"It's Okay, I Can Take It"

You walk with her down the same street
Hold her hand as you once did mine
Brush back her hair and play with her feet
Kiss her and send shivers down her spine

That's fine if you want to show me
Show me that you found someone better
All I can do is tell you "I hope you're happy"
And return your clothes and burn your letter

I can take it, and talk about her with you
Have you tell me how much you love her
But just listen and never say what I'm going through
Just not tell you that I loved what we were.

Yes, I know that it's my entire fault
Because there are days when I feel completely alone
And punish myself by filling my wounds with salt
So I gather up the courage to call on the phone

With each ring my nervousness increases
But it stops when I find out its your machine speaking
You know it's me and ignore it while I fall to pieces
Because it becomes clear I'm not the one you're seeking

I know we're just friends now
But I can't help but think of how it was before
I wish I could change things somehow
I guess I have to get used to this girl you now adore.