Chapter One

April 18, 2004

Hollywood, California

Warner Brothers Studio

"Ok Taylor give it to me! Good. Perfect. Come on now." the photographer said clicking the camara.

Taylor smiled and posed in her mini skirt and pink halter top. Her long dirty blonde hair wipped about her face, and here green eyes sprakled.

"Wonderful! Ok, attitude please. There you go!" he added.

Taylor was tired of hearing the clicking of a cmara and stopped and walked off the set. She heard the phtographer shout a 15 minute break as she made her way to her room. She opened the door and saw her manager Derrick Hill running around on his cell phone.

"Right, yes, she'll be there. We would need an escort. Really? He would do that? Great. Arrange that. Bye." he said and hung up.

Taylor plopped down on a couch and looked up at him. "Yes master?" she asked.

"Don't be like that. You're publicizing a new movie and you have to keep ahead of the game. When it comes out I promise you'll get a vacation." he said sitting down beside her.

He put his arm around her and she snuggled close to him. Derrick was practically her brother. He was with her when she got started, and when her career took off like a rocket. She remembered how it all happened. She had just come to hollywood wanting to get away from her family. Then she started modeling and was picked up by Warner Brothers to be in a teen drama show. It all blew up from there.

Now, she was 19, stared in 2 successful television shows, 3 movies, and was coming out with another. She had various magazine and television ad's, and even dated popular hollywood hunks. She had been in Hollywood for about 2 and a half years and she was all ready beginning to get worn out.

"I know, only a few more weeks until the premiere right?" she asked.

"Yes, but tommorow night, you have been invited to go to Max Travis's premiere. He wants you to come. I think he has the hots for you." he said with a grin.

Taylor laughed. "Yea right! Well I guess I don't have a choice. I'll need to get a dress, and please give me the day off tommorow." she begged.

"Fine. But only until three. The premiere is at 7:30, the stylist will come to you then. Be ready to work. Now go on back out there." he said and got up.

One Month Later

Taylor walked off the plane and breathed in fresh clean air. The first thing she smelled was foul. "Thats cow dung." a man said seeing her face and walking past her.

Taylor looked at the man and then at her surroundings again. Well, at least here she wouldn't be recognized. Nor would any paparazzi find her. She followed the group of people and into the airport. She looked around and no one seemed to notice her. She made her way to the baggage claim and found her suitcase. She tugged at it and it wouldnt budge. She began walking with it and kept tugging until a tanned hand grabbed the handle and pulled it off for her.

Taylor looked up and found herself looking into a pair of deep blue eyes. He had shaggy dark brown hair and chisled features. He was in a button down shirt with wrangler jeans and even a cowboy hat. A real southern boy.

"Umm, thanks." she said with a smile.

He smiled and nodded. "Can ya handle it from here?" he replied with a bright smile. He had a slight southern drawl and she liked it.

Taylor nodded. The man smiled once more then turned and left. Taylor looked at the suitcse then up at the man. "Umm sir!" she shouted and headed towards him.

The man turned around and waited for her. Taylor stuck out her hand. "I'm Taylor." she said.

"Jake." he replied taking her hand and shaking it.

"I know this might seem weird but I have know idea where I am going. Do you know your way around?" I asked.

Jake smiled. "I have lived here my whole life. Im on break from college. Where are you headed?" he asked.

"Hart. I left a really long time ago and well, now Im back." she said.

"I'm headed that way as well. I can take you, if you'd like?" he replied.

Taylor nodded. "I would, but I need to get a car."

"Alright, might I suggest a truck, things get pretty bumpy out in the country." he said with a grin.

Taylor smiled and went back to her luggage. She picked up the bag and suitcase and they walked down to the car rental center.

"Name please?" the lady said.

"Taylor Madison." Taylor said.

The lady typed her name in and handed her a set of keys a few minutes later. "Thank you Miss Madison. Have a great day."

"You too." she replied and walked back to Jake.

Two hours and about five country roads later, Jake pulled into a gas station. He climbed out of his Ford F-150 and began pumping gas. Taylor pulled into the pump beside him and climbed out of her F-150.

"So, are we here?" she asked looking around. She saw one stop light and a small burger resturant.

"Yep. Where are you staying?" he asked.

"Umm, my parents house. I hope they have the same house. It was on A street. Thank you so much for letting me follow you here." she said with a smile.

"It was nothing. I hope to see you around here." he replied as the pump turned off.

"I do too." she said and held out her hand.

They shook hands and she turned and climbed back into the truck and began to search for her house.

She pulled to a stop in front of a small country house on the edge of town. She sighed and smiled. It had been years since she had been home. She climbed down and went up to the door and knocked.

An older woman answered the door. She had curly brown hair and deep blue eyes. She looked at taylor for a second befroe throwing open the door and grabbing her.

"My baby! How are you?" she yelped hugging her tightly.

Taylor hugged her and laughed. "Im fine momma." she replied.

She saw her father sitting in a recliner and she smiled at him. "Hi papa."

"Hey sugar bear." he replied not getting up.

My family, she thought to herself as her mother pulled her into the kitchen. "Do you eat? You look like a stick with feet!"