How easy it is to hate you now
When I see your face I just stop caring
No I don't, I just stop feeling
How strange it is that I miss you
It makes no sense if you ask me
Why don't I want to rip you limb from limb
You know I want to rip out your throat
To stop you from being fake, too late
But then I think I'd miss your voice
You know I wish you'd disappear
I don't miss you when you are not around
I like the miles that seperate and distance us
This is not about you, it's about me
Stop acting like such a child
It pisses me off
I don't want you dead, I want you gone
Out of my eyes and out of my head
Don't ever pretend like this is okay
It's fucked up and we all know it
Stop hiding behind imaginary forgivess
We just don't have the energy to care