why are you four here? What did I do?"

"You killed someone, we are required to place you under arrest," answered the human.

Kyr looked confused, "Arrest? What's that?"

"We have to take you to jail, until you go to court."

"For killing someone that was a threat?"

"The fact is that you killed him, why is currently not important, not until you are in court."

"Oh, well are you going to take me in now?"

"Are you going to struggle?"


"Good, we don't want to have to subdue you."

Kyr didn't know what 'subdue' meant, but she could guess, "Can I tell my mate and my friends? They are waiting outside."

"Yes, come with us."

They led her outside, where the others were waiting. She explained the situation then the officers took her away.

Blizz was starting to cry, "Is she going to be okay? Where we come from, murder is usually followed by an execution if the offender is caught or is the people aren't too afraid . . ." Blizz couldn't go on, shi started crying on Snow's shoulder.

"She should be okay," said Snow', "I'll talk to our lawyer, she'll defend Kyr in court."

Later, in her cell, Kyr shivered and spoke to no one, "They shouldn't be allowed to 'strip-search' anyone."

One of her cellmates spoke, "Oh, sweetie, what's the matter? Don't like those probing fingers?"

All the others laughed and Kyr muttered, "Scum."

Suddenly a hand grabbed her and slammed her to the floor, "What was that you little bitch?" Kyr shot an angry look at the wolf-morph bitch, the alpha of the cell. The bitch laughed, "Don't try to look scary, you only killed one person, I've killed twelve people, at least."

The bitch reached down and pulled the strings holding Kyr's robes closed, opening them, "Now what a lovely young lady, I'll have fun with you." While the others watched intently, whooping, she reached for Kyr's breasts with one hand and her crotch with the other.

Kyr pointed at her and fired a white beam at her. It hit her and sent her flying into the ceiling, then she fell to the floor, unconscious. Kyr turned to the others, "Anyone else want to try?"

They all backed away, and Kyr sat down. Just then a guard came bolting around the corner, having heard the two thuds in the cell, "Sissy, what are you doing this t-" She stopped short, she hadn't expected to see the bitch laying unconscious on the floor.

The human guard saw the bitch on the floor, saw Kyr seated and re-tying her robes, and the others in the cell as far away from Kyr as possible, "What happened?"

Kyr was about to reply, but an inmate cut her off, "Sissy tried ta get it on wit dis grrl here, and she got smakd."

The guard sighed, "Is she dead?"

Kyr spoke, "No I didn't kill her, but if she tries something again, I will."

The guard almost replied, but her walkie-talkie went off, "Bring prisoner Kyrana down to the court, the officials are ready to see her."

"Ten-four, which one of you is Kyrana?"

Kyr stood, and the guard paled and called for back up.

Before leaving, Kyr looked back at the prisoners and forced a thought into their heads, : :Tell no one!: :

Their were a few nods from the few who knew about telepathy, and fear from the others; they would hold their tongues.

Kyr remained silent and didn't struggle as they took her to the courthouse.

Inside, there were five 'officials' in black suits, two humans (one male and one female), a vixen, a snake, and a chakat.

The male human spoke to her, "Are you Kyrana?"

"Yes, I am."

"Kyrana what?"

"I've got no last name."

He stopped, but didn't seem satisfied. The vixen spoke next, "We are from the government, we have no records of you . . . anywhere."

"You wouldn't, I'm not from here."

"Where, then, are you from?" asked the vixen.

"You won't believe me but," she faltered, "I'm from the past."

"Elaborate," ordered the male human.

"My time was over 1,000 years in the past."

"Impossible," he stated.

"She's not lying," stated the chakat, "She's telling the truth."

"How is-s-s that poss-s-s-ible?" asked the snake.

"A necromancer sent me forward in time."

"She's still not lying, as hard it is to believe her," the chakat stated.

"Can you prove it?" asked the female human.

"I have magic, but I don't know any time effects, I'm not very good at them."

"This even I will need proof for," the chakat said.

Kyr sighed, "What do you want me to do? I can do a lot of things with my power."

"Can you read minds?" asked the vixen, "Teleport? Control thoughts? Mind read? Move things without touching them?"

"Yes, very easily."

"These are all talents we know about, its not magic."

I can do more than that though."

"Such as?"

"Illusions, calling energy, disintegrate, not very well but I can fly, too."

"What do you mean by call energy?" asked the chakat, who had stepped back a little.

Kyr faced her palm up and pointed her fingers straight up. She focused a bit and fire appeared, a small, self-fueled fire.

The officials were in a stunned awe. Kyr focused again and the fire became a small arc of electricity.

"Interesting," said the chakat, "Now, back to the main subject, you should be in jail for murder."

"But," started the human female where the chakat stopped, "You killed in defense of your mate, a chakat right?"

Kyr nodded, it was close enough.

The vixen started, "How is your mate, by the way? Shi was shot in her chest, correct?"

Kyr nodded, "Yeah, that man with the weapon shot her, shi and our friends are waiting for me near the hospital."

"Near?" asked the chakat, confused, "I thought shi was nearly killed?"

"Shi was, I healed her."

"You can heal too?"


"You could be a great help in the world, you could-" started the chakat, but Kyr cut her off.

"I don't want to attract attention to myself. I don't want some one asking me for this or that every five seconds. People DO have to deal with their own problems."

"That's very cold-hearted," stated the human female.

"Where I come from, no one liked me or my kind. When almost everyone hates you, that's how you learn."

"What are you?"

"I am a telekist, also called a telekineticist."

"Are there a lot of you?"

"No, telekists are rare, mages are more common. We're just more dangerous."

"How so?"

Kyr decided to leave out the fact that most had mental problems, "We can do all forms of magic; damaging, healing, mind-reading/control, defensive, etc."

The human male nodded and stepped out the room, the others followed, "We will be back in a few minutes."

Half an hour passed before they came back.

"We spoke to our superior," the vixen told Kyr, "You are relieved of all charges made against you."


"Further more," started the chakat, "we found out that the man you killed was highly ranked in the Humans First group."

"Humans First?"

"Humans First is a society against all morphs. Since you killed him, the society will probably be out to get you."

The female human began, "We want to take you into the government protection program."

"No," Kyr interjected, "I can take care of myself, I can protect my mates, I just want to leave."

The chakat sighed, "I suspected that you would say that. We have wired some credits to your friends, Stargaze and Snowfur. It should be enough to get you started off."

"Thank you, can I leave?"

"Yes-s you may, but . . ." started the snake, but he trailed off when Kyr left the room.

Down the hall, Star', Snow', and Blizz' were waiting for her.

She ran and hugged Blizz, "I'm free; they are going to let me go."

Blizz just purred in mingled happiness and worry.

Star', broke the silence, "Would you like to go to our home now?"

"Yeah, I'm tired."

Outside, the vehicle was ready; Kyr and Blizz managed to get in by themselves.

Star' and Snow's home was about thirty-five minutes outside of town.

Star' ushered them inside, and Snow' promptly sent them to bed to get some real rest.

Kyr slept for a good twelve hours. When she woke, she mentally felt for Blizz. Blizz was awake and had a problem.

"What's wrong?" asked Kyr.

Blizz jumped, shi hadn't known Kyr was awake, "Nothing."

"You're lying, don't make me force it out of you."

"I just can't sleep."

"Why not?"

"I'm feeling too aroused to sleep."

"Is it that time, again?"

"Mm-hmm, it is."

"I lost track, which side is it?"

"Male," shi replied shortly.

Kyr nodded and kissed hir, thrusting her tongue into hir mouth.

Blizz purred as shi returned Kyr's kiss.

Kyr broke the kiss because she needed air first, "I love you Blizz."

"I love you too," said Blizz, shifting a bit.


Kyr giggled, "Is your cock giving you that much trouble?"

"Yeah," shi admitted.

Kyr crawled down to between Blizz's legs, "It would seem you have a problem. Let Dr. Kyr take care of every thing."

At that, Kyr licked at the head of Blizz's cock. Shi gasped loudly. Kyr massaged Blizz's cock with her tongue as she slowly took it into her mouth. Blizz's moaning grew louder, hir hips shifting slightly and Kyr could feel hir cock minutely sliding in and out. Kyr started sucking harder, making Blizz groan loudly in lust and buck hir hips, shoving hir cock down Kyr's thoat. Kyr gagged a little, pulled Blizz's cock out to take a breath, then went back down on hir. Kyr pulled the head just into her throat, the swallowing action making Blizz's moaning start to get erratic. With a feline yowl of pleasure, Blizz started cumming in Kyr's mouth. Kyr swallowed it as fast as she could, but some still managed to leak out the corners of her mouth.

Kyr pulled off and licked the cum off of her mouth as she climbed back up to Blizz's face.

"Thanks, that was good."

"Exactly what you needed, huh. I liked it, too."

Blizz gave hir mate a lick, to clean her mouth, then a loving kiss.


They went back to sleep, Kyr in Blizz's arms, much happier than they had been in the past few days.