Come Back

Hello there, nice to meet you
Could you be a friend so true?
I know you, at least my soul does
We have so much in common. Why? Because
We are soul sisters we click real fast
Doing everything together having a blast
We fall into a pattern we get real close
Your friendship was a lethal dose

I depend on you, you'll never do wrong
But you did; now I'm alone singing a song
I am so sad and stressed
I have to say I tried my best
But I'm loving the old you
I miss her, what am I to do?
Come back come back
The true you not this hack
This fake pod person needs to go
You're not a friend you're a foe
Please, come back come back
You had this special, creative knack
Of making the world disappear
No more sadness, pain, or fear
Every moment I enjoyed
Now with each second I get annoyed
You changed becoming more like a fish
Each night I look upon a star and wish
You'll come back and see
It's not just me
You were unique now you're just the same
You have no one else to blame

Come back my soul is lonely
It is broken and homely
Why, why did I do it?
Am I having a fit?
Or are you really being an ass
Half empty is the glass
Come back Come back Come back.