A/N: well hello and welcome to my second fic. This is based on my diary, but the spelling has been edited and all names are changed except mine. (A/N: = my commentary looking back on it. Hope y'all like it.

Chapter One: Welcome to my life.

6/5/04 Thursday 10:06pm

Hello and welcome to my life (A/N: did I seriously write that? Ugh..). My crappy, crappy life.

"Hey, I've got something to tell you, Sophie (A/N: Sophie is my real name)! Gue-" said Taylor (A/N: remember, all names are changed). "Don't tell her." Warned Alisa. "Why?! What can't you tell me?!" I went, and I kept pestering them. In the end I made a mad dash for H/stead 7 to ask Amy. And you'll never guess! The goody two-shoes of our group had gotten a BLUE FORM! (A/N: at my school they are weird. A 'bluey' is like a bad conduct mark or whatever)OMG! I cracked up, and then (Taylor and Alisa where here by then) we all did. Taylor's face went pink then purple, then pinkish white from anger and embarrassment. She said-

10:18 pm

Sorry, my fave song just came on. My band by D-12. Anyway, where was I (A/N: why am I asking a book?!) she said, "I cried, you know." Which didn't exactly make us stop laughing. We did comfort her (eventually).

Sorry, I just started staring at my Johnny Depp poster. yummmmmmmm.

7/5/04 Friday 8:20am

On my way to school. Boredom city Arizona.

8:37am yawn. I feel like merde. I have the flu, yet I still have to go to school! How mean is that? Oh, we're here.

9:10am Art Room

well, here I am in art. I never thought this possible, but our art teacher makes art boring. Taylor has asked everyone to call her 'Bluey'. 'Bluey' said "I think keeping a diary is a soppy thing to do." She always finds something to criticize when I'm concerned. What a BITCH. I hate her (ish) she's quite nice when she's your friend.


Art is almost over. Teacher is making us stay in late coz the art room is a pigsty.


I am now in English. I am now sponsoring Amelia 5 whole bucks for the 40 Hour Famine.

20 mins later(ish) Dum de dum. De dum de. When will this stupid laptop load?!

12:10pm Hungry (not Hungary) (A/N: did I really make that joke.) English is finally over. I have gotten something out of this lesson: FAT LAD. (mnemonic: Fermagh, Antrim, Tyrone, Londonderry, Armagh, Down. That's all the counties (not countries) of Northern Ireland). Teacher is babbling on about overdue h/work. BORING.

2:26pm French

Bonjour, ma Amie! It is nearly home time and so I am in a tres bon mood. As you should see (A/N: there I am, talking to my diary again).

2:30ish Madame is writing on the board. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.


there is something that looks mysteriously like a big piece of snot on Mme's top. Uuuuuugh!

3:39pm ONE MINUTE TILL FREEDOM!1 C'mon, clock, just a little faster..

13/5/04 2:11pm. Sick. Tuesday.

Hey. Sorry I haven't written for a while, but I have a migraine. A proper one, with a streaming eye and everything.


I do not believe this! I am sick as a sick thing (A/N: if you have read my first fic you will know what I mean) and I still have to go for a half hour walk! How unfair is that?!

2:40pm Back from walk. Now I have to clean my room and that will take HOURS! I can't believe this. It has to be child abuse. I swear, it must be.

A/N: well I hope y'all liked it. (I am not American. I just feel like saying y'all) remember, all this is typed up straight from my diary. Please tell me what you think and give me some more false m\names. I can't think of many more. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sophie ^-^