Chapter One

"Miss Micheals, we were expecting you!" a receptionist said as they entered Styles Hairsalon.

"Come here often?" Steven murmered.

Hailey looked back at him and smiled. "Yes, they will take care of you, you just let me do all the talking."

She turned back to the receptionist and she led them to a vacnt chair. She motioned for Steven to sit and he did. He felt like a slave.

"This is my friend Steven, we are, cleaning him up today." Hailey said.

"Ah, well we be happy to do whatever you wish." the receptionist said looknig down at Steven.

Steven gulped. He was nervous.

"Great. First off, I want the cut to be short, taking out the curl, I want it to be able to be geled and such. Like Tobey MacGuire, or a hollywood hottie, you know." Hailey said.

The receptionist nodded and winked at Steven, "Dont worry, we will fix him up."

Hailey walked away with the receptionist still talking to her. Steven sat there, watching the otehr customers getting their hair cut and colored.

The receptionist came back popping her knuckles, "Ok, you sit tight, Ill go get Richard." She walked past him and a moment later, a man came up behind him.

He was gay, really gay. "Hello! My name is Richard. I see that we are to be cutting your hair off today. So lets get started!" he said with a lisp.

Hailey walked into American Eagle and made her way to the guy section and began looking through the clothes. "Can I help you miss?" a cute guy said approaching her.

She smiled and tossed her hair back, "Yes, I am shopping for a...friend."

An hour, and five stores later she walked back into the salon carrying ten bags. She set them down at the cash register and walked to where she left Steven.

His back was turned to her and Richard was dusting off his shoulders. He sighed contently and turned him around. "Ta da!"

Hailey looked at Steven and smiled. His hair was short and he was about to put on his glasses. "No, leave them off." she said.

"But I cant see." he replied.

"You will with your contacts." she said and tossed a box at him.

Hailey examined him closely. The haircut made a big improvement! She put a hand under her chin and examined him, "There is hope for you yet."

Steven took forever to put in his contacts. When he finally did, Hailey yanked him out of the chair and the salon and back into the crowds of people. "Now we still have a little more shopping to do."

He moaned. "You know this is worse than Mr. Calvins advanced Calculus mid-term." he whined.

"Oh shut up you big baby." Hailey laughed.

After five more stores the finally went back to his house for the final stages of his makeover. "Now, I want you to try on all of these outfits Im laying out for you." she said dumping the bags onto his bed.

"My God! How did you know my sizes?" he asked.

"I have a good eye. Now here, throw this on." she replied with a smile and tossed him some jeans and a shirt.

She sat down on the bed. "Comfy." she said to herself, and waited.

He walked back into the room five minutes later and she looked up. She opened her motuh to say something but, she found herself drawing a blank.

"So hot..." she whispered.

"What?" Steven asked.

She shook her head. "Um, nothing. It looks good."