Hailey Micheals was an over-acheiver. Her mother pushed her to become a perfectionist, and she succeded. She was number two in her class, yearbook editor, captain of the girls soccer team, and president of the student council and National Honors Soceity.

She had the look of an angel, and a smile that broke hearts. She could get any guy she wanted, but didnt. She was too busy for boys, or so her mother told her.

She had chesnut hair that fell on her shoulders in layers and dark brown eyes. She had pouty lips that got her out of trouble.

The only problem she had was passing Mr. Calvin's Calculus class. Her mothr had given her 6 weeks to raise her grade from an A- to an A+. I know it might not seem likje a big deal to others, but to Hailey, it was a matter of life and death.

So here was the plan, have the nerdiest guy in school, and the smarted math wiz help her out. Steven Hunt was the biggest nerd you would ever meet at Glenwood High. He had curly red hair, thick black glasses, freckles, the whole nine yards!

The catch, Hailey had to get him and her best friend Kelly together. Kelly was practically her sister and the captain of the cheerleading squad meaning, at his current state, she wouldnt give him the time of day! So Hailey promised that they would go to prom together, Kelly and Steven that is. Steven agreed, knowing full well that he would be under the control of Hailey.

"Allright, here is the deal. Right now we are going to get your hair done, while that is going on, I am going to get you some clothes, then we are going go back to your house and go through your clothes that you currently have. After all that, you and I are going to meet up with the gang at Berkely's. Got it?" Hailey said as they went down the escalator at the Glenwood mall.

Steven nodded. "Ok."